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Bhutan, every traveler's dream country, is also known as ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’. Bhutan tour will be a perfect place for those tourists who love touring in peace land and are curious to know about Buddhism. Bhutan tour is a destination of every people for exploring the mysteries and spiritual awakenings. Bhutan is situated in the eastern Himalayas extended from subtropical valleys and plains to snowcapped mountains ranges which make it a perfect place to trek and tour. Bhutan tour package guides you through snowcapped mountains or valleys to visit ancient architecture and Buddhist temples. Tour in Bhutan is controlled by the government, every tourist has to pay fixed tour costs to the government and take full board service from registered travel companies only.  

Bhutan is a landlocked country surrounded by China to the North and India to the south. The largest city Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan. 74.8% of people in Bhutan follow Buddhism, 22.6% follow Hinduism, and the rest follow other religions. The density of Bhutan is 19.3/km2.

Facts of Bhutan Tour Package

Why Bhutan tour is a dreaming destination for every tourist?
There are many reasons behind visiting Bhutan as it is the world's most beautiful and mysterious country and has lots of things to explore.

1.  Bhutan is widely famous for mysteries and magic. And was recognized as a country by United Nations (UN) in 1974.

2. Tiger’s Nest is another big reason to travel to Bhutan. The reason behind the name “Tiger’s Nest” was because Guru Rinpoche who introduced Buddhism into Bhutan was carried from Tibet to this cave on the back of a tigress.

3. The national flower of Bhutan is the Blue poppy which was a mystery to Botany until the country was known.

4. Bhutan has many peaks higher than 7,000 meters above sea level and many of them are yet unclimbed including the highest peak of Bhutan Gangkhar Puensum.

5. Winding mountain, snowcapped peaks, waving prayer flags, and dramatic scene with different types of Rhododendron.

6. It is amazing to explore the local culture, religions, ancient architecture, and Buddhist temples.

7. Bhutan Tour package will be an amazing package for those who love touring with a most caring guide and are curious to know about Buddhism.

8. Cordyceps, a caterpillar with a fungus growing out of its rear end is highly demanded in Chinese medicine to empower the nerve system can be found in Bhutan’s high mountain grassland.

9. Gross National Happiness (GNH) is measured instead of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). More than 80% of people in Bhutan live happily and the government is working to make it 100%. GNH was discovered in terms of four elements- Sustainable development, preservation and promotion of cultural values, conservation of the natural environment, and establishment of good governance.

10. Bhutan is the only carbon-negative country in the world because of more than 72% of forest land.

Facts about Bhutan - Bhutan Tour Package

1. Bhutan consist of three regions; the Great Himalayas, the lower Himalayas, and the Duars plain.

2. Takin the national animal of Bhutan is a mountain mammal. Takin is an animal with the head of a goat and the body of a small cow and the rarest animal found in Bhutan.

3. Bhutan became 1st country in the world to ban the production and sales of tobacco in 2010.

4. Until the 20th century it was closed for tourism. Still, the dates fewer tourists visit Bhutan because of the high tour costs.

5. As Bhutan is a landlocked country it heavily relies on India for trade.

6. Bhutanese people don’t take dessert.

7. Television and internet access were banned until 1999.

8. Sunday is a rest day for everyone so there is no newspaper on Sunday.

9. Divorce in Bhutan is very easy.

10. People in Bhutan have salt on their tea. And if you stay in Bhutanese homes you will definitely be served butter tea made of Yak’smilk.

11. Bhutan is one of the smallest countries and home to the highest unclimbed mountains in the world.

12. Bhutanese people celebrate a festival to welcome migrating birds.

13. In Bhutan there is a culture of refusing food until offered 2 or 3 times. According to their tradition, they say “meshumeshu” and cover their mouth with their hands.

14. it’s not compulsory to register the date of birth.

15. Paro airport, is one of the most dangerous airports in the world because of the Himalayan range of mountains and very narrow runway. That’s why only 8 qualified pilots are allowed to take off and land manually.

16. Although the country is still developing and not among the richest country, it offers free education facilities and healthcare to the people and visitors.

17.  The national language of Bhutan is Dzongkha, a huge number of people speak the Nepali language too.
Tiger Nest in Bhutan
Tiger Nest in Bhutan, one of the most visiting destinations in Bhutan 

FAQs of Bhutan Tour Package 

1. What’s the appropriate time to visit Bhutan?
March to May is an appropriate time for those who love nature,  these months are best to see the view of Rhododendron forest filled with different colors and if luck is by your side then you will be able to see the rare flower Blue poopy(national flower of Bhutan). July and August will be the best season who want to enjoy the uniquely intimate Gangtey festival and want to spend time in spa or meditation. September to November is the best time to enjoy the largest festivals of Bhutan and the pleasant temperature. December to February will be the best time to see the clear sky, views, and the endangered black-necked cranes.

2. Can we use our ATM and cash in Bhutan?
ATM can be found very little in major towns of Bhutan which support foreign credit cards but be aware of fees. There are three banks they are Bank of Bhutan, Bhutan National Bank, and Druk Punjab National Bank. To get cash Thimpu or Paro is the best palace.

3. Can we eat meat in Bhutan? What types of food are served?
Although people in Bhutan don’t kill animals they import meat from the neighboring country India. Food in Bhutan is really spicy and most of the foods are served with chilly and cheese. They normally serve their national foods for every tourist in Lunch Dinner. Breakfast will be continental. Foods you will get are in the buffet at main tourist season. Their national foods are rice, dal, and different types of curry including chicken or mutton curry including spicy pickles.  

4. Is a passport and visa required to visit Bhutan?
Yes, a passport and visa are required to visit Bhutan except for Indians, Bangladeshis, and Maldivians.

5. How to obtain a Bhutan visa?
Bhutan visa is only possible through registered travel agencies. Visa is valid till your travel days. Bhutan visa approval can be ready with your passport copies and with full tour cost payment previously. It takes 3 to 4 working days. In the main tourist season, it is better to put reserve days. Accommodation in Bhutan is limit and it is better to confirm your tour previously in order to manage every service on ok. Bhutan visa fee is USD 50 per tourist. Only you land at Paro airport, your passport will stamp of Bhutan visa as per the visa approval you received from travel agencies.  

Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour Package

06. What is the tour cost to visit Bhutan?

The tour cost of Bhutan is fixed by the Bhutan tourist council. Tour cost of the main season like the month of March till May and another season September to November is USD 250 per person per night. single supplementary cost USD 30 per person extra and visa cost USD 50. For the lower season, the Bhutan tour cost is USD 200 per person per night. Same cost for single supplementary and visa cost. This cost is including 3-star category accommodations, a guide, all transports, foods, and tours. Using deluxe and super deluxe hotels cost extra accordingly.  

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