Upper Mustang Helicopter Tour


    Explore Upper Mustang by Helicopter. The region is the forbidden kingdom of Nepal in the Trans Himalayan land. A helicopter tour is a way of luxury exploration of the Upper Mustang in a short period. This tour can be a single-day tour from Kathmandu or from Pokhara. A multiple day’s tours is recommended to explore more of the Upper Mustang. The land of unique Buddhist cultures, years back caves, monasteries, and scenic plateau is also called Mini Tibet in Nepal. Tour offers majestic views of snow-capped mountains, and the beautiful landscape of the Annapurna region, and Upper Mustang region. Helicopter also land at Pokhara, Jomsom airport and also have option to land and explore Muktinath and continue to Lo-manthang. Only tiny helicopters maximum  seaters are availalbe to fly from Kathmandu or from Pokhara. Since area of Upper Mustang is restricted land, we have to do papper works in the permission which takes a wekk time after your arrival in Nepal. Before flying to Upper Mustang, we can creat a another tour around Kathmandu Pokhara or any other sector as per your wish. 

    Upper Mustang Helicopter Tour from Kathmandu

    Five-seater tiny helicopters fly to Upper Mustang from Kathmandu via Pokhara Jomsom and Muktinath. It takes one and half hours to reach Lo-manthang, the capital of Upper Mustang. Kathmandu is 1350 meters in altitude. Helicopter reaches 3800 meters altitude in short hours. It is important that passengers are used to high altitudes to stay Lo-manthng for more than an hour time. Having a short time there in Lo-manthang and flying back to Kathmandu can be a day helicopter tour. Fly from Kathmandu and land at Lo-manthang, stay there for a couple of days to explore monasteries, caves, villages, and peoples, and driving back with lots of exploration on the way is another best option. This way you will visit other unique villages like Kagbeni and more.    

    Upper Mustang Helicopter Tour from Pokhara

    It is more useful to reduce the helicopter cost to Upper Mustang starting from Pokhara. Pokhara is less than 25 minutes with a regular flight from Kathmandu, Lumbini, or from Chitwan. About 45 minutes flight reach Upper Mustang from Pokhara. Having a couple of hours of exploration around the area and flying back to Pokhara is the option of the day tour. Heli land at Upper Mustang and driving back to Pokhara by stopping nights on the way is another best option to explore more of Upper Mustang and lower mustang, temples, monasteries, landscapes, and many more. Tour will be flying a Helicopter to Upper Mustang and driving back.   

    Day Heli Tour of Upper Mustang

    The day tour Helicopter either from Kathmandu or from Pokhara to Upper Mustang is possible. We normally start early in the morning to skip heavy wind in the region. It is will be about a 6-hour tour from Kathmandu and 5 hours tour from Pokhara. It also has the option to land in multiple places like Muktinath temple, Damodar Kunda, and in more places as per the requirement.

    Upper Mustang Heli Fly and Drives back to Explore More

    This is the best option for this tour. Land and spending only an hour time in Upper Mustang does not cover its beauty and explore the places. Fly to Lo-mantahng either from Kathmandu or from Pokhara in the morning time, and stay overnight there in lodges to get enough acclimatization on your first day. After another two days of exploration around the capital of Upper Mustang (Lo-Manthang) and driving back to Pokhara, this itinerary provides a full package of exploring Upper Mustang and lower Mustang. It can be a weekly plan in a maximum and minimum of 5 days. We are flexible to customize the tour plan as per your wish.

    • Day 01: Fly to Lo-manthang and stay overnight there for acclimatization. Walking around the village and explore
    • Day 02: Day of exploring Lo-mantahng and near village, Monasteries, caves, villages, peoples, and more
    • Day 03: Second day of exploring Lomatnahgn and near the village. A Jeep will assist in the tour around. Overnight in Lo-manthang
    • Day 04: Drive back to Jomsom or Muktinath by exploring on the way
    • Day 05: Flying back to Pokhara from Jomsom airport or continue driving back to Pokhara  

    This is just a general itinerary, it can be customized as per the client's wish and recommendation.

    Stay in Luxury Lodges or choose tourist standard lodges

    Although Upper Mustang is a far remote area of Nepal, there are luxury lodges available overnight. The newly build Royal Mustang resort is a high-standard lodge in Lo-manthang. There is many other tourist standard lodges services for years. On the way down from Lo-manthang, there are only normal tourist standard lodges available. Jomsom night stay can be in luxury lodges in Moksha. There are several other normal lodges available.    

    Upper Mustang Heli tour During the Festival

    There are several festivals celebrated locally in the Mustang region. The main and biggest festival is Tiji celebrated in Lo-manthang. Tiji festival is three days festival in different dates every year. It celebrates normally in the month of May. The festival is all about performances by local monks to save the region from ghosts. Special chanting and mask dance are the main activities in this festival. Upper Mustang Heli tour can be during this festival and explore Upper Mustang.  

    Upper Mustang Trip Permit

    Upper mustang the area of Lo-manthang is a restricted area. A special permit needs to be issued from a registered trekking company from Nepal. Minimum 10 days permit fees apply even for a short visit. This cost USD 500 per person. Minimum 2 people should be there on the tour to issue permits. Clients do not need to present themselves for this permit. An original passport is needed for a couple of hours. This permit is only issued either in Pokhara or in the Kathmandu Department of immigration. Additionally, Annapurna conservation areas permit also need to issue.

    Important note
    - After Upper Mustang and ACAP permits are issued, another permission for the Helicopter takes a week's time
    - A policeman or a government-authorized person will fly together in the same Helicopter from Jomsom

    Best Season for Upper Mustang Trek/ Tour

    The best season for Upper Mustang Trek/ Tour is in autumn and spring. Monsoon is also another best season to visit Upper Mustang. The region is in the Trans Himalayan land and rain shadow area. After a few rain drops in the region, it looks beautiful with different flowers and with bushy plants. Months of autumn and springs are with clear and warm weather. Monsoon months are charming     

    Packing list for the Upper Mustang Tour

    When you pack your bag for the Upper Mustang Helicopter tour, you have to prepare mostly for cold temperatures and a few for hot temperatures as well. The place is cold during the morning and evening, Wendy during the day. Here is a general idea about the packing list.

    • A down jacket
    • A warm sweater or light jacket
    • Pair of warm trousers or paint
    • Warm walking shoes and shocks
    • Warm head cover cap
    • If you are driving back in a jeep and talking about a couple of days' tour, you also need light clothes.

    Cost Including Upper Mustang Heli Tour Package

    • Cost of chartered Helicopter
    •  Upper Mustang restricted area permit (USD 500 per person)
    •  Permit of Annapurna conservation area
    •  Cost of local lodges if you stay nights
    •  Cost of private Jeep if you plan to drive back
    •  Ground expenses in Helicopter chartered
    •  Governmental tax and company service charge
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