Bouddhanath Stupa inside Kathmandu
Bouddhanath Stupa inside Kathmandu

Guru Rinpoche Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal - 8 Days


    Visit most holy places of Guru Rinpoche (Guru Padmashambhava) in Nepal. Bouddhanath, Swoyambhunath, Yampi Mahavihar temple, Asura Cave Pharping, Namobuddha, Timal, Matrica cave (Halesi) and Muktinath are including in this program.  

Guru Rinpoche another name Guru Padmasambhava is second Buddha and great Buddhist master from eighth century having many spiritual aspects around Himalaya. He has visited many Himalayan region of Nepal and got enlightenment one of the cave. He introduce tantric Buddhism to the world. Guru Rinpoche or Padmasambhava has got eight forms as Guru Nyima Ozer, Guru Dorje Drola, Guru Orgyan Dorje Chang, Guru Shakya Senge, Guru Pema Gyalpo, Guru Pema Jungne, Guru Loden Chokse and Guru Senge Dradog. In our Guru Rinpoche Tour we includes the places where Guru Padmashanbhava (Guru Rinpoche) meditated and now worshipping as pilgrimage sides.

Inside Kathmandu valley we visit Bouddhanath and Swoyambhunath stupas. The huge Buddhist stupa are UNESCO heritage sites and biggest Buddhist stupa in Asia. A giant Mandala shape Bodhhanath stupa is home of Tibetan Buddhism and hundreds of other Monasteries around it. Swoyambhunath stupa on top of the hillside of Kathmandu is Historical Buddhist stupa as per records found on a stone inscription give evidence that the stupa was already an important Buddhist pilgrimage destination by the 5th century AD.

Yampi Mahavihar temple in Patan built 2200 years ago. This is the first place where Guru Rinpoche lived in Nepal. Before that, he had been staying in the charnel grounds. So this temple is the first temple where Guru Rinpoche lived. As soon as Guru Rinpoche settled here, the eighty-four mahasiddhas from India arrived as well and they brought with them a wealth of tantras, tantric scriptures. It is said there were many treasures and treasure teachings in this place.  Likewise, it is said that if you make prayers here at this place to never be reborn in hell your prayers will be accomplished, and all obstacles will be dispelled. Everything you pray for in this place will be fulfilled. It is also said that the eighty-four mahasiddhas reached enlightenment here. So it is a very blessed place.

Asura Cave, the place of Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava). This is a single most sacred site connected with Guru Rinpoche outside Tibet. For centuries, devotees have travelled to the two main caves here, Asura and Yanglesho, to offer homage at the place where the lotus born gained the Siddhi of Mahamudra.     

Namobuddha Thrangu Tashi Monastery
Thrangu Tashi Monastery Namo Buddha: According to the old legend, 6000 years ago, prince (Mahasatwo/Ngingdui Tshenpo), at the top of the hill, looking the jungle, discovers a tigress lying near the rock. Very quickly, he realizes that the tigress was about to die due to hunger with her five little babies still sucking milk from her, survivals of the babies depend on their mother. Mahasatwo, decides to give his life to the tigress in a bust of love and compassion. So Prince Mahasatwo cuts his body to present his warm blood in the mouth of the mother tiger, and the taste of blood gives the appetite to the starving family. As the tigress accepts the sacrifice from prince she leaves only the bones. The bones of prince were brought back in the village and buried in the tomb which is actual stupa of Namo Buddha. Some about 3500 years later, the Gautam Buddha came in the village of Sange da Fyafulsa, He conducts 3 tour around the Stupa before he declared that he was the reincarnation of prince Mahasatwo. It was the moment that Gautam Buddha renamed this village which is henceforth the name of Namo Buddha which means Homage to Buddha.

Timal The site where the venerated Padmasambhav meditated before moving on the Pharping, Timal is dotted with religious sites and peculiar caves that commemorate where the ‘second Buddha’ meditated. One of the several caves in Timal, where Padmasambhav is said to have meditated. Timal is also popular for the Buddhist prayer beads called Bodhichitta, which can find only in this village.

Matrica Cave (Halesi Mahadev) where Buddhist Guru Padmasambhava attends hidden treasure of longevity teaching of Buddha Amitabha. According to Wikipedia, Mandarava and Padmasambhava realised a number of terma that had been elementally encoded in the cave by Dakini Sangwa Yeshe. These terma number among the longevity teachings of Buddha Amitabha, and were given at the behest of Bodhisattva Avalokiteswara. It is here, at the cave, that Mandarava and Padmasambhava attained the Vidyadhara of longevity (or long life).

