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Muktinath helicopter tour is the day tour to Muktinath either from Kathmandu or from Pokhara. About three hours of the tour will have fully one hour time to spend in Muktinath temple area. All the way driving tour is a minimum of four days for Muktinath, minimum of three days are required to take a regular flight tour to Muktinath. So a day tour to Muktinath by helicopter is the best way to get Muktinath darshan in a very short time. 5 seater helicopters might carry only four persons depend on total weight. Helicopter land at top of the Ranipauwa village very closed to Muktinath temple. It is about 15 minutes walking to the main temple. For persons who are not able to walk even this short distance, we can provide either motorbike or horse.      

The Highlight of the Muktinath Helicopter Tour

* Total three hours tour from Kathmandu, two hours tour from Pokhara, can manage longer time in request
* Fly with a tiny helicopter, maximum 5 seat but able to carry only 4 peoples, depend on the total weight
* Muktinath temple lies at 3800 meters altitude and it is not advisable to spend more time there in high altitude
* Tour starts normally at morning time before the heavy windy start in the Muktinath region
* Nepal Highland treks care entire arrival, departure arrangement, permits, and other necessary procedures
* Amazing view of highest mountain peaks like Mount Annapurna, Fishtail, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Tukuche peak, and Nilgiri
* Beautiful landscape of Mustang region, Begnas Lake, Fewa Lake, and Rupa Lake from Helicopter window  

Facts about Muktinath

Itinerary of Kathmandu Muktinath Helicopter tour
Tour starts in the morning time. Your hotel in Kathmandu not far than 7 kilometers which takes 20 minutes to drive to Kathmandu domestic airport.
06:00 am: Start driving from your Hotel. Check-in domestic airport and ready for flight
06:45 am: Start flying with chartered Helicopter to Muktinath temple
07:45 am: reach at Muktinath temple, Darshan the main temple, deep in holy ponds, bathing at 108 holy taps, and return to the helipad
10:00 am: Return Kathmandu domestic airport and transfer to the Hotel

Itinerary of Pokhara Muktinath Helicopter tour
Heli tour starts early in the morning from Pokhara. It is about 10 minutes drive to Pokhara airport from your Hotel in Pokhara. The hotel in Pokhara is normally on the lakeside.
06:00 am: Start driving to Pokhara airport and check-in for the flight
06:30 am: Fly to Muktinath temple and land at the temple at around 07:00 am. Here we will have one hour of time to darshan main temple, holy deep in ponds, holy bath at 108 taps and visit around.
07:30 am: Fly back to Pokhara and transfer to the Hotel

For both itineraries, flight time might chance, it depends on the season. We will provide you exact timing a couple of days before your tour starts. Helicopter flight to Muktinath also depends on weather conditions. 

Optional itinerary to reduce the tour cost
This is the way to reduce your tour cost. The high cost for this tour is helicopter chartered. Chartered a helicopter from Kathmandu is a long way which is definitely a costly comparing to Pokhara. On this tour, we can catch a regular flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara and get a chartered helicopter only from and to Pokhara. Kathmandu Pokhara is 22 minutes flight. Regular flight cost is cheap for Nepali and Indian passport holders. Helicopters are on standby in Pokhara almost every month of the year.  

Heli tour with Pokhara visit and Manakamana devi temple
Muktinath Heli tour also can customize its itinerary adding Manakamana Devi temple and a memorial visit of Pokhara. Stay one overnight in Pokhara to explore the closer view of high mountain ranges, drive to Sarankot, boating at Fewa Lake, and enjoy and natural city. Drive to Manakamana temple to Darshan one of the believed goddess Devi temples on the way to Kathmandu from Pokhara. It is also a good experience of cable car riding to reach the main temple of Manakamana.  

