Tours in Nepal

Tours in Nepal is combination of nature, culture and breathtaking mountains. Nepal is everything you expect and more. Vibrant colors and breathtaking mountains, it is not just an adventure and only Trekking destination but a place of incredible history and culture. Tour in Nepal is impressive experience of life changing moment. You will have choices of destination as per your time and interest. Not only adventure activities but also easy and luxurious tour plans fulfill your thrill of adventure in Himalayan country Nepal. As highest peak Mount Everest lies in Nepal, most of the people look for their sutable plan of Everest View Tour.   

Capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu is the city of UNESCO heritage sites. You can explore thousand years old monasteries, temples and old king palace. Kathmandu is surrounding by green hill can make good hiking tours. The panoramic Himalayas including tallest mountain Everest can be seen from near hill of Kathmandu. Every trekkers heading towards Everest, Annapurna, Langtang or other Trekking destination in Nepal put at least one full day exploration in Kathmandu valley.

Tours in Nepal can include Jungle safari in Chitawan and Bardia national park. Dense forest of Nepal is home of wild animals and birds. Other activities like Trekking tours, hiking tours, bungee jumping tours, rafting tours, home stay tours to explore local peoples and stay at fresh air are the major choices Tour in Nepal. Whichever tours you choose in Nepal, we promise you one thing that you never have been anywhere likes this. All the tours in Nepal are guided by well trained local guides from Nepal Highland Treks.  

  • Himalayas Tour without trekking - Easy and Luxury Himalayan Tour in Nepal

    Himalayan Tour without trekking - Easy and Luxury Himalayan Tour in Nepal

    Himalayan tour without trekking is easy and luxury tour that can go closer to the mountain to enjoy their beauty.…

    6 Days
    US$ 1295 (P/P)
    in detail
  • Everest View Tour

    Everest View Tour 5 days short trekking

    8 Days Everest View Tour is perfect plan to reach panoramic view point of Mount Everest and other neighbor Himalayan…

    8 Days
    US$ 0 1100 (P/P)
    in detail
  • glimpse-of-Nepal-tour

    Glimpse of Nepal Tour

    Glimpse of Nepal Tour gives real picture of Nepal to experience unique Nepalese culture, their life style and Nature. Special…

    9 Days
    US$ 0 (P/P)
    in detail
  • Everest Mountain Flight Tour

    Everest Mountain Flight Tour

    Mountain flight tour is one hour flight Tour over Everest and hundreds of other mountain peaks. This is ine of…

    1 Hours
    US$ 0 192 (P/P)
    in detail
  • Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour

    Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour

    Nepal Tibet and Bhutan Tour is exploration of three Himalayan countries of south Asia. Our 11 days package tour is…

    11 Days
    US$ 0 1990 (P/P)
    in detail
  • Glimpse of Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour

    Glimpse of Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour

    Tour in Nepal Tibet and Bhutan is to explore three Himalayas countries in your single trip. Best of the three…

    24 Days
    US$ 0 3990 (P/P)
    in detail
  • Nepal and Tibet Tour

    Nepal and Tibet Tour

    17 day Nepal and Tibet Tour is combination of experience in to major historical monuments of Nepal and Tibet. Reach…

    17 Days
    US$ 0 2140 (P/P)
    in detail
  • Nepal and Bhutan Tour

    Nepal and Bhutan Tour

    Nepal and Bhutan both is Himalayan Kingdom’s in south Asia. Combining tour in Nepal and Bhutan is experience of nature…

    14 Days
    US$ 0 2630 (P/P)
    in detail
  • Muktinath Yatra Packages

    Muktinath Yatra Packages

    6 days Muktinath Yatra Package begins from Kathmandu. First day make darsan of Pashuatinath which is special Aarati tour. Yatra…

    6 Days
    US$ 0 670 (P/P)
    in detail
  • Upper Mustang Motorbiking Tour

    Upper Mustang Motorbiking Tour

    Upper Mustang Tour with Motorbike is to reach must stunning valley with spectacular mountain views and direct touch with ethnic…

    15 Days
    US$ 0 1660 (P/P)
    in detail
  • Jomsom Muktinath Motorbike Tour

    Jomsom Muktinath Motorbike Tour

    Jomsom Muktinath Motorbike Tour provide thrilling ride inside scenic Himalayas along most popular villages of Annapurna region or Lower mustang…

    10 Days
    US$ 0 999 (P/P)
    in detail
  • Halesi Mahadev Tour

    Halesi Mahadev Tour

    Journey to Haleshi Mahadev is to touch soul of Lord Shiva as it is believed as the Pashupatinath temple of…

    2 Days
    US$ 0 (P/P)
    in detail
  • 8 Days Hindu Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal

    7 Days Hindu Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal

    Nepal is land of God and Goddess. The biggest and famous Hindu temple Pashupatinath and other famous Shakti Peethas are…

    7 Days
    US$ 0 990 (P/P)
    in detail