Muktinath Tibetan name for Muktinath is Chumig Gyatsa, which means “The Hundred Springs.” For both Tibetan Buddhists and the Himalayan Buddhists of Nepal, it is venerated as one of the 24 places where Guru Rinpoche practiced in the 8th century on his way from India to Tibet, and is a very important place where dakinis (dancing goddesses who are manifestations of energy in space) are said to reside. The nuns of Chumig Gyatsa are also considered to be dakinis, being the offspring of the females who lived there during Guru Rinpoche’s time and were taught by him; when the time came for him to leave, he built a statue in his own image, which resides in the Mharme Lhakhang Gompa and is tended by the nuns to this day. A Buddhist monk present worship in the temple.

Outline Itinerary

Day 01:Arrive in Nepal

Day 02:Day in Kathmandu. Visit Swoyambhunath, Bouddhanath, Patan. Overnight at Hotel

Day 03:Visit Yampi Mahabhihar and Pahrping the place of Guru Rinpoche. Back to Hotel and overnight

Day 04:Drive to Pokhara (6 Hours) Boating at Fewa lake and overnight at Hotel

Day 05:Fly to Jomsom airport and drive to Muktinath. Drive back to Jomsom for overnight

Day 06:Fly back Pokhara from Jomsom and to Kathmandu. Overnight at Hotel

Day 07:Drive to Timal and to Namobuddha visit Thrangu Tashi Monastery and drive back to Kathmandu

Day 08:Departure

Cost Includes

    • Arrival and departure arrangement 
    • Accommodation with breakfast 
    • Entire transportation 
    • 3 Domestic flights (Pokhara - Jomsom - Pokhara - Kathmandu) 
    • Profesional guide in entire tour 
    • All entrace fees and permits 

Cost Excludes

    • Lunch Dinner 
    • Personal expenses 
    • Any tipping for staffs 
    • Nepali visa cost (Nepali visa on arrival) 
    • Bottled drinks, bar bills 
    • Your international flight 

Important Note

Activities to add in program
Everest experience flight in Kathmandu
Everest experience with Helicopter and land at Everest Base Camp
Paragliding in Pokhara
Bunjee jumping
Annapurna base camp Helicopter tour  

Detail Itinerary

Day 1Arrive in Nepal Arrive in Nepal, Tribhuban International airport. Representative from Nepal Highland Treks picup you from airport and transfer to the Hotel. Airport to Hotel is about 7 kilometer and takes about 20 minutes. Check in Hotel and if time permits, you can make walking tour around local tourist market

Day 2Day in Kathmandu. Visit Swoyambhunath, Bouddhanath, Patan. Overnight at HotelAfter your breakfast in the Hotel, tour leader from Nepal Highland Treks will lead to famous Buddhist pilgrimage sites. Swoyambhunath in one of the scenic hill of Kathmadnu, Bouddhanath Stupa the biggest Buddhist temple and Patan Durbar squire the ancient Royal palace with the oldest temples, Mabouddha temple related to Buddhist. Back to the Hotel and overnight

Day 3Visit Yampi Mahabhihar and Pahrping the place of Guru Rinpoche. Back to Hotel and overnight Today is the day to visit important Guru Rinpoche (Padmashambhav) out of Kathmandu valley. Drive to Pharping the place of Guru Rinpoche (Padmashambhav). It is about 21 kilometers takes about 40 minutes. Visit caves of Guru Rinpoche, Monasteries and others. Latter visit Yampi Mahabhihar temple in Lalitpur.

Day 4Drive to Pokhara (6 Hours) Boating at Fewa lake and overnight at HotelIt is 6 hours driving through scenic Nepalese landscape. Pokhara is the natural and city of touristic hub. Boating tour at Fewa Lake after checking hotel. You can explore panoramic mountain views of Annapurna, Fishtail and Dhaulagiri Himalayas. Walking tour at Lake Site Pokhara

Day 5Fly to Jomsom airport and drive to Muktinath. Drive back to Jomsom for overnightEarly in the morning drive to Pokhara airport and fly to Jomsom. Jomsom flight is early morning flight and only 15 minutes. Drive with Jeep to Muktinath from Jomsom. It is 3 hours driving. Enough time in Muktinath to visit temple, surroundings and monastery. Drive back to Jomsom for overnight

Day 6Fly back Pokhara from Jomsom and to Kathmandu. Overnight at HotelEarly morning fly back to Pokhara. Short visit Pokhara, World peace stupa, International mountain museum. Drive to Pokhara airport and fly back to Kathmandu. From Kathmandu airport drive to Dhulukhgel for overnight. Dhulikhel is about 1 hour drive from Kathmandu. Staying in Dhulikhel is with the best views of Panoramic Mountain, green valley and scenic landscape

Day 7Drive to Timal and to Namobuddha visit Thrangu Tashi Monastery and drive back to Kathmandu Drive to Timal from Dhulikhel. Visit Guru Rinpoche caves and shrine. Drive to Namobuddha monastery. Visit around and drive to Kathmandu for overnight.

Day 8Departure Day of Departure, morning time can also spend by exploring Everest experience flight (If time permit) Nepal Highland treks make arrangement of dropping to airport. It is important to be there in airport 3 hours before your flight time