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  • Last Updated on May 25, 2024

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Bhutan is going to reopen its immigration for tourists to enter from 23 September 2022 without quarantine. It was closed after the Covid cases in 2019. The government of Bhutan reopens immigration with changes in the daily tariff rate. They have raised USD 135 per person per night and again separate paying the entrance fees of monuments during sightseeing. Sustainable development fee from USD 65 per person per night has risen to USD 200 per person per night from now onwards. The new fee would fund activities of promoting carbon-neutral tourism to build a more sustainable tourism sector and upskilling workers in the sector. They first introduced the daily sustainable development fee in 1991 for the same purpose. It was USD 65 per person per night and the same rate runes for more than thirty years. 

Bhutan Tour Cost after New Rule

When you calculate the Bhutan tourcost, it will be a minimum of USD 385 per person per night. This is the calculation after USD 135 increased in SDF and adding in the old daily tariff of USD 250 per night. But you must add another fee for entrance fees of monuments during sightseeing. The daily tariff includes accommodation in minimum 3-star category hotels, all meals, guides, and transportation. Daily tour cost can deal lesser in more than 2 persons a group. Please send us an email for a discount rate.

Bhutan Tour Package Cost: Same Tariff for the Season and Off-season

Bhutan tour package cost before was divided for high season and low season. The month of March, April, May, September, October, and November were as high as season and the tour cost was USD 250 per night per person. The rest of the other months was in the category of low season and USD 50 per night per person was less in the tour cost. With the new rules applying from September 2022, there will be the same tariff on tour costs for the entire month of the year.  

Bhutan Tour: Entrance fees for Monuments are also an Extra Cost for Tourist

Updated Bhutan Tour Entrance fees of monuments when you are visiting these with a guide, you have to pay yourself. This is not included in the daily tariff rate. For your comfort, we can include entrance fee in the tour cost. Entrance fee calculation depends on how many days tour in Bhutan. For your idea, we have mentioned below some monument entrance fees.

Visit Bhutan Rules for Indians

Indian tourists will continue to pay the previously stipulated fee of INR1,200 but it is up for review and possibly an increase later this year. Indians, Bangladeshis, and Maldivians used to be exempt from the daily fee requirements due to reciprocity agreements between governments. However, that changed in July 2020.

Bhutan skipped FAM Trip

With the help of the Bhutan tourism council, the Bhutanese tour operator provides a familiarization trip with other tour operators of abroad. With the new rules from the government, these kinds of FAM trips are stopped in the coming days. This kind of tour was providing the opportunities to know business partners in each other’s and directly experience firsthand information about Bhutan tour packages and services. Each travel agent was allowed to send at least one companion who could be a company team leader, manager, or any other staff who deals with the Bhutan tour package.    

What is the Visa procedure for Bhutan?

Bhutan visa is issued by the Bhutanese tourism council. It takes only about three days official time. Your visa is confirmed only after receiving your travel fee from the bank. For the visa approval, a passport copy by email is enough. Once you land in Bhutan at the Paro airport, you will get a visa stamp as per your visa approval. Boarding pass to Bhutan will accept by Bhutanese visa approval paper in every country’s immigration. Bhutan visa is valid till the date of your paid days as per the tariff. Tourists cannot stay longer than paid travel plan.   

Bhutan Flight Information

Bhutanese national companies are only flying at Paro airport and connecting with other countries. Paro airport is the only international airport in Bhutan. Druk air and Bhutan air fly to Kathmandu Nepal, Delhi India, Singapore, Bangkok, and Dhaka Bangladesh. 

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