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4 nights 5 days Bhutan Tour
Day 1: Paro to Thimpu
It was beautiful visibility from Druk air flight. About 50 minutes' flight was entirely panoramic from the left side. Hundred of mountain peaks including highest peak Mount Everest and another over 8000 miters mountain Mt. Makalu. It is suggest taking your window set at the left side when you fly Paro from Kathmandu. Simple breakfast including real juice, sandwich, and cake was serving by crew members.

Mount Everest and Makalu view from the window of Druk Air flight Kathmandu - Paro. It was a panoramic Himalayan view of other Himalayas from the flight. 

We met our Bhutanese guide (Prem) and driver (Santa). They are so much please too. After tea coffee, we started a short visit to Paro city than started to drive Thimpu after lunch. Visit the main monastery including Tiger Nest is for another day after coming back from Thimpu and Punakha. The 51-kilometer drive was smooth and so scenic along the Valley of Paro River. It was unique visit to the richest architecture secretariat building of the ministry of home affair (Trashichhoed Zong), the office of royal Bhutanese (King), and home of monk's head. It is initially built-in 1641.

Our Guide Mr Prem with black Gho and drive with red checkGho. Typical Bhutanese dress for man called Gho.

We checked in Hotel Amodhara at central Thimpu, where our visit to Trashichhoedzong gets near. it was worth visiting antique Bhutanese local product shops near at Hotel. We found that getting a mobile SIM card and money changer is difficult. There are only a few shops for those purposes. But our guide helps us to get all of our requirements. Another important thing we found on our first day visit is that there are restaurant which provides international verities looks so simple. Expectations of the entire tourist may have bigger restaurants as they have paid an expensive package cost per night. Though it is a small restaurant, their hospitality and foods are excellent.

Trashichhoedzong in Thimpu which is a secretarial headquarter of Bhutanese King on one side, another side office of Bhutan home ministry and office of head Lama of the country.    

Hotel Amodhara in Thimpu. 3-star category hotel approved by Bhutan Tourism Council. We stayed here for a nigh. It was warm greetings and they serve good food. Bhutan Tour is in full board. we normally take breakfast and dinner in the same hotel we stay at. 

Other administration building inside Trashichhoedzong.  there are monasteries, and other typical oldest buildings inside this Zong. 

There are maybe more than 50 shops together in one place in Thimpu which are typical Bhutanese antique sellers. The whole country of Bhutan has divided with 20 different districts. Small shops in between Thimpu road sell collections of antique local products of these 20 districts. Products are not so expensive more. Most of these were handmade. Next work we went to search for money exchange, we were thinking in our mind that there will be a money changer like Kathmandu Nepal, but our guide helps us to find a shop where money changing facility is. It is only short print note outside of this fancy shop about their changing facility. Indian currency works everywhere in Bhutan. Every shop, restaurant, hotels, and other places of government places and currency of Bhutan and Indian is the same value.

Bhutanese small shops in the middle of Thimpu

The above mention and pictures of the first day Bhutan Tour from Kathmandu Paro to Bhutan is only small highlights. As Nepal Highland Treks is a Bhutan Tour operator based in Nepal and we are one of the Nepal Trek Company too, we can give you more information and provide you good travel plan. Please feel free to contact us for more information and get your suitable tour plan.  

Hemanta Budhathoki

Hemanta Budhathoki

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