Kathmandu Lumbini Tour

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    Kathmandu Lumbini Tour Highlights
    • Comfortable day tour from Kathmandu to Lumbini with both way flight.
    • A complete Kathmandu to Lumbini Tour package flight, all transportation, professional guide, Entrance fee, Lunch and drinking water  
    • Lumbini Day tour price is USD 330 in the based on single pax and tour cost reduce in more peoples group

    Kathmandu to Lumbini tour can design any date you want. First flight fly to Bhairahawa airport and another 40 minutes’ drive to reach Lumbini garden where the main monuments Maya Devi temple, Ashoka pillar, Bodhi tree, holy ponds, world peace stupa and other monasteries lies. Our professional guide who have vast knowledge in Buddhism welcome you and make you visit the places. Vehicle is not allow to drive inside Lumbini garden so your tour will be walking and also tuktuk riding. In first round of the tour, your visit to Maya Devi temple and surrounding to cover every important places. Second round tour is with tuktuk ride into monasteries zone. After the memorial tour, your lunch will served one the restaurant nearby Lumbini Garden, food as per your choice.

    Lumbini the birth place of Buddha is about 290 kilometers from Kathmandu and takes minimum 8 hours continue drive. To make budget tour cost, you can choose to drive with tourist bus there which can be 2 or 3 days tour in total. Driving with private car will be two days tour. Peoples who are looking for Kathmandu to Lumbini Day tour, this is the perfect tour plan Nepal highland treks design for you.

    Lumbini is the place where Lord Buddha - the apostle of peace, and the Light of Asia - was born in 623 B.C. The site Sacred Lumbini was described as a beautiful garden in the Buddha's time and still retains its legendary charm and beauty. Today you can visit over twenty-five Buddhist monasteries built by diverse countries from Vietnam to France, study Buddhism, meditate and visit the birthplace within the sacred Mayadevi Gardens. One can practice Yoga and meditation under the Bodhi tree, which are considered by Buddhists to be ways of purifying the mind and soul. Recently, UNESCO has declared Lumbini a World Heritage Site. It has great potential to grow as the major tourist destination in Nepal.

    Sights to visit in Lumbini
    Mayadevi Temple
    - Bodhi Tree
    - Mayadevi Pond
    - Ashoka Pillar
    - Dharma Swami Maharaja Buddha Vihar
    - Lumbini World peace stupa
    - Lumbini Museum
    - The area of Eternal peace flame
    - Monasteries Zone

    The most visiting places in Lumbini is inside Lumbini Garden. The first round of visit is by walking because, vehicles are not able to enter the places. The second round of visiting the Monasteric zone is by local TUKTUK, option to make walking tour too. Our profesional local tour guide is leading the entire tour.   

    Extend your Lumbini tour with Kapilvastu located 27 kilometers west of Lumbini. The historical town Kapilavastu is the place where Siddhartha Gautama spent 29 years of his life. According to Buddhist sources Kapilvastu was named after Vedic sage Kapila. Tour price including Kapilabhastu should add about USD 50 in total for single person and USD 30 per person in 2 person or more. Extra cost is for transportation. 

    Cost Details
    • Airport arrival and departure arrangement in Kathmandu and Lumbini airport (Bhairahawa Airport) 
    • A professional tour guide in Lumbini
    • Entry fee of Lumbini
    • Local TUKTUK to visit Monasteric zone of Lumbini
    • Both way flight ticket 
    • Your accommodation activities and foods in Kathmandu
    • Personal expenses 'Any donation '
    • Any tipping for guide and driver 
    • Lunch or any other foods in Lumbini, Bevarage 
    Useful Information

    Lumbini flight from Kathmandu

    It is 35 minutes flight from Kathmandu domestic airport to Bhairahawa airport. Bhairahawa is about 17 kilometer distance. It is domestic flight and might get delay due to weather and air traffic. But it will not be delay more than 1/2 hours. You have to reach at airport one hour before your flight time and wait for flight if it is even delay. We arrange airport departure car accordingly. Flight time in this sector beggins from morning 8am and remins till evening 8pm. 

    You are compulsory to bring ID card to show it during boarding. We normally book flight with Buddha air. Other optional airlines are Yeti air and Shree Airlines.  

    Kathmandu to Lumbini and to Pokhara or vice versa 

    This tour also have option to start from Kathmandu by flight and end at Pokhara. There is a single flight from Bhairahawa airport to Pokhara which is at mid day. To fly Pokhara after your Lumbini tour, you have to stay overnight in Lumbini to catch another day flight. If you want to drop Pokhara by same day, another option is to drive with private car. You only will reach Pokhara by late evening. Similary, this tour can start from Pokhara flying to Lumbini, visit the place and fly to Kathmandu by evening. Pokhara Bhairahawa flight is at mid day but you will have short time to explore and fly to Kathmandu late evening. Flight of Bhairahawa airport to Kathmandu is available till 8pm. You also have option to start driving Lumbini from Pokhara and fly to Kathmandu after the tour. Stay one overnight in Lumbini to explore more including Lumbini Garden and Kapilabastu is another option.    

    Best time for Lumbini Tour 

    Lumbini can visit throughout the year. Since this is flight tour, flight may cancel during the winter time that is month of January, February due to too cold and smoky atmosphere. The best time to get almost on time flight is from March till June and September to December. The rainy month of July August may get delay or even cancel the flight. But flight cancellation because of cold and rain is very rare. The average temperature in Lumbini in other months for a typical day ranges from a high of 101°F (38°C) to a low of 72°F (22°C). Temperature in Jan, Feb is about 8 degree minimum and 20 degree maximum.   

    Client Reviews

    • I enjoyed all the places

      Hi Hermanta. Thank you for making my trip available. I enjoyed all the places, the people. The hotels are nice too. Highly appreciate what you have arranged for me!

      Tran Thi Phuong
      Tran Thi PhuongVietnam,September 19, 2023
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