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Machhapuchhre, also called Fishtail Peak, is a newly opened trekking area in the Annapurna Conservation Area of Nepal. It is less crowded. This new trail provides a panoramic view of enchanting Himalayan ranges, rich vegetation along with the culture and lifestyle of ethnic dwellers. You can blend with the local culture and lifestyles of different ethnic groups like Gurung, Tamang, Magar, Damai, Kami, Sarki, Chetri, Newar, and Brahmins. in the region. This route provides a perfect mountain view of snow-capped Mt. Machhapuchhre, Mt. Mardi, and Annapurna Himalayan ranges from close proximity. 

Nepal is a beautiful land of the Himalayas with amazing adventures filled with beautiful scenarios, friendly villages, and incredibly high mountains. With other many beautiful trekking regions inside the Annapurna conservation of Nepal, Machhapuchhre Model TrekRoute has been opened in the Kaski district near Pokhara. It leads to one of the best places where you can have the majestic mountain view of the beautiful tall Himalayas of Nepal. You can also find different species of flora and fauna through a flaming red forest of rhododendron, the national flower of Nepal, and oak trees, caves, waterfalls, an abundance of wildlife, and picturesque villages. You can get an opportunity to interact with the residents of the villages of Dhital, Lwang-Ghalel, Rivan, Machhapuchhre, Ghachowk, and Lahachowk. Dhital, Sirubari, Ghalegaon, Armala, Lwang-Ghalel have preserved Gurung culture, art, and handicrafts which makes this trip even more interesting.

Machhapuchre Model Trek

Less Crowded Trekking Destinations in Nepal

Machhapuchhre Model trail was identified and established by TAAN Western Region Chapter Pokhara with the main object to promote Pokhara and its surrounding areas. This trail traverses through five major village development committees hence you will have numerous choices of hiking and trekking activities. The length of trekking can be decided by trekkers as per their interests and time frame. This freshly opened trekking route is one of the less crowded trekking destinations in Nepal.

The trail is less travelled and passes through various villages of different ethnic groups then into sub-temperate forests. The higher you get, the closer you get to the spectacular view of the Annapurna range and get closer to the base camp of one of the most picturesque mountains in the world - Machhapuchhre or Fishtail Peak. It is called Fishtail as its double peak looks similar to a fish’s tail. Mt. Machhapuchhre is an epic beautiful mountain with a height of 6,993 meters. It is considered a sacred mountain for Hindus as the home of Lord Shiva and its highest peak has not been climbed. You can stay either in camping tents or in indigenous houses in the villages of Lachok, Ghachok, Machhapuchare, Ribhan, Lwang Ghalel, Sardikhola, and Dhital.

Machhapuchhre Trekking

Lwang Village is one of the famous and unique Home Stay villages in Nepal. Throughout the trek, you will meet warm-hearted Gurung and Magar people while stopping by their villages. Their hospitality never ceases to amaze you. You can learn from them their lifestyles, language, food, and more. They are happy people and will help you if needed. The Machhapuchhre homestays have been fruitful for more than 16,000 local villagers. TAAN is working on minimizing environmental impacts and increasing the economic impacts of trekking. 

This serene route is completely off the beaten path. There are minimum trekkers and you can also go for several days without seeing other trekkers.  You can wander through the unspoiled foothills of the world’s tallest mountain range. You can sleep in a tent each night under the beautiful sky full of stars and surrounded by the glorious Himalayas. This trail is the perfect destination for those who want to trek the Annapurna region through a pristine route that few people know. As this trail is brand new only a few Nepalese and foreigners know this trail even exists. Only a few companies offer this trek. This is perfect for budget travellers.

The trail trekking begins from Milanchowk. Throughout the trek, you have options to either camp outdoors or stay in a lodge and get to know the local villagers. This trail passes through Tatopani of Sardikhola, Hile of Ghachowk, Rivan of Lahachowk, Lwanghalel, and Milanchowk of Hemja. As you climb higher, you will pass through forests of rhododendron and other trees, and reach the highest point at Chichemle Kharka (2645 m.). At this point, you will witness one of the most iconic peaks on earth- Machhapuchhre. At this altitude and easy trail, trekkers and nature lovers with any level of experience can enjoy this Machhapuchhre Model Trekking journey.

Best Time to Trek Machhapuchhre Model Trek

Best Time to Trek Machhapuchhre Model 

You can go Machhapuchhre Model Trekking at any season throughout the year. Monsoon season ( May to September) brings lots of rain and cloudy sky which may be difficult to trek. Although people like trekking during this time as the trails have fewer trekkers. Spring (March to early May) and Autumn (September - November) is the best season to trek here as the weather is good, skies are clear, the temperature is comfortable and there is little to no chance of rain during this time. The weather is more stable at higher altitudes. Rhododendron blooms during the spring giving beautiful colour through the trails.

Accommodation On Machhapuchhre Model Trek

There are many hotels, lodges, homestays, and tea houses at various points along the way. All places do not have luxurious facilities. As the altitude increases, the facilities decreases. If you book a package through an agency then places are arranged by them. Camping can also be organized and conducted by the team you embark with, there will be cooks and porters. Homestays in villages can also be arranged. Meals in remote areas don’t have many options but the food is hygienic and well- prepared. 

Less Crowed Trekking Destination in Nepal


Machhapuchhre Model Trekking leads to a beautiful paradise with scenic beauty along with typical culture and lifestyles. It is one of the best and easy-going short treks to the Annapurna Region for those who want to view the Himalayas from up close.  You can explore the natural beauty, magical mountain forest along with blooming red rhododendrons, and various cultures and get closer to nature. You can choose the length of trekking as per your interest. This fresh trekking trail is good news for trekking enthusiasts and for the local community to host the guests. It is a great experience with nature and helps bring peace within you. You can plan this adventure with licensed and trusted agencies and enjoy your journey to the fullest. Nepal Highland Treks is a fully licensed trekking company in Nepal can organize this trek with necessary services.

Hemanta Budhathoki

Hemanta Budhathoki

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