Tibet is located in the south-west of China, also bordering Nepal, India Burma, and Bhutan to the south, eastern Turkistan to the north and to the east with China. It is the biggest Tibetan plateau on earth. Tibet is also the highest region on earth which is known as “Roof of the World” and “Third Pole of the World”.

Tibet as a plateau land is not only dry and infertile; it also has vast areas with forest and extremely fertile valleys. Most of the parts are surrounding with ranges of the mountain including the north side of Mount Everest and the beautiful lakes including some of the freshwater lakes lies in high altitudes like Lake Mansarovar. Tibet is also the source of the largest rivers of Asia.

Tibetan peoples are practicing Tibetan Buddhism and Bon. They are still maintaining a unique practice as a pilgrimage way. Historical Buddhist monasteries are still in the same structure. Potala Palace, Jokhang Monastery, Toling Monastery, and Rongbuk monastery are the most famous Buddhist monasteries.  

A good number of foreigners visit Tibet every year. Religious tours to western Tibet Mount Kailash Mansarovar, other adventure tours, and treks in central and other parts of Tibet are famous. Some of the expedition tours also go in autumn season. Visiting in Tibet for foreigners have a various restriction. The entire foreigner visitors are compulsory to join authorized travel agencies like Nepal Highland Treks. Traveling Tibet independently is prohibited. There are still many areas closed to foreign travelers, areas near China border and military bases.