Namobuddha Panauti and Dhulukhel Day driving Tour


    Namo Buddha is about 40 kilometer from Kathmandu place without hustle and bustle. The day tour to Namo Buddha is with private transportation pickup you from your Hotel and drop to your hotel again. Day tour is leading by our professional tour guide. Drive through scenic landscape, beautiful local villages, and paddy fields. Visit Panauti village on the way Namobuddha and way back visit Dhulikhel.     

    The main attraction and important site to visit Namo Buddha is Thrangu Tashi Monastery. The important visit Tibetan Buddhist monastery lies at the top of the hill in Namobuddha.   

    7:30 – Start from your hotel to Panauti. Our driver and guide will meet and start driving to Panauti, Namobuddha and Dhuliklhel. 33 kilometer Panauti village is old Newari villages with unique walking streets and old temples with traditional arts and architectures. Explore the main attraction there, walking in local villages and meet local peoples.

    10:30 –Drive to Namo Buddha which takes about half hour for 11 kilometers. Visit Namobuddha Monastery also called Thrangu Tashi Monastery. Important Tibetan Buddhist monastery was open 2008 and now it is home of 250 monks. Visit the Monastery zone and enjoy charming views of local villages, scenic Himalayan range. Have vegetarian lunch and further drive to visit Dhulikhel town.

    14:00 – Drive to Dhulikhel. 14 kilometer takes about 50 minutes. Hike thousand steps to temple at top the hill. Since you already explored local village in Panauti, it is worth taking small hiking from the main road till Kali temple. Stunning walk up to 1000 steps and enjoy view on every steps. Distance Himalayan ranges makes it worthwhile. Take a break on your way back in one of the best coffee place. Drive back to Kathmandu and transfer to the Hotel. This tour is expected to end at 5pm.   

    1 Pax: USD 115 (Transportation a car)
    2 Pax: USD 80 per person (transportation a car)
    3 Pax: USD 80 per person (Transportation a Jeep)
    4 Pax: USD 65 per person (Transportation a Jeep)
    Please email us for cost of more than 4 peoples a group

    Cost including
    Private transportation
    - Entrance fees of monuments
    - Professional tour guide
    - Vegetarian Lunch, tea/coffee and drinking water

    Cost excluding
    Personal expenses
    - Tipping for guide and driver
    - Other expenses other than cost including

    Thrangu Tashi Monastery Namo Buddha: According to the old legend, 6000 years ago, prince (Mahasatwo/Ngingdui Tshenpo), at the top of the hill, looking the jungle, discovers a tigress lying near the rock. Very quickly, he realizes that the tigress was about to die due to hunger with her five little babies still sucking milk from her, survivals of the babies depend on their mother. Mahasatwo, decides to give his life to the tigress in a bust of love and compassion. So Prince Mahasatwo cuts his body to present his warm blood in the mouth of the mother tiger, and the taste of blood gives the appetite to the starving family. As the tigress accepts the sacrifice from prince she leaves only the bones. The bones of prince were brought back in the village and buried in the tomb which is actual stupa of Namo Buddha. Some about 3500 years later, the Gautam Buddha came in the village of Sange da Fyafulsa, He conducts 3 tour around the Stupa before he declared that he was the reincarnation of prince Mahasatwo. It was the moment that Gautam Buddha renamed this village which is henceforth the name of Namo Buddha which means Homage to Buddha.

    The main celebration happens in monastery in Kartik Purnima (full moon day of Nepali month Kartik)   and day of Buddha birthday May 7 every year.
    Namo Buddha
    Namo Buddha Monastery and scinic Himalayan views   

    Panauti the last village: Panauti is a oldest and historical town in Nepal, originally it was a small state given by King Bhupatindra Malla as a dowry to his sister. This town has a population of under 15,000 people and a few prominent icons, such as the Indreswor temple and Panauti (Layaku) Durbar Square found in the town center. Many temples in this town that are still present till this day dating back to the 15th Century or earlier. The town is currently listed as a UNESCO tentative site since 1996. Panauti, consists of a variety of Buddhist and Hindu religious monuments, and is considered to be one of the area's most important medieval sites.  Panauti is also steeped in culture and tradition. Visitors will often find colorful stones, petals and other items that are laid out on the pavement to welcome everyone with great hospitality.

    Panauti is considered as the most artistic town in Nepal after Kathmandu Valley and different cultures peoples living there. As every culture has its unique ceremonies and celebration, Panauti holds a number of festivals reflecting the ancient tradition and ancient mythology. One of the most important is the three-day-long Panauti Jatra.
    Panauti Village
    Panauti village Pic by prashant Shrestha 

    Dhulikhel 100 step hiking: You can enjoy a beautiful short hike to 1000 steps reach the kali temple at the top hill of Dhulikhel. It is a temple of Goddess Kali, who is an epitome of power and destruction. Nearby the Kali temple, there is a selfie stone, a big stone that is really popular for the photo session. The every hiking steps gives impressive views of the Himalayas, green hills and the ethnic settlements offer you a wonderful memory.
    100 step Dhulikhel
    Way to top of the hill Kali temple in Dhulikel 

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