Naropa and Tilopa cave beside Pashupatinath Kathmandu Nepal

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The cave of Naropa and his guru Tilopa is beside Pashupatinath temple, bank of the holy Bagmati River. Two different caves of Tilopa and Naropa are  Cave is considered as the holy site because the cave is the place where Naropa received training and teaching from his Guru Tilopa and he had visions of Vajrayogini here. Tilopa, his Guru, also meditated in the cave just next to it. Vajrayogini appeared again and again to the Great Mahasiddha Naropa giving teachings. Naropa, after practicing these teachings attained perfect knowledge and wisdom.

Naropa printed inside Naropa cave. Next of it, you will find Tilopa cave 

The story is, Naropa shows true and infinite guru devotion towards one of the great saints, Tilopa. Tilopa did not really bothered about Naropa until after a while. Tilopa gave very nice teachings to the fortunate Naropa, so Naropa became a mahasiddha.

Tilopa and Naropa Cave
Tilopa and Naropa cave  
It has built the wonderful statues of  Naropa and Tilopa inside both the caves. Devotees visit this cave and stay for meditation. Mediators feel absorb by the energy of the area.

Statue of Naropa inside the cave of Naropa cave  

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