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The day our dream came true, we reach Rara Lake. The place you should reach at least one time in your life. Not only to visit the deepest Lake and widest Lake situated at high altitude but also to explore the Himalayas, experience the land of Karnali, and visit its peoples. Upon various ways to reach Rara, we choose the best option 3 days Rara Tour by flight. Couldn’t imagine unless you reach, Rara Lake can reach in a single day from Kathmandu. Yeah, it was the best option we did without killing a week time in the driving tour.

It was an on-time flight from Kathmandu to Nepaljung airport. Morning 8:15 flight land Nepaljung airport 09:10 and it was a sunny morning. It was also on time to transfer another boarding for Rara flight (Talcha airport). Since tiny aircraft of Tara don’t come on time at Nepaljung airport, we stay waiting till 12 am. Without worries, it was a sunny day and clear weather to fly to remote Talcha airport. 4o minutes flight we felt a single minute by exploring the beautiful landscape and capturing it in our camera.
View from aircraft dueing Rara flight
The entire 40 minutes flights were good views of a beautiful hill, mountains, and villages 

Oh God, it was messy with lots of peoples and aircraft in this small airport of Talcha. There was no system of passenger check in and check out. 2/3 policemen were on standby to record the naming details of all passengers arriving and departing. We start our journey in this heavy windy place. The first taste of this tour was the unique style of Dal Bhat. Marsi rice, local beans dal, local curry, and tasty pickle were mouth-watering.
Talcha airport in Rara
View of Talcha airport, also called Rara airport it is in the altitude of 2,735 miter altitude 

Civil aviation office at Talcha airport in Rara, so small wooden house 

Houses in Rara Talcha
Stone and wooden houses in Talcha way to Rara Lake 

Lunch place in Talcha Rara
Kitchen in Talcha, where we had first day and last day lunch during 3 days Rara lake tour 


The journey to the destination began with steep walking. Our expectation to reach Rara was after three hours. But no worry, the walking path is beautiful, playing with ice on the way, capturing a beautiful view of Talcha airport, hills and mountains. We were purposed to take a horse from the airport to the Hotel of Rara Lake with cost of 1500 rupees but we choose walking. You can also meet local peoples collecting pine leaves for their cattle, they were friendly and shy. Unexpectedly, Rara Lake view was after walking about one and half hour. We even didn’t notice passing another one and half hours time to reach the Hotel. It was trail of Lake bank.  Hotel was just in front of the biggest Rara Lake.
Rara Lake trek path
Coolest walking path, deepest pine forest and rest station near at Army byarek 

Infermation about Rara National park
Information board about Rara National Park 

Hotel in Rara Lake

Do not expect deluxe accommodation and services from Hotel in this area. Only one Hotel with basic services is here in Rara. There are other hotels and homestay after 20 minutes of walking from Danfe Hotel, but the view of the Lake cannot see from these places. Wooden made  Danfe Hotel got few rooms are with attached bath without hot water. Most of the other rooms are common. Another Hotel named village heritage is under construction which is also nearby the Lake. Fixed tented camps are also available when there are an overflow of visitors not able to accommodate in this wooden building. 
Hotel in Rara Lake
Hotel at the bank of the Rara lake names Hotel Danfe 

Hotel room in Rara Lake
Hotel room and its attached toilet near the Rara Lake named Hotel Danfe 

Foods in Rara Lake

It was the best vegetarian food in our Lunch at Talcha airport at local home served respectfully as a valuable guest. Foods in Hotel in the evening was not so well, a simple dalbhat, tarakari and achar. Morning breakfast is most of the time Chana, boiled egg and black tea. Bring coffee power if you are a coffee lover. In non-veg lunch or dinner, you will get a local goat or boiler chicken. But not sure it will be available every time. It also recommends bringing some dry foods to use it during your hiking.

Hike to Murma top, One of the Most you Should Do!

Surrounding the Lake, it is 2,990 meters altitude. Hiking to Murma top is almost 4000 meters. Normal walking peoples can reach there with 2 hours; slow walker is with 3 hours time. Start it after breakfast in the Hotel about 8 am. This is the place to explore best view of Rara Lake, the Surrounding Himalayas, beautiful hills, and green forest. Walking through the deepest pine forest did not feel any sickness of high altitude. It can say that without Murma top hiking, Rara Lake tour can’t be completed.
Rara Lake view from Murma top
Rara Lake view from Murma top, it is about 4000-meter altitude 

view of Rara Lake
Rara Lake and view tower

How many hours should walk in Rara Tour?

