Why you should book Nepal trip with Nepali local tour operator – Customized Nepal trip within your budget

  • Hemanta Budhathoki
  • Last Updated on Jun 21, 2024

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Booking your trips in Nepal with locally registered companies is always beneficial. You book directly with the operator on their own booking system. No agency in between, so that you will save the cost of the commission of agent in middle. Direct booking your trip with a local Nepali Trekking tour operator is getting the services that you paid. Pay direct to the local and help local communities grow.  

  • The benefit of booking your trips directly with a local operator
  • Direct touch with tour operator gets closer and easy to understand your interest, accordingly, we can plan the trip
  • Every program are possible to customizing and flexible in operating
  • Cost-saving no hidden cost
  • Option to join small group tour/trek
  • A trip within your budget
  • Local expert guide, know locals, be local

    Scenic Annapurna region during icefall. The picture is one the way Annapurna Circuit in October month  

Create your personalized tour with the best local expertise

Group joining tour mostly offered by different travel portal sites is in a big group tour and personally customized in the itinerary is not possible at all. One fixed itinerary should follow by every traveler which does not fulfill every people’s desire and it is not caring about personal interest instead. Better to choose Nepalese Trekking company directly and design the trip plan as per your wise. 

Get real services what you pay – Why you should not book the trip with travel portal or any B2B web services?

Entire travel portal, who creates travel packages but they are not a real tour operator. They are only in the middle to get a huge commission in your every booking. They are actually sale trips again to local tour operators. Getting fewer tour costs after travel porter commission, local tour operators definitely look for low services trip operation or put hidden services and hidden costs. This is definitely not what you are looking for.            

Do not run only with cheap trip costs   

If you are traveling to Nepal and if you are buying Holiday packages please make sure you are dealing with registered company. Please do not run after a cheap cost. If some of the companies offering a very cheaper price, there should some hidden charges or hidden plans. Some of the agencies or guides offered you real cheap cost which is losing cost for them and they are always looking for earning with cheating way. The cheating way goes up to make you sick on the way in trekking remote areas intentionally and get chartered rescue helicopter to bill high amount from your insurance company which will be a lot more than the cost of the chartered helicopter and hospital bill.

Beautiful Upper Mustang region Nepal

A trip within your budget

The local tour operator can make your trip within your cost. The cost of the trip is always depending on the services category. It does not mean that you pay more comparatively shown in any B2B sides. There are many hidden services and costs at a cheap cost. But when you connect with a local trip operator, we can have a good talk to make your trip cost less. You can make your trip in the budget way by using simple accommodation, transportation on the bus instead of a flight or private car, etc.         

Who is a Local Tour Operator in Nepal?

It is a company that organizes tours in the region in which they are based. Local knowledge, better expertise. Exchange tradition and culture with local guides. We believe in supporting local economies by providing authentic interactions and local experiences. But carefully select local operators finding their reviews from another traveler, finding their official registration and their knowledge providing the best information. Offering Nepal Trekking Packages by local treks and tour companies are always benefits than taking it from an international online portal. 

Hemanta Budhathoki

Hemanta Budhathoki

Hemanta Budhathoki is team leader of Nepal Highland Trekking and travel company. 

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