Langtang Trekking

Trekking in the Langtang area is fully safe now. The earthquake-damaged local tea houses are reestablished and the trekking route is maintained.

Langtang region is near Kathmandu Valley towards northern and bordering Tibet. Langtang provides popular activities for tourists, climbing, trekking, and cultural and natural tours. The majority of the residences are Tamang but they are influenced by Tibetan cultures and lifestyle. The whole area in Langtang National Park contains wide verities of wild animals and forests. A famous Hindu pilgrimage site Gosakunda and a spiritual monastery for the Buddhists, Kyanjin Gompa are inside Langtang National Park. There can be very short days of trekking plans as well as long days of trekking plans with some highest passes. The area is not as crowded as Everest and Annapurna regions. Langtang covers the third most famous trekking destination in Nepali trekking

The most visited and famous trekking trail in Langtang is Langtang Valley Trekking. A week trek plan is with spectacular Mountain View, dick forest with verities of wild animals. The local tea houses have been established as a provider of standard tourist accommodation and food. Lies in the southern region of Langtang National Park, another famous trekking destination is Gosaikunda and Helambu. Gosaikunda is a frozen lake which has a special pilgrim meaning in Hinduism. On a special day around August month, a big farewell happens around this lake. Helambu is part of Langtang and more famous for natural trekking even a good place for bird watchers.

Langtang National Park contains some climbing peaks. Yala Peak (5520m) is the famous climbing peak in Langtang which can be climbed in a short period of time. Another Himalayan peak is Langtang Lirung (7234m) which stands as an expedition peak. Besides that Tamang heritage trail in Langtang is more famous for its cultural tours and trek. The very less visited area is with fresh trekking trails and driving paths too. You can feel their cultures and lifestyle from the nearby staying at their homestay accommodation. Off course Himalayan views from Tamang heritage trail are panoramic. In this, every trekking or tour in Langtang National Park, Nepal Highland Treks can provide you with the best option within your timeframe, budget, and interest. Choose us as your best company among many other Nepalese trekking companies