Visa of Nepal Tibet Bhutan

Visa of Nepal is on arrival. Foreigners other than Indian need to take visa for Nepal which is possible to take on arrival from any legal boarder you want to enter. You do not need many documents to take it. Your original passport may be a passport size of picture. Form for visa is available of every immigration. You cannot pay visa fee by credit card, most have cash. It can be USD cash, AUD, Euro, Yuan, Yan which will covert at current place as per same day rate.

Visa fees of Nepal
15 days multiple visa: USD 30 per person
30 days multiple visa: USD 50 per person
90 Days multiple visa: USD 125 per person   

Following nationalities do not get Nepali visa on arrival
People of these countries do not get visa on arrival at the immigration entry points of Nepal:

1. Nigerian2. Ghana3. Jimbabwe
4. Swaziland5. Cameroon 6. Somalia
 7. Liberia 8. Ethiopia 9. Iraq
10. Palestine 11. Afghanisthan12. Syria

You can visit web site of Departmenet of Immigration Nepal for more info:

Bhutan visa is compulsory for the entire foreigner accept Indian passport holder. Visa is issue as per tour or trekking package of Bhutan. Only authorize agencies are allow to apply visa for any foreigners one they buy a package. Nepal Highland Treks can book every package of Bhutan and get visa approval of Bhutan. Visa approval comes in paper, which we can send you by mail. Without this approval, you can’t enter Bhutan. Once you reach at Immigration, they will only stamp at your passport as per approval. Cost of the visa is USD 40 per person which may includes in your package deal. Visa is only valid up to your tour duration. We only need  your passport scan copy to obtain Bhutan visa approval.          

Tibet Visa does not come in your passport. It is actually travel permit comes in paper. Similarly as Bhutan it is issued by Tibet government and only allows applying by registered agencies. Nepal Highland Treks is authorize agency can take Tibetan permit and visa from TTB. There is a rule that without buying a package none of the tourist can take permit. Travelling Tibet individually is not allowed. We taking care all the procedure once you buy travel package; we only need your passport scan copy for permit and visa. 

Tibet Visa Cost, There is different cost for different nationalities.

 American Passport Holder  USD 210 per person
 Canadian Passport Holder  USD 150 per person
 Nepali passport holder  NRS 12,250 per person
 Romanian Passport Holder  USD 150 per person
 Brazillian Passport Holder  USD 165 per person
 Argentina Passport Holder  USD 185 per person
 Other Passport holders  USD 120 per person
 Israel   USD 115 per person 

Special Note: Above visa fee is rush visa fee. Since Tibet rules are keep changing, Visa fee of above can change. They also announce some nationalities do not get any travel permit and visa for Tibet. It can change immediately without any prior notice.

Following Nationalities have to obtain Tibet travel permit and Tibet visa from their own country. We are not able to issue their Tibet travel permit and visa from Nepal untill next rules change from Tibet and Chinese Embassy Nepal.   
Nationals who do not get Tibet visa and Tibet permit from Nepal

Required documents for Tibet visa doing it from Kathmandu Nepal 
- Your passport scan copy by email (Previously) 
- Fill a Embassy form - Once you land at Nepal, we will provide you 
- Picture (Full ace, Front view in light colored backgrund. Picture as per below sample 
picture for Tibet visa  
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