Damodar Kunada and Muktinath Tour

    muktinath-and -damodar-kunda-tour
    Damodar Kunada and Muktinath Tour Highlights
    • Fly with small Helicopter to Damodar Kunda and Muktinath temple
    • Enough time in Muktinath temple and Damodar Kunda to explore around
    • The best season is from month of March till October

    Damodar Kunda and Muktinath Helicopter tour is a day tour from Kathmandu or from Pokhara. The more suitable is from Pokhara because of tour cost. Comparatively Muktinath and Damodar Kund Helicopter cost from Pokhara is less than Kathmandu. You will also have opportunity to visit Natural city Pokhara and on the way Manakamana temple. 4,890 meter altitude Damodar Kunda is inside Upper Mustang area and near Tibetan border. Muktinath temple lies in 3,800 miter altitude in the foot of Annapurna Thorong La pass. Small helicopters carries 4 to 5 peoples at a time from Pokhara airport or from Kathmandu to Damodar Kunda and Muktinath.

    Damodar Kunda and Muktinath Helicopter tour from Kathmandu

    5 seater Helicopter can fly with 5 peoples up to Pokhara Airport. From Pokhara airport only 3 or 4 peoples to Damodar Kund. We manage to shuttle flight from Muktinath to Damodar Kunda. It is a day tour as per the itinerary below
    05:30 – Pick up you from your Hotel and drop you to Kathmandu domestic airport
    06:30 – Starts flying with Helicopter towards Damodar Kund and Multinath temple. Stop at Pokhara airport for fuel. It total about 4 hours flight time and another 2 hours’ time to explore. Land Helicopter in Ranipauwa heli pad in Muktinath. It is 20 minutes walking to reach main temple. We also can provide Motorbike or local Pony, if needed. Helicopter land just beside Lake in Damodar Kunda.
    12:00am – Land at Kathmandu airport and pickup, drop you to the Hotel

    Damodar Kunda and Muktinath Helicopter tour from Pokhara

    A day before reach at Pokhara. Fly to Pokhara from Kathmandu is 25 minutes with regular flight. Option to drive via Mata Manakamana devi temple by cable car. Overnight at the Hotel in Pokhara and be ready tomorrow early morning Helicopter flight
    05:30 – Pickup from Hotel in Pokhara and drop to the Airport
    06:30 – Start flying to Muktinath and Damodar Kunda by helicopter. It is will be total 2 and half hours flight and another 2 hours’ time to explore around. Helicopter land at Ranipauwa Heli pad in Muktinath. Another 20 minutes walking reach main temple. We can provide you local pony or local motorbike if needed.    

    You need minimum 3 Days for this tour
    Kathmandu arrival and visit Pashupatinath temple
    - Fly to Muktinath and Damodar Kunda with Helicopter and return back to Kathmandu
    - Departure from Kathmandu

    4 days Itinerary including Pokhara and Manakamana temple
    Arrival in Kathmadnu and visit Pashupatinath temple
    - Drive to Pokhara on the way visit Manakamana temple by cable car. Overnight at Pokhar (Option to fly Pokhara and visit)
    - Fly to Muktinath and Damodar Kunda and back to Pokhara. Visit Pokhara
    - Fly back to Kathmandu and catch your international flight  

    What to pack for Damodarkund and Muktinath tour
    Damodar Kunda area is windy and cold. You need to bring one set warm jacket and warm head cover cap and warm trouser. Muktinath is also cold place and same clothes is suitable. If you want to take holy bath in Muktinath temple and in Damodar Kuda, you need to bring towel and another set of clothes.   

    Cost Details
    • Airport drop and pickup
    • Chartered Helicopter flight 
    • Muktinath and Damodar Kunda Permit  
    • Personal expenses 
    • Any foods and accommodation (We can offer you full board package including all the foods, accommodation, sightseeing and others) 
    Useful Information

    Legend of Damodar Kunda
    Damodar Kunda (lake) is famous for Hindu religion. Barah Puran has narrated the damodar kund’s religions significance. While describing Domodar Kund, River Kaligandaki can’t be left untouched. River Kaligandaki has its source in Damodar Kund and throughout its flow to south right up to Indian border carries a manifestation of lying lord Vishnu with Damodar kund jeweled as His auspicious Head and with Muktinath as the mouth, Shaligram Chakra as chest Ru Ru Kshetra of Palpa district as the waist, Devaghatam as the Knee and lastly the auspicious feet of lord Vishnu goes to the credit of Gajendra Moksha devadham, Nawal Parasi. Such a beautiful elaboration of the lord, one may find starting from the auspicious lakes of Damodar Kund.

    In the second column of Barah Puran, Lord Krishna has said that who pays a visit to this Kunda and takes a deep-bath, they will be freed from all the sin. It is also mentioned in Puran that two sons of Kubers were suffering from their wrongdoing & sin, which they did in their previous birth but lord Krishna suggested them to take bath in this Kunda and immediately after taking bath in this Kunda they were released from all their sin. So the importance of a visit to this sacred place cannot be described in a short paragraph.

    Damodar Kunda is the main source of the Kali Gandaki river and Saligram. Also, it is the starting point of Muktishetra and related to Guru Rinpoche. In Tibetan language, Damodar Kunda is also called as “Men-Chu.”

    Legend of Muktinath temple according to Hinduism
    Muktinath is one of the most ancient temples of Lord Vishnu. According to Hindu mythology, there was a huge battle between Lord Shiva and Jalandhar (powerful king of demons). The demon was evil-minded, he crossed the limit and attack Kailash to achieve Parvati (wife of Lord Shiva). Then Jalandhar used his power and change himself to duplicate Shiva. Since Parvati has the spiritual power she easily notices the reality and quickly called Shiva for help. Soon after the battle started between them, but he (Jalandhar) was quite safe because of her wife’s faithfulness.

    Later other gods decide to use a little trick to destroy a massive evil. In this, Lord Vishnu utilize his power and turn into duplicate Jalandhar and present himself to Vrinda. She (Vrinda) failed to notice and behaved like her husband. After this, she loses her devotion and Lord Shiva slaughter Jalandhar. At last, Vrinda learns the truth and she curses Lord Vishnu to spend the rest of life as Shila (stone). Thus, after that Lord Vishnu take birth as Shaligram in Muktinath area.

    Legend of Muktinath temple according to Buddhism
    In the Buddhist community, Muktinath Temple is widely popular as Chumming Gyatsa. The meaning of Chumming Gyatsa in Tibetan is “Hundred-Water”. Among the twenty-four prominent Tantric places, Chumming Gyatsa is one of them. It is also the home of 21 Taras (Starts), the Dakinis goddesses (Sky Dancers). There is a strong belief, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism “Guru Rinpoche- aka Padmasambhava” mediate here on the way to Tibet from India.

    Damodar Kunda and Muktinath tour also can do with long days trekking. If you are looking for adventure trip including Upper Mustang, Damodar Kunda and Muktinath, we can offer you trekking plan. Camping and tea house trekking of Upper Mustang and Damodar Kunda trek is including Muktinath temple. Please email us to offer you tailored-made program as per your time frame.   

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