Honda Goldwing GL1800 cc motorbike first record reaching at Everest Base camp

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  • Last Updated on Jun 21, 2024

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Crossing 9 other countries in Asia, 3 Honda Goldwing GL 1800CC Motorbike beat the first record reaching near Everest Base Camp Tibet. It was April month, they reach Nepal to prepare to motorbike to Everest Base Camp. On the occasion of celebrating a historical year of Singapore, a group of six patriotic men in their 50s ride 1300 kilometers across 10 countries in Asia and reaching the highest point Everest Base Camp in Tibet side from Nepal. 

honda golwing GL1800cc motorbike before leaving Everest Base Camp
One of the Honda Goldwing GL1800cc Motorbike in Singapore before leaving Everest Base Camp and other 9 Asian countries. 

The riders began their trip on the 26 March and plan to complete it in 48 days, stopping for about two to four days in each country before continuing their journey to the next one. Based on their plan, from Singapore, the first ride to Malaysia before moving to other countries like Thailand, Myanmar, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Tibet, India and finally ending in Sri Lanka. “The planning took about six months which started in March 2018. The final plan was materialized in June 2018,”

honda golwing GL1800cc motorbike in tingri near EBC
Honda Goldwing-GL1800cc Motorbike in Tingri near Everest Base Camp 

As for the type of bike that they were using, the riders had decided to ride on a Honda Goldwing GL1800, which is a Luxury Touring Motorcycles. However, they do foresee this bike becoming their “greatest challenge that will become both historic and legendary”. Those bikes are luxury bikes that are meant for well-paved roads and not tough terrains. This proved to be a challenge, especially when they went to the mountainous regions of Nepal and Tibet. They started EBC riding from Kathmandu, Nepal's capital, on April 14 and it took them four days to cover the 714km to the Everest base camp. The route took them through Rasuwagadi, a village on the Nepal-China border, Kerung and Tingri, a picturesque town in southern Tibet.

6 Rider from Singapore riding Everest Base Camp
6 Riders from Singapore riding to Everest Base Camp. Picture pose at Nepal side - coffee break on the way in local place with local peoples

More information about Everest Base Camp motorbiking
Best route: There are 2 routes to ride up to Everest Base Camp Tibet. This is the base camp on the north side of Everest and in Tibet region. Another south side of Everest base camp is in Nepal where only trekking is possible to reach. Lhasa, the central city of Tibet is one of the starting points of biking to EBC. Direct reach at Lhasa either from China or from Nepal to get your bikes on hire and riding to EBC. Ride back the same way back to Lhasa ending your tour. Perfect 9 days trip Lhasa Everest Base camp Lhasa through the beautiful landscape, Lakes, Himalayas, and typical settlement of Tibetan.  

Another best route is from Nepal crossing Nepal Tibet border which is about 135 kilometers only from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. No need to make any flight. Get Nepalese motorbike in hire or reach Nepal with your own bikes. Proper permits arrange by a professional Nepal trekking company which takes about 45 days in these both options. Riding from Nepal to Everest Base Camp is 6 days riding tour and the option to add Lhasa cities in your riding itinerary which is 11 days riding tour altogether and the same way back to Nepal.


Riding Tour to Tibet Everest Base Camp and Everest Base Camp and Lhasa 
                - Contact us for more details and tour arrangement 


We need following documents at least before 45 days to procedure Tibet permits and visa

  • Valid passport copy by email. It should be at least 6 months valid
  • International driving license 
  • Bike blue book pages, first till 5th pages  (If you come with your own bike | We will be responsible for all these arrangements if you hire our bikes) 
  • Bike details (As per format below)
  • Photograph of Bikes (clear photo of bike front and back can see number plate well) 
  • Your picture for the visa (White background visa picture at the time of you hand over your original passport) 
  • Original passport once you arrive in Kathmandu (before 3 full working days) - If you are starting your travel from Nepal 
  • Custom deposit payment clip or any other documents provided by Nepali custom in the time of you enter Nepal from the border if you come to Nepal with your own bike.

Format of Bike details

Motor Bike Number


Company’s Name




Date of Manufactures


Number of Cylinders 


Horsepower/ CC


Chassis Number


Engine Number




Capacity with Rider


Petrol/ Diesel




Name of Buyer




Bike Number


Bike Prize


Documentation of pillion and travel in the backup vehicle (Tibetan vehicle)
-       Valid passport copy by email. It should be at least 6 months valid
-       Your picture for the visa (White background visa picture at the time of your hand
        over your original passport)
-       Original passport once you arrive in Kathmandu (before 3 full working days)

Documentation tour starting from Lhasa 
- At least 6-month valid passport copy by email
- Your Chinese visa page from your passport page 
- International driving license 
- Your arrival and departure information 
we will take all the info and necessary info of Bike since the biking tour starting from Lhasa is only with hiring our motorbike. 

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Hemanta Budhathoki

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