Day Trip to Lumbini

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    Day Trip to Lumbini Highlights
    • Morning flight from Kathmandu to Lumbini airport and return Kathmadnu by late fternoon flight 
    • You will have enough time to visit Lumbini garden squire and Monasteric zone 
    • Option to add Kapilabastu in your visiting plan 
    • Local Export as your guide  
    • Tour also possible to exit Pokhara by flight next day or driving 

    Day trip to Lumbini is starting from Kathmandu by flight. It is 40 minutes flight to Bhairahawa domestic airport and another 45 minutes drive to Lumbini, the main place of Buddha birth. 4 to 5 hours time is good enough to visit Lumbini. The major visiting places are Maya Devi Temple, Ashoka Pillar, Banyan tree (Bodhi). A purification pond near the Maya Devi temple where queen May Devi is said to have a bath and given birth her son. Visit ancient Stupas and Monastic zone, eternal flame area, world peace stupa and main gate area. Nepal Highland Treks provide a local export tour guide in Lumbini with a private car to drive from to Airport. If you wish to spend one full day at Lumbini, there is a time to spend on many sites, temples, monasteries inside Lumbini garden. Depend on your interest, you also have option to spend more time in any monasteries or place. Duration of the tour can be longer by starting early flight from Kathmandu and take late flight from Lumbini airport.  

    Day Lumbini tour from Kathmandu is option for customization.

    - Start tour from Kathmandu and end at Pokhara 
    - Start your tour from Pokhara and end at kathmandu 
    - Pokhara Lumbini Pokhara Tour 
    - One way flight from Kathmandu and another way driving to Pokhara 
    - Fly from kathmandu and fly to Pokhara (But have to overnight in Lumbini) 
    - Lumbini tour combination of Kapilabastu 

    See more details - Place to visit in LumbiniCustomize your Lumbini visiting plan. Send us your own plan to us at [email protected]

    07:00 Am: After breakfast in your Hotel, Drive to the domestic airport of Kathmandu.
    08:20: Fly to Bhairahawa airport which takes 25 minutes.
    08:45: Guide from Nepal Highland Treks receive you from the airport and drive together to Lumbini. It is about 25 kilometer takes 1 hour. 
    09:30:  Visit major places with our guide. Lumbini garden. Maya Devi Temple, Ashoka Pillar, Bodi Tree, Holy Pond, Peace Flam, Monasteries zone build by different countries and world peace stupa. The first section tour is by walking and second section tour is by local tuktuk (Rickshaw) 
    15:00 PM: Stars driving back to Bhairahawa Airport for your flight back to Kathmandu.
    17: 15: Fly back to Kathmandu which takes 25 minutes 
    18: 05: Pick up from airport and transfer to your hotel around Thamel 

    Tour cost for Nepalese and Indian is different due to less airfair (call/ whatsapp/ viber to plan your trip 00977 9851040871)

    Tour cost including- Kathmandu airport drop and pick up, Airport pick up and drop in Lumbini, both way flight tickets, Guide, Entrance fee and Tuktuk drive inside Lumbini Garden (Your tour in Lumbini is half walking and half Tuktuk riding) 

    Tour cost excluding Your Lunch and drinks, Personal expenses, any tipping for guide or driver 

    Also find combining tour plan of 7 days of Buddhist Pilgrimage sights including Lumbini in Nepal. We can provide you the chance to join other peoples so that tour cost reduces by sharing transportation and guide.

    Kathmandu to Lumbini tour and drop to Pokhara

    This will be two days tour without rush. Fly Lumbini (Bhairahawa airport) from Kathmandu and overnight in the Lumbini after the tour in Lumbini Garden, Monastery zone. Option to add Kapilabastu in the tour plan. Overnight in the Hotel nearby Lumbini or nearby Bhairahawa airport. Next day flight from Bhairahawa airport to Pokhara is mid day about 12. Take a flight and land to Pokhara. Another option is to drive by tourist bus or private car. Driving next morning by tourst bus to Pokhara is to reduce your tour cost. To make a rush plan, you also can plan to fly from Kathmandu to Lumbini, visit the main monuments there in Lumbini and same day drive with private car to Pokhara. Lumbini to Pokhara drive takes 5 hours. Your tour in Lumbini will finish by 2pm if you take early flight from Kathmandu. You will reach Pokhara at the evening time by 8pm. 

