Single Traveler

Single travelers are safe to travel in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. The trip running by Nepal Highland Treks assure that our guide will take care and make your trip success without any trouble. If you are female single travel do not scare and do not take any doubt with our trekking male guide. In your request, you even provide you female guide although there are less female guides in tourism field and it may become more difficult to provide them in peak season. They are responsible and feel every guest is god. You also will see many foreigners in Nepal travelling as single. You also can make your trip individually but we suggest you to take at least a guide to make your every trip success and safer.      

Single Traveler for Trekking and tour in Nepal
Nepalese have slogan that Guest are God. For single traveler we provide our staffs it can be a guide, supporter or tour guide which depend on your types of trip. You won’t be single while travelling in Nepal. There will be many travelers while Trekking in Nepal or Touring in Nepal. Every traveler frankly speaks during the trip. You also feel very secure to share every talk with your guide. In the case of joining trip in Nepal if you are single traveler, we can suggest you our suitable group to join trip, which may less your trip cost.

Single Traveler for Trekking and Turing in Tibet Bhutan
It is same responsible from our local guide in Tibet and Bhutan. We also can provide ladies guide in Tibet and in Bhutan if you are single solo female traveler. You can join our fixed departure trips to Tibet and Bhutan to safe your single supplementary cost.  

Note: In any trips or package of Tibet and Bhutan, travelling without package including guide is not possible. It is their government rules that every foreigner should take package from Register Company. For your safety, we highly suggest you to take professional and experience guide in any trips in Nepal too.