Day Jungle safari during summer in Bardia National Park

Day Jungle safari during summer in Bardia National Park
Rhino in Bardia National Park

Best time to visit Bardia National Park is from January to May month. More possibilities to see Tiger and other wildlife inside National park on your Jungle walking. We only had our suitable time in August month, so we start our journey for 2 nights 3 days.

Nepal Highland management Team immediately plan to visit Bardia during our less working days in August 5, 2019. We followed a man from Bardia Jungle cottage. We took evening flight of Shree air to Nepaljung airport and drive to Bardia which took 2 and half hour. The pristine jungles of the Bardia is best jungle safari in Nepal. After increasing number of Tiger in Nepal, Bardia is the one where Tiger can be seen every day during Safaris. Bardia is home to the endangered Royal Bangal Tiger and one-horned rhinoceros beside the many other mammals and reptiles. The park located in far western district of Bardia, is bordered by Karnali River in the west, the Churia range in the north while the Babai River flows right through. The best way to explore Jungle, its animal and bird is by jungle walking. We found a couple in this hotel staying 9 days and every days going for Jungle walking. Most of the days they were able to explore Tiger from near. They felt staying in the simple lodge is homely environment and not much cost. Reaching there in Bardia is far from main cities of Nepal like Kathmandu and Pokhara.
Bardia Jungle Cottage, Accommodation in Bardia
It is simple homestay type of accommodation in Bardia. Bardia Jungle Cottage is just in key location. Peace and cool place. More benefit is entrace gate of Bardia National park is just front of this hotel.

We accommodate in Bardia jungle cottage. Owner Premi warm welcomed us. Lodge is family running all complete by Premi and looking after by three generations his son and grandson too. It is in key location. Entrance gate of Bardia National park is just front of this hotelNo need to drive hours and hours just to reach National park entrance gate. We were told to be ready tomorrow at 7 am for jungle walking day tour. Evening temperature was 32, which was not much feeling of hot under room fan. Karnali River is flowing in its many branches inside National park. We had to cross one of its branch to start our day Jungle walking. Since we were not much experience of swimming, our guide request to cross all of us by wood carving small boat. It was much scary boating first time. The day began with good sign. We show a crocodile at another side of the River.  Subash from Bardia Jungle cottage brief about Crocodile, its kind and how dangerous it is. 

We came to know from Subas, the park hosts 30 different mammals, more than 250 species of birds, several verities of reptiles and water animals. Till this year there are 87 tigers and about 45 Rhonos and about 120 Elephants inside this national park. There are more findings of Tigers here than on other national parks which attracts visitors, this reason there are every day tourist flow in Bardia National park. National park was established in 1988 as Royal Bardia National Park. It covering as area of 968 km2 (374sa m). Because of raining season elephant back safari, Jeep safari and Rafting in the River was stopped by National park office with the reason of safety. The second best way to explore animals of National park and Birds is by rafting inside the park, said Subash. We also get good briefing about jungle walking from him. About 7 hours of our tour was not entirely walking. Is was total about 3 hours of walking and rest of the hours was staying in main spots, stay silent and expect to see wildlife. Our second spot was able to see Rhino for long time. Several typical wooden towers are stand in middle of jungle. Climb and stay there for hours to wait wildlife around. 
Tiger Station in Bardia
Wooden tower also called Tiger station inside Bardia National Park. Climb to stay at top and explore wildlife by staying quite. There are Newly build cimented tower which looks ugly inside the Park.  