Facts About the Muktinath

Muktinath temple lies at the Annapurna Himalayan range at an altitude of 3,800 meters. Muktinath is one of the eight most sacred shrines in the Hindu religion. The temple is admired by many saints of Hindu tradition. The scripts describe the importance of this temple area available in Vishnu Puran. It is also one of the 51 Shakti Peetha. It is an ancient temple of God Bishnu for Hindu and Chumig Gyatsa. Buddhists believe that the founder of Tibetan Buddhism Guru Rinpoche known as Padmasambhava had meditated here on his way to Tibet. The outer courtyard of Muktinath Temple has 108 bull faces taps running poured water. Devotees take a sacred bath here in all 108 taps and deep at 2 pounds in front of the temple. A Buddhist monk presents worship in the temple.

Differet view of Muktinath temple 

What is the Cost of the Muktinath Helicopter Tour Package?
The cost of this tour depends on the total number of participants as well as the itinerary. Nepal highland treks can customize the tour plan and provide you the best tour cost accordingly.   

Permit of this tour
Muktinath temple is inside the Annapurna conservation area, so permit of Annapurna conservation area should provide to Helicopter Company to process for a chartered flight. We prepare this permit for you. We only need passport details or passport scan copies by email. For Indian nationalities, a voter ID card is also valid for this permit.  

How to Book Muktinath Heli Tour?

Booking this trip does not require many documents. Send your passport copy, voter ID also enough in the case of Indian nationals. An advance amount of 20 percent in your booking time can transfer to our bank account. The rest of the payment can be paid once you are in Nepal and before the trip start.  

Packing list for this tour
For the one-day tour, you do not need to bring many things. Muktinath region is windy and cost. It suggests wearing mid-warm clothes. Do not forget to bring goods that you might need to make Puja near the temple. Do not bring over heavy baggage making loads in Helicopter.   

Muktinath is 3,800 meters altitude from sea level. If you are from low altitude land, it is suggested not to spend a longer time. Do not rush and run while you are there.  

Other ways to visit Muktinath
Besides the Helicopter tour to Muktinath, there are many other ways to visit this place. Muktinath is all the way connected by road from Pokhara. It is one single day-long driving by jeep. Muktinath driving tour is the perfect way to reach the temple and visit other attractions on the way. Motorbiking to Muktinath is another adventure way to reach there. This region is one of the best motorbiking routes as motorbiking tour in Lower mustang. Driving with local buses either from Kathmandu or from Pokhara and another perfect way is to fly Jomsom airport from Pokhara and about 2 hours driving to Muktinath temple. 

Jomsom Muktinath Motorbiking tour 

Galigandaki River, source of Shaligram
Shaligram respected as one of five non-living forms of Lord Vishnu. And only one original place to get Shaligram is from the Muktinath area. The Kali Gandaki river source is at the border with Tibet at an elevation of 6,268 meters (20,564 ft) at the Nhubine Himal Glacier in the Upper Mustang region of Nepal. Shaligram has great significance to Hindus, particularly to Brahmins. Smarthas uses this as the replica of Lord Narayana. Srivaisnavas, and Madhva sects consider the place where one can find Saligrama Silas in the river bed of the Kali Gandaki. 

What Is The Best Time to Visit Muktinath?

The best time for Muktinath Tour is from March to May although January and February months are still suitable. Spring season months of September to December also get suitable weather to visit Muktinath Temple. During the rainy season of June July, more chance to get flight cancellations due to bad weather. Weather in December and January is cold can reach up to minus at night in this region. High chance to get snowfalls between these months but the days are clear and sunny. Helicopter tour only needs 3 hours time, so throughout the year, Muktinath Heli tour is suitable.

Why is Muktinath Famous?

This temple is famous for Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage. For Hindu temple is believed a Bishnu place. They believe that bathing in the waters here guarantees salvation after death. and for Buddhists, it is the place of Guru Rinpoche. Guru Rinpoche came here to meditate.

How far is Muktinath from Jomsom?
Jomsom to Muktinath temple is about 25 kilometers distance. It takes about 2 hours for driving since most of the road part is still rough. Reaching Jomsom is at 3,743 meters altitude while reaching Muktinath temple will be 3,800 meters. Trekking from Jomsom to Muktinath is about 4 hour’s time. Jharkot, Kagbeni is the main typical village in between.   

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