    Single day tour plan Kathmandu Lumbini Pokhara 

    - Fly Kathmandu to Bhairahawa airport at early morning. Flight from Kathmandu starts from 07am.
    - You will finish Lumbini day tour by 2pm and may spend another hour time for your Lunch 
    - Start driving to Pokhara by private car
    - You will reach Pokhara by 8pm   

    Lumbini Day tour from Pokhara

    05:00 am: Early in the morning 5am start driving from Pokhara to Kathmandu. It is about 5 hours drive via Palpa, Siddhababa
    10:00 am: Reach Lumbini garden at around 10am. Visit around with local TUKTUK and our guide up to 2 pm
    2:00 pm: Start driving back to Pokhara and transfer to your hotel. By 7pm, you will reach at Pokhara  

    Optional itinerary with a driving tour to Lumbini can design either from Kathmandu or from Pokhara.

    Day 01: Drive to Lumbini with private transportation or tourist bus from Kathmandu/ Pokhara. Overnight at Hotel. It is 9 hours drive from Kathmandu and 8 hours drive from Pokhara. If you hire a private car, you will have time to visit Lumbini same day and next day morning.
    Day 02: Visit Lumbini and around. Drive back to Kathmandu or Pokhara again with your private car. If you drive with the bus, you will have a whole day visit today in Lumbini and next day morning drive back again to Kathmandu or Pokhara. Option to take the bus toward the Indian border.

    Cost Details
    • Airport departure and arrival arrangement in Kathmandu and Bhairahawa 
    • Sightseeing in Lumbini with our professional guide English speaking 
    • Entrance fees of Lumbini
    • Flight ticket of Kathmandu - Bhairahawa airport - Kathmandu 
    • Walking tour and tuktuk tour inside Lumbini monastery zone with our guide 
    • Any Foods (Lunch) 
    • personal expenses 
    • Any accommodation 
    • Tipping and donation if you want 
    • Extra cost for Kapilabhastu, Gotihawa, Niglihawa and Kudan (This is possible to include in day tour with Lumbini Garden and Monastery zone) It is about USD 50 extra cost including car and guide in the based of single person. USD 30 in the based of 2 persons and more. 
    Useful Information

    Lumbini is low land region of Nepal. Temperature is hot during March to November month. Not to bring heavey bag with clothes. wear light cloth suitable for hot temperature. During June july and August rainy season and suggest to bring an umbrella with you. December to February is cold temperature in Lumbini. Go there with warm clothes. 

    Extend one day tour in Lumbini and include Kapilabhastu, Gotihawa, Niglihawa and Kudan.

    Kapilavastu is the name of the ancient Sakya city  “The royal family of Lord Buddha” where Siddhartha Gautama, also known as the Buddha, was raised and lived until the age of 29. At Kapilavastu, the Lord Gautama Buddha was grown up and led a family life with his wife and son till he left for Nirvana. The place is about 25 kilometers east of Lumbini (the birthplace of the Siddhartha Gautama). Shakya capital (Kapilavastu) has a rich history and several stories related to faith and believe are narrated here by the locals. The stories are centuries old. There are many ancient archaeological sites situated in a 10 kilometer circle around.

    Kapilvastu Kingdom Complex

    Gotihawa lies 5-km southwest of Taulihawa town and is considered the natal town of Krakuchanda Buddha. The place has ruins of ancient habitation, stupas and monasteries. The place was visited by Ashoka as evidenced by a pillar with inscriptions. The pillar is broken with the upper part missing.

    Araurakot lies about 9-km northeast of Tilaurakot. P.C. Mukheiji (1899) identified it as the natal town of Kanakmuni Buddha. It is a rectangular fortified area that contains a moat with heaps of ancient ruins.

    Kundan is located 2-km southwest of Taulihawa on way to Gotihawa. It is a beautiful protected garden area with large structural ruins of monasteries and stupas and with a tank nearby. This is considered the historical sight where Lord Buddha, returning after many years preached, and where his father, ?uddhodana, was converted to Buddhism.

    Niglihawa 7-km northwest of Tilaurakot, was another site visited by Ashoka and marked with a pillar. The pillar is broken into two pieces. The standing base pillar has Ashokan inscription in Brahmi script and the upper pillar has Devanagari inscription marking Ripu Mai's visit in 1312 AD. There are ruins of monasteries, stupas and habitation. It is identified as ancient town of Sobhawati, birthplace of Kanakmuni Buddha.

    Sagarhawa lies 3.5 km north of Tilaurakot and west of Banganga river. It is a rectangular depression. Excavations done in 1896 traced seventeen stupas and large monuments made from well-burnt bricks. Findings of casket and other rare antiquities indicate them to be votive stupas of the war dead. However, these stupas remain no more as they were excavated to their foundation without restoration.
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    Client Reviews

    • I enjoyed all the places

      Hi Hermanta. Thank you for making my trip available. I enjoyed all the places, the people. The hotels are nice too. Highly appreciate what you have arranged for me!

      Tran Thi Phuong
      Tran Thi PhuongVietnam,September 19, 2023
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