We were 6 peoples a group accept us, we did not see any other peoples. When we nearly reach our third waiting station, we met a guy from National park with his elephant and he brief us a Tiger point he recently seen. Subash and Kumar told us to be fast walking with silence. We reached the spot and subash pointed us a Tiger. He was about to move from there after staying long time. We felt lucky enough to explore Tiger for 30 second. Had good picture of him. Our mission was success today. Now we felt to return back Hotel. We enjoyed our bird lunch packed and carried by them. It is hard to guide in Jungle. Carrying enough foods and water is not so easy for guide team.  
Tiger in Bardia
He was about to leave the place. We were luckey to see him for 30 second 

Reaching to Bardia
Reaching to Bardia from Kathmandu
by route bus Daily buses run from Kathmandu to Mahendrenagar (Stop at Ambassa). The bus takes around 15 hours and is a beautiful though long journey as you pass through mountains and forests and then through the mainly flat and rural Terai. Bus Ticket cost is about USD 18 to 25. Night buses also operate 2/3 pm daily from Kathmandu Gongabu Bus park (New Bus Park) and reach at Ambassa around 4/5 am next morning. Every day bus service from Kathmandu to Thakurdwar is also operate at morning time. The best option is to get night bus of Mahendra Nagar and get off at Ambassa

By private car: Private car from Kathmandu to Bardia takes 9 hours. Entire road from Kathmandu to Bardia is well paved. Kathmandu, Muglin, Naranghat, Butwal, Lamahi, Kohalpur is the regular driving route for private car.  

Kathmandu to Bardia by flight: four different flight companies do operate about 10 flights every day from Kathmandu to Nepaljung. From Nepaljung, it is another 2 and half hour drive to reach Bardia. Flight operate from morning 8am till evening 6:00.    

From Nepalgunj: Two buses per day go to Thakudwara at 11am and 2.30pm, taking 3-4 hours and costing around 200 Nepali rupees. Private car from Nepaljung airport to Bardia is about 2 and half hour only. It cost you rupees 5500 can seat up to 7 peoples. 

From Mahendranagar: Daily buses run from Mahendrenagar to Kathmandu (stop at Ambassa), the bus takes around 4-5 hours to reach Ambassa and another half an hour to Thakurdwar where most of the Hotels are situated. 

Travelling Bardia from India: You can travel to Bardia from India by coming Banbassa-Mahendranagar or Rupidha-Nepalgunj border between Nepal India. It is option to reach by your own vehicle or use Nepali one.

Travelling Bardia from Chitwan or from Pokhara is by local bus or by Private car only. 

*Ambassa: The actual park entrance is situated close to the small village of Thakurdawa, 14km southwest along newly paved road from Ambassa on the Mahendra Highway. A handful of buses run each day from Ambassa to Thakurdwara. The journey takes around 30 minutes. You also can get shared TUKTUK any time. Shared transportation cost you about 100 Nepali rupees.  

Temperature in Bardia
The best visiting time of Bardia National park is in hot season. You can expect following temperature by months. While you are for Jungle safari, you can expect all day sweating, you may loose your weight as all toxin and fats gone with sweats.

Bardia National Park: Temperature in Degree  

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Min: 8    
Max: 26
Min: 9    
Max: 28
Min: 13 
Max: 35
Min: 19
Max: 37
Min: 22    
Max: 37
Min: 25   
Max: 37
Min: 265   
Max: 35
Min: 26   
Max: 35
Min: 24   
Max: 34
Min: 20
Max: 33
Min: 14
Max: 31
Min: 10
Max: 36


Things to do in Bardia
Jungle walking
Elephant back safari
Jeep safari
Wildlife Rafting
Bird watching
Tharu cultural Dance
Village tour
Wildlife camping

2 Nights 3 days stay in Bardia is minimum stay we suggest. For real wildlife lover, staying longer as much as they can is also not good enough. Bardia less tourist visiting National park compairing Chitwan National park has got much remote wildlife activities. There are only government elephant allow in National park so that Elephat back safari tour will be only for an hour. Since all the Hotels should use elephant from National park, this activities some time is not enough for all, Should wait for next days or book previously.   

Site visit in Bardia
Karnali Bridge
Dalla homestay village
Thakurdwar temple  
Thalurdwar village 
Thakurdwar Temple in Bardia
Thakurdwar Temple in Bardia walking disrance from Bardia Jungle cottage through Thakurdwar Bazzar.