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Everest trekking is an experience of a lifetime. But, it is not just a trek. It is, as some would say, "the journey to heaven." The experience is filled with beautiful mountains, forests, villages, richest Buddhist culture, foothills, and many flora and fauna. The journey to the Everest region includes interesting observations like prayer flags, stone stupas, prayer wheels, yak herders, and beautiful flowers like rhododendrons. It leads you to the highest mountains in the world.

Walking along with the shadows of the most awe-sparing mountain peaks is an amazing experience. Along with that, you get to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes too. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime journey that will give you magical experiences.

The Everest Region
The Solukhumbu or Everest region is the highest point on earth at 8848.86 meters. The place is rich in culture and best for mountaineering, along with lots of historical moments. It is located in the northeastern province of Nepal.

You will find monasteries, Sherpa villages, people, and of course, mountains. Filled with cultural and spiritual experiences, you can also find rich flora and fauna, including wildlife such as snow leopard, Himalayan black beer, wolves, and musk deers. Once you experience this magical place, you will not be able to forget it in a lifetime. In addition, you will want to re-visit the place again and again.

The journey might be physically challenging to some as it will test your strengths and endurance throughout the way in the high altitudes. But, the place has many trekking lodges in different areas of the routes. So, the visitors will have a place to rest and have time to enjoy. The infrastructure is developed in the region with proper food and resting places. However, they can get crowded during the peak seasons. The main reasons to visit the Everest region are in Autumn and spring. Trekkers mostly spend time at Namche Bazaar, which is at the height of 3,440 meters. Staying there for one extra night helps to acclimatize your body to high altitudes. The place has good hospitality and provides a safe journey to the Everest Base Camp​​​​​.

Everest Base Camp
View of Everest Base Camp 

Trek to Everest Base Camp - EBC Trekking 

The journey starts with a dramatic flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. After that, trekkers hike to the Everest region. However, you can take a separate route from Jiri along the hills of Solukhumbu to reach your destination. Depending on the path you take, it might add a few days to your journey to Namche Bazaar. Trekkers, who are scared to take flight with tiny aircraft to the remote airport, can choose a program of Everest trek without Lukla flight.

The Sagarmatha National Park is a must-visit for trekkers. It consists of the world's highest mountains, including Everest, Lhotse, Thamserku, Cho Oyu, and many more. Moreover, it was listed in the UNESCO Natural World Heritage Sites in 1979. You can also enjoy the beauty of the mountains and the rich biodiversity from the park. In addition, it also helps in acclimatization. So, it will be easier for trekkers to adapt to the weather, culture, food, and places.

The sudden shift in altitudes can affect your health, especially if you are new to such places. There is 50 percent less oxygen at the base camp. On top of Everest, it has only 33 percent of the oxygen that we usually intake at sea level.

Most trekking experts recommend you to move at a slow pace—something that is within your control. Further, if you walk more than 800 meters per day at the height of 3,000 meters and above, it can cause stress on the body. So, it is always recommended to take safety measures and ensure that your health condition is stable for the trek. The Everest Base Camp is one of the most famous adventure places for trekkers and mountaineers. Everest trekking is the dream of every trekking enthusiast in the world.

1. How much does it cost to trek to Everest Base Camp?
According to the EBC trek guide, it could cost around 1400 to 3,500 US dollars to trek to the Everest Base Camp. However, if you decide to trek independently, you could save anywhere from 400 to 700 US dollars. But if you do so, you will have to make self-arrangements for logistics, and there will be no professional guides.

2. How difficult is the Everest Base Camp trek?
Everest trekking is not as difficult as climbing the summit. Around 30,000 people trek to the base camp every year and enjoy the beautify of the highest mountains. In addition, they experience rich culture and biodiversity along the way. However, you must be physically and mentally prepared for the trek. The main difficulty is to face the high altitudes. So, safety should always be the number one priority. Move at a slow pace to get used to the acclimatization. People of any age with good health conditions can do it.

3. How long do you stay at Everest Base Camp?
Everest trekking is usually an 11-day journey. But, it will be 14 days if you count the two-night stay in Kathmandu. It is a 130 km round trip. On average, you have to walk 15 km per day that is normal walking of 5/6 hours.

Everest Trekking During Festival Time

Your Everest base camp trekking can includes during the special local festival time. A festival called Mani Rimdu Festival celebrates three days in Tengboche monastery, on the way to Everest Base camp. The date of the festival is between mid-October till mid-November; the exact date is based on the Tibetan lunar calendar and announced by the head monk of Tengboche Monastery. Mani Rimdu festival is a colorful festival that gathers Buddhist monks from all monasteries around and performs special chanting with powerful Buddhist mantras. The main aim of the festival is to perform a powerful Buddhist chant to save the areas from demons.
Mask dance during the festival 

The Famous Climbing Peak in the Everest Region

In the whole Mountains inside the Everest region, there are three Himalayan peaks that are suitable climbing peaks for beginners. Mera peak (6476m), Island peak (9189m), and Lobuche peak (6991m) are the main mountain peaks to climb that is can include with trekking Everest Base camp. The famous expedition mountain Ama Dablam is a technical expedition peak, finally, Mount Everest is the highest peak on the earth, and to be top of it is a dream.   
Island Peak
Top of Island peak and view from there 

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