Home Stay and Volunteer Tour

Home Stay Tour in Nepalese village is one of the best ways to experience the original Nepalese lifestyle, traditions, customs, and cultures. Nepal Highland Treks introduce real Nepal by making your stay in the Nepalese traditional house in the remote part of Nepal. It can be on the way of Nepal trekking trail or non-touristic areas. It is always better to be in remote Nepalese villages to get a feel of real Nepal. It is also a benefit for tourists to observe real Nepal and Nepalese. Homestay tours have many options such as staying inside cities with well managed local homestay, typical village homestay near cities, and local homestay in remote villages. As per your timeframe and interest, we choose a suitable location around Nepal.

Your homestay plan can be included in volunteering activities. The volunteer program can be at school, local hospitals, in community, agriculture, animal farming, or any other activities that suit you. We can look for a suitable volunteer place and local homestay as per our clients’ interests and abilities. Tour also included some of nature and adventure activities or including some trekking, touring.