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In term of the best time to travel Nepal depends on what type of trip you are doing in Nepal. Nepal is broadly temperate with four main seasons. Its climate varies as per topography and altitude. Nepal is having various altitudes. The low range of the Tarai region is a maximum altitude of 305 meters, the hilly region in between Terai and the Himalayan region is from 500 miters till 3000 miter altitude. The maximum altitude at the mountain region is up to 8848 miter Mount Everest. Most of the foreigners arrive in for trekking in Nepal, other numbers of foreigners are interesting tours in Nepal skipping any adventure. 

Autumn is the main season for Trekking in the high mountain region. (September to November)

The Autumn season is the best season for trekking in Nepal. Weather is clear, dry, and neither cold nor hot. Dust and pollution washed away by the monsoon rains. The mountains are the most visible. This is considering as best season in Nepal for trekking in the high mountain region. It is better to book your trip an advance since hotels and flights are booked from previous. Major Hindu festival Dashain and Tihar are also during this season. Besides trekking, any kind of tour in Nepal is suitable during these months.

Clear weather in Everest region during Autumn season 

Spring is the second high season for trekking and expedition in Nepal (March to May)

Spring season is mildly warm weather and longer days. It is also the best time for trekking in high mountains and viewing wildlife. The major expedition including the Mount Everest trip runs in these months. Most of the Nepal Trek Tours run in this season. Flowers blooming time makes a colorful hilly and low level of the mountain region. The different colored Rhododendron flowers bloom at mountain region makes fascinating together with clear Mountains peaks. For trekking or tours to Upper Mustang, the intresting Buddhist festival TIJI celabrate during month of May. Tiji festival in Upper Mustang celabrate countinue for 3 days and more important for Buddhist lovers.        

Winter is the low touristic season (December to February)

The weather in winter in Nepal is mostly clear and stable. Days are sunny but morning and night can be chilly. You still can face the mountain cold at this time. Trekking is lower altitude runs well even though some of the high mountain trekking like Everest Base Camp Trekking, Annapurna Base Camp Trekking, Gokyo valley trekking, Langtang valley Trekking without crossing any icy passes at high altitude. You could see a very gorgeous view of mountain peaks with its full ice. Some of the peak climbing activities in this season still go.  

Monsoon season-low touristic season (June to August)

Monsoon season in Nepal is almost raining every day. The temperature is hotter. Mountains are mostly covered by fog after afternoon time. Morning time you normally will get a very fresh view of peaks. Greenery hills, fresh air, movements of different butterflies make your Nepal trip more fascinating. There are some rain shadow trekking areas in Nepal which are more suitable to trek at monsoon season. Upper Mustang region is one of those. In these months, Upper Mustang driving tour, Motorbiking tour to Upper Mustang and Trekking Upper Mustang are mose running activities. Beside Any treks and tours in Nepal, the monsoon season is a good season for Tibet tour. A good number of tours to Tibet run through Nepal. Most famous is Mount Kailash Tour and Nepal Highland Treks is one of the operators of this tour.
Upper mustang during monsoon season
Upper Mustang in monsoon season  

Nepal is not only for trekking in the mountain but also for pilgrimage tour, cultural heritage tours, driving tour to Mountains and adventure tours like motor biking, driving, paragliding, Bunjee, white water rafting, tour to national park and many more. This kind of tour does not need to look for best time. These can be done throughout the year. Short hiking to the mountain area is also can done any months of the year. Everest view trek is one of the best hiking in the mountain in all season. Cities of Nepal are richest of cultural heritage, naturally beautiful and important pilgrimage side. Centuries old heritage sites inside Kathmandu valley, Buddha’s birth place Lumbini, naturally beautiful Pokhara, experience of jungle safari in Chitwan National park and in Bardia National park are the suitable tour destinations for all round year.    

Hemanta Budhathoki

Hemanta Budhathoki

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