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Nepal Highland Treks includes Nepal Tibet and Bhutan in our Multi Country Tours.  It is to explore three Himalayas countries in your single trip. Best of the three Himalayan countries Nepal Tibet and Bhutan is experience of exotic unique cultures and landscape. Arrangements of trip in these three Himalayan countries are from one door, since geographically they are closely and Nepal Highland Treks established as local operators in every country. Multi Country Tours can be minimum from a week plan and it can go more than a month trip. Trip Itinerary can be customized as per interest and time frame. 

Nepal is in between Bhutan and Tibet. You also can choose only Nepal and Bhutan tour, Bhutan and Tibet tour, Nepal and Bhutan tour or Nepal and Tibet tour. Bhutan represents original Buddhism and unique civilization. Undestroyed nature with Himalayas has oldest monasteries including Tiger Nest (Takshang Monastery). Tibet has got their origin cultures in their remote part and has saved original Tibetan Buddhism. Changes in modern city have still saved their original cultures and monuments. Potala Palace and other monuments are still alive at Roof of the world Lhasa. Nepal is reach in nature and cultures. The world highest mountain Mount Everest and other thousand of Himalaya peak can be explore with adventure way as well as with easy going tour. More than 150 languages, religion and different cultures of peoples are really fascinating in your tour in Nepal.

You can reach first at any country in Nepal Tibet and Bhutan Tour. Gonggar airport of Tibet which is near Lhasa city has flight connection either from China or from Kathmandu Nepal. Nepal is connecting with flight from major big cities of the world. Similarly Bhutan has flight connection with major cities of India, Kathmandu Nepal and Bangkok. There are different visa and permit formalities for all these three countries. Nepal Highland Treks is permitted company to arrange your all necessary visa and permits in your Nepal Tibet and Bhutan tour. You only have to send us your travelling document.

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    Tour in Nepal Tibet and Bhutan is to explore three Himalayas countries in your single trip. Best of the three…

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  • Nepal and Tibet Tour

    17 day Nepal and Tibet Tour is combination of experience in to major historical monuments of Nepal and Tibet. Reach…

    17 Days
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  • Nepal and Bhutan Tour

    Nepal and Bhutan both is Himalayan Kingdom’s in south Asia. Combining tour in Nepal and Bhutan is experience of nature…

    14 Days
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