Record of Mount Everest Climbing in 2019

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There are several records of Mount Everest climbing in 2019. Climber starts their trip from March month and get on top in May month. There were 381 peoples permit issued in 44 teams. This is highest number ever according to Nepal government. Media published news that overcrowded climber on the path of top of Mount Everest with the pictures. It is normally that crowded in the main season of Everest expedition. Climbers sometimes queue between 20 minutes, and 1.5 hours, in order to reach the summit. More than 5,000 climbers have set foot on the summit of Everest from the Nepal side since Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa first conquered the world’s tallest mountain in 1953.
Record of Mount Everest summiters
Records of Mount Everest Summiters till 2019 climbining season according to Tourism Department of Nepal 

Here are some height lights and records on Mount Everest climb in year 2019

More numbers of climber died in Mount Everest during climbing season of 2019
At least 11 climbers have died on Everest this year, making this season one of the deadliest ever. Most of those who died are believed to have suffered from altitude sickness, which is caused by low amounts of oxygen at high elevation and can cause headaches, vomiting, shortness of breath and mental confusion. Another caused was China’s limit on the number of permits it issued this year for routes in its territory on the north side of Everest for a clean-up. Both the north and south sides of the mountain are littered with empty oxygen canisters, food packaging and other debris.

Mingma Dorchi Sherpa sets world record for fastest consecutive summits of Everest & Lhotse.
 A 32-year-old climber from Sankhuwasabha district has set the new world record in speed climbing by successfully scaling two mountains above 8,000 metres in the spring climbing season. Also On May 20, 2011, Sherpa became the first person from Nepal and the first South Asian to scale 14 of the world’s highest mountains.He stood at the top roof of the world on May 27 at 12:44 am,  successfully climbed the world’s fourth highest peak on the same day.  Sherpa climbed Mt Everest and Mt Lhotse on May 27 within 6 hours 1 minute. Sherpa broke the fastest record of 10 hours 15 minutes for Mt Everest and Mt Lhotse held by former UK’s special forces member Nirmal ‘Nims’ Purja in 2017. Sherpa has already climbed Mt Everest for the fifth time as well as Mt K2 twice and other mountains.
Mingma Dorchi Sherpa sets world record for fastest consecutive summits of Everest & Lhotse.

Nepalese Sherpa Sets Mount Everest  Record , Climbing Mountain Twice in A Week
Kami Rita Sherpa.  Kami Rita lives with his wife, Lakpa Jangmu, and two children in Kathmandu. His father was among the first professional Sherpa guides after Everest was opened to foreign mountaineers in 1950. His brother, also a guide, scaled Everest 17 times. At the age of 12, he was a worker as a cook in the base camp. By age 24, he had scaled Everest. In 2017, Kami Rita was the third person to ascend to the summit of Everest 21 times, sharing this record with Apa Sherpa and Phurba Tashi  Sherpa. On 20 May 2018, at age 48, Kami Rita became the first person in the world to climb Everest 22 times. His 23rd climb already allowed him to break his own world record, but he planned to scale Everest 25 times before retirement, not just for himself but  for his family, the Sherpa people and mainly for the country; Nepal.  Most recently, he scaled the mountain for a 24th time on 21 May 2019 breaking his record of 23rd Mount Everest Summit on 15 May 2019. Rita started his most recent climb just three days after his 23rd summit of Everest. Early Tuesday morning, he stepped on the tallest peak in an area known as the roof of the world, leading a team of Indian police officers on the climb. 

First black African woman to summit Mount Everest – Saray N'kusi  Khumalo
She was born in Zambia and has South African citizenship. She  had the passion on mountaineering so she climbed the Mt.Everest for fourth time to get success to summit and finally on the fourth time,  she got the title of the fist  black  handsome women to summit ”The Top of The World,”  Mount Everest. The mountaineering passion took hold and she embarked on a journey to climb the highest peak on each continent, not for herself but the education of African children. She has been climbing mountains for the past seven years. She has reached the summits of Mount Kilimanjaro (5 896m) in Tanzania (2012), Mera Peak (6 476m) in Nepal (2014), Lobuche East (6 119m) in Nepal (2014), the Mount Elbrus traverse (5 642m) in southern Russia (2014), and the Mount Aconcagua traverse (6 980m) in Argentina (2015).
First Black woman Summit Mount Everest

Two Sherpa widows scale Everest and smash stigma- Furdiki Sherpa and Nima Doma Sherpa
“Furdiki Sherpa and Nima Doma Sherpa reached the summit point of Mt Everest at around 5:25 am,”which is the great achieve .  Furdiki, 42, lost her husband to Mt Everest when he was fixing ropes along the climbing route in 2013 while Nima Doma, 36, lost the only bread earner of her family when he swept to his death with 15 other Sherpa guides in a deadly avalanche that struck the icefall section of Mt Everest in 2014. The two widows were on a mission to finish their husbands’ work and inspire other single women by climbing Mt Everest. Two brave hansome women from Himalayan part of Nepal, also successfully climbed Island Peak and Chulu Far East Peak in November.
Sherpa Widows scale Everest

Mount Everest and Lhotse climb in 6 days
Indian climber Keval Kakka scaled Mt Everest and Lhotse in 6 days. The Mumbai based climber summated Mount Everest on May 16 and then lead a team of 9 to the summit of the 4th highest mountain in the world, Mt Lhotse (8,516m / 27940 ft). He stepped on the top of the mountain at 6:30 am on 21st May. 

An HIV Infected climbed Mount Everest
An AIDS - infected Nepali climber Gopal Shrestha made it to the summit on 22 May. 54 years old Shrestha from Pokhara became first of ove 30,000 HIV/AIDS infected Nepalese to sacle the highest mountain. 
HIV Infected climb Mount Everest

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