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Nepal, the Birthplace of Buddha and site of many Hindu shrines, Muktinath, Guru Rinpoche and Lord Mahadev, Sacred Himalayan region is becoming a popular destination for so-called Nature and Spiritual Tourism. For tourists who plan to visit other countries, their first choices are to explore nature rather than the manmade structure. A nature lover with spiritual mind tourists is the tool for sustainability. The number of natural and spiritual tourists has rapidly increased which impacting the lifestyle of the environment and community. Nature and Spiritual Tourism lovers visit the new places or repeat the destinations to turn around finding themselves with the practising of Yoga Meditation, Ayurveda, involve in mightily trek to the natural routes, visiting sacred temples, Stupas, caves and involve in religious festivals. There might be many other countries listed in good nature and spiritual tourism, among them Nepal is one-stop as the natural and spiritual destination. Naturally rich Nepal has much more such kind of destination with the pure practice of spiritual. Especially for Buddhist and Hindu spiritual followers, there is much more such kind of destinations in adorable natural places.

Nature and Spiritual Tour in Nepal

Small country Nepal is about 800 kilometres long and 150 km width. Low land altitude starts from 59 meters (Mukhiyapatti Musharniya of Dhanusha District) and the highest point Mount Everest (8,848 meters) is also the highest point in the earth. The whole country is blessed by nature and pure beauty. It is home to the Himalaya, a beautiful hill station which is nothing related to man-made structures. Many highest Himalayas in the upper part of the country, beautiful hill stations with the views of the Himalayas in the middle and richest jungle safaris at the lowest region of Nepal also referred to as perfect meditation and Yoga places. You either visiting mountains or cities either the villages or capitals, spiritually will always be an essential part of Nepal. Thus Nepal is appropriate land for both Nature and Spiritual tourism.

Where are the best natural and spiritual place in Nepal?

Kathmandu valley as the spiritual and natural place
Kathmandu is situated in the laps of great Himalayas. Jugal, Ganesh and Langtang Himalayan ranges could see from Kathmandu. Kathmandu is also surrounded by densely forested hills the Shivapuri National park. Kathmandu valley has maintained its spiritual status with thousands of temples and shrines. Inside the valley, many destinations are for deep spiritual. Hindu temples, Buddhist serene, Monasteries are stand at natural places have got culturally and spiritually rich and important. Pashupatinath temple, Gujeswori temple, Dakchhinkali, Changunarayan, Bouddhanath stupa, Swoyambhunath, Yempi Mahavihar is a great example of it. Bit out of the valley, Namobuddha, Pharping, Timal which are Places of Guru Rinpocheas well as a place of naturally rich.    

Where are the best natural and spiritual place in Nepal

Sacred Land of Lumbini
Lumbini is the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautam, who later became Shakyamuni Buddha. A huge number of Buddhist tourist from glove attract by this place. There are 42 monasteries designed from different countries. Till today, you can visit twenty-five Buddhist monasteries built by various countries to study Buddhism and meditation around the sacred Mayadevi garden. The Lumbini Garden is naturally preserved with the oldest monuments.

Lumbini birthplace of Siddhartha Gautam

Muktinath, the natural Himalayan region and secret spiritual place
Situated at the base of Throrong-La Himalayan region, Muktinath and the region is important to place for Hindu, Buddhist and place of nature and spirit. sacred site of Muktinath that on a superficial level may be seen as roughly a thousand square meters of temples, shrines, burial stupas, prayer wheels, natural springs, sacred trees along with other natural and man-made features filled with supernatural characteristics reflecting both Buddhist and Hindu principles. The secret power of Muktinath is eulogized in ancient and Pauranuk mythologies. The spiritual magnetism of Muktinath is associated with Shaligram. There the devotees experience the god’s blessings, purity and inner peace that attract nature and spiritual tourist.    

Muktinath Spiritual Tourism Destination in Nepal

Matrica cave place of Guru Rinpoche and Lord Mahadev
The natural cave with the half-moon shaped is 67 feet below the surface. It is a famous natural cave believe to have been the abode of Mahadev in Hindu and place of Padmasambhava in Buddhism. It is sacred caves for Vajrayana practitioners. Naturally made two caves are celebrated in many occasions. Devotees from many countries reach there to practice Yoga and to pray.

Matrica cave place of Guru Rinpoche and Lord Mahadev

Sacred Himalayan Region
Many Himalayan regions of Nepal is not only naturally beautiful but also a spiritual important. The famous trekking path Everest region has many ancient monasteries which are sacred Buddhist sites. Namche Monastery, Tengboche Monastery, Khungde monastery, Thamo monastery, Thame Monastery is the example of it. Another spiritual Himalayan region is Upper Mustang. Ancient caves in Upper mustang region are naturally made and have spiritual importance. Many Himalayan peaks are unclimbed due to the religious aspect. Himalayan region is not only visited by adventure lovers but also by spiritual peoples who take both benefits Nature and spiritual.   

Sacred Himalayan Region Everest Trekking Region

Natural and Spiritual Tour Program in Nepal

Nepal is the majority of Hindu and Buddhist religion with the influence of Tibetan Buddhism too. Many historical and natural sides are an aspect of spiritual. One can express their desire place to visit with the total days of the plan. Nature and the Spiritual tour Program in Nepal can be designed personally and tailored made. Nepal Highland Treks can provide the best program based on your interest, timeframe and as per your budget. Reach us by email [email protected]  or [email protected]    

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