This is the most worrying part and most asked the question of this tour as I got many inquiries to operate this tour. First day when you are hiking from Talcha airport to Rara Lake, it is 3 hours of easy hiking. Second-day hike to Murma top is maximum 3 hours up and another 2 hours down. Third day 2 hours time to walk down Talcha airport from Rara. One can get horse riding paying 1500 each way.  

What is the altitude we reach?

If you start the tour from Kathmandu it is 1350 meters 
reaching at Neljung is 150 meters altitude 
Talcha airport 2735 meters
Rara Lake 2990 meters
Reach up to Murma Top is about 4000 meters
No worries, it is a very rare case that someone gets high altitude sickness. We are reaching up to 4000 meters but having enough green big trees to provide even high levels oxizen.    

Hiring a Horse Instead of Walkingand its Cost/ Horse Riding in Rara Lake

Local trained horse are available to ride in Talcha airport to Rara Lake. Rara Lake to Murma top  and to make the Lake round. The surface of Lake is about 17 kilometers and entire walking path is there. The one way cost from Talcha airport to Rara Lake is rupees 1500. Same cost for Lake to Murma top. On the way back from Murma top to Rara Lake is walking through Murma village. Horse can’t ride in this serious downhill trail. Cost of Rara lake rounding with horse can be 3000 to 5000, depend on its demand.
Horse riding in Rara   

Boating at Rara Lake

Boating at the Lake is managed by local committee and inspection by the army. Every morning starts at 8 am and end at 12. It is windy and dangerous to boating at the Lake after 12am. The cost of boating depends on time and places. All the passengers need to arrive in a single place, near the army barrack for boating.
Rara Lake boating cost
Cost chat of Rara Lake boating 

Major Highlight of Activities in Rara Lake tour   

  • Scenic flight Nepaljung to Talcha airport, flight from Kathmandu Nepaljung is also with the good views of Mountain ranges
  • Hiking through deep forest and beautiful views of hills and local villages
  • Wide, deepest blue colored Rara lake and romantic activities of water ducks
  • Verities of birds
  • Best views of the Lake from Murma top
  • Visit Murma village
  • Boating at Rara Lake
  • Horse riding experience
  • Campfire

What to Bring for Rara Tour

Do not bring more stuff. It also depends on which month you are traveling. Here is the ideal list of what to bring   

  • 1 pair of warm Jacket 
  • 1 Warm trouser 
  • Inner Thermal (up and down) 
  • Headcover warm cap
  • 1 Light T-shirt 
  • Water thurmas  to keep warm water for evening morning, night and hiking
  • Toilet roll, wet tissue, lip care, Sunglass 
  • 2 pairs of shocks 
  • 1 pair of normal walking shoes 
  • Woollen gloves 
  • Some dry foods (it can be chocolate, Biscuits, or nuts) it is useful at the time of hiking Murma top 

Best Season to visit Rara Lake

The best season to visit Rara Lake is during Rhododendron booming in the region.  This is month of March/ April. These months are also warm weather in the region. Accept the rainy season June to Augusts is hard to travel. The month of January and February may difficult due to heavy snow. So the best months to travel Rara Lake is March to May, September to December.
Local peoples in Murma Rara
The local peoples in Murma village Rara 

What to Compromise During Rara Tour?

The most compromise there is accommodation. Only basic hotels and homestay are available. There are only two hotels inside the Lakes. Hotel Danfe is the one and Hotel village Heritage and resort. The best-located hotel is Danfe.

Icefall in Rara Lake

Icefall can be expected here from end of December. January and February months will be full of snow here. The month of March still snow remains in the region. Rara Lake will be never snow, it will be every time running blue water.      

Best Ways to reach Rara Lake

The best and short way to reach Rara Lake is by flight. It is only 3 days tour from Kathmandu. Another way is road trip. 7 days road trip is another way to reach Rara. You also can reach there by motorbike or Helicopter.   

The Gift to Bring Home from Rara

This region grows unique and very organic goods. Marsi rice, apple Sukuti, Simi (Beans) and herbal tea are the main goods here we can find and bring home as a gift from Rara.
Gift from Rara

Complete video about Rara lake 3 days tour with the flight. Experience and information 

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