Rara Lake Flight Tour

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Rara Lake Flight Tour Highlights
  • Flight tour to Rara Lake is either 5 days or 3 days. Option to overnight one more day in Rara to explore more 
  • Kathmandu to Nepaljung morning flight and meet another flight to Talcha airport reaching same day to Rara Lake for overnight
  • At the season of morning flight off from Kathmanud to Nepaljung, passanger should fly a day before to overnight in Nepaljung. Overnight accommodation and evening dinner cost is extra in this case 

Rara Lake is the biggest and deepest Lake where you can spend a short holiday and get an experience of western Nepal. 4 days Rara Lake tour starts from Kathmandu with a flight. Fly to Nepaljung from Kathmandu at first evening and overnight in Nepaljung to catch another morning flight to Rara (Talcha airport) From the airport, it is an 8-kilometer distance to Rara Lake and may take about 3 hours of hiking. Hiking today is a good way to explore part of western Nepal with beautiful landscapes and local peoples. When returning back from Rara to Talcha airport, we can use a local vehicle to transfer. There are few good resort types of accommodation around the Lake for overnight. 

50 minutes flight from Kathmandu to Nepaljung another flight from Nepaljung to Talcha airport which is 40 minutes flight, also known as Rara airport. Start the tour from 150-meter altitude Nepalgung reach to 2,735-meter altitude Talcha airport. Another 3 hours walking reach at the altitude of 2,990 meters Rara Lake to overnight. There is enough flight from Kathmandu to Nepaljung operated by several airlines and few flights are operating from Nepaljung to Talcha airport by Sita, Tara and summit air.  

3 days Rara Lake flight tour full video with information

3 Days Rara Lake flight tour Itinerary

Day 01: Fly Kathmandu Nepaljung and to Talcha airport. Trek to Rara Lake and explore. Overnight at hotel

- Please reach at least 1 hour before to Kathmandu domestic airport, your flight is at early in the morning  
- Another boarding in Nepaljung airport for Talcha flight. It is morning flight and we will inform you flight time 
- It is about 40 minutes flight Nepaljung to Talcha airport 
- Land at Talcha airport, meet our guide and have Lunch 
- Hiking about 3 hours to reach overnight place. It is about 30 minutes serious uphill and rest of the hiking route is flat and easy.
- Check-in Hotel. Dinner, and Overnight 

Today's note
* You can hire a horse cost 1500/if you want to ride from Talcha airport to Rara Lake instead of  hiking 
* The walking route is peaceful inside Rara National Park passing through scenic views, temples, and Beautiful Rara Lake 
* You also have option to take Jeep drive. It is about 40 minutes driving up to the point. from there you again have to walk another 1 hours to reach Hotel. A Jeep cost 3500 in total one way

Day 02: Activities in Rara Lake, Hiking, village tour, and overnight stay at the Hotel on the bank of the Lake

- After breafkast in 7am, you can plan to hike Murma top. If you are not physically fit for this hikking, you can choose to stay around Rara Lake or just to hike up to Murma village. Murma top hiking is 3 hours of serious uphill hiking reaching up to 4000 meters altitude / Option not hike to the top and walking tour around Rara Lake 
- 2 Hours downhill hiking back 
- On the way visit Murma village 
- Back to Hotel for Lunch
- Rest of time can spend walking tour around the bank of Rara lake 

Today's Note
* Murma top hiking can hire a horse that cost you 1500 per horse 
* If you hire a horse, a horse only able to carry you one way (Uphill), while coming back is serious downhill, and the horse can not carry you. You have to have walking down
* Suggest bringing enough drinking water and some dry foods
* From Murma top, you can see a mesmerizing view of Rara Lake, Panoramic mountain views, beautiful forest, and scenic hills. Get down through Murma village to explore the lifestyle of the local peoples.

Day 03 : After breakfast, Boating at Rara lake and start the way back to Talcha airport. Fly back to Nepaljung and then to Kathmandu. Tour end

- 8 am have to finish your breakfast 
- If you want to make boating tour at the Lake, you can book by 8 am. (Boating tour is extra cost it is 100 - 500 per person)

- Hiking back to Talcha airport, which only takes about 2 and half hours. 
- Lunch there and fly back to Nepaljung, then evening flight to Kathmandu. If lunch is not at Talcha due to an early flight, we will provide you Lunch at Nepaljung 

Today's Note
* Boating at Rara lake and pristine experience in extra cost
* Option to hire horse or Jeep drive back to Talcha airport with extra cost 

Cost Details
  • All flight tickets (Kathmandu - Nepaljung, Nepaljung - Rara, Rara - Nepaljung, Nepaljung - Kathmandu 
  • 2 Nights accommodation 
  • Foods (2 Breakfast, 3 Lunch and 2 Dinner)
  • A guide 
  • Rara National park entrance fee
  • Transfer to from Kathmandu airport 
  • Personal expenses 
  • Personal horse riding cost 
  • Bottled drinks, bar bills 
  • Cost of hiring jeep or horse from to Talcha airport. 
Useful Information

Note About Flight

Flight from Nepaljung to Talcha airport is depending on weather conditions. Remote and lies at high altitude, Talcha airport flights sometimes delay or cancel. In that case, have to wait couple of hours or wait for the next day's flight. This is a rare case just to take in mind. In the case of flight cancellation, the extra cost to overnight in the place is your own extra cost.    

How will be the trip arrangement?

We will provide you flight ticket either print pepper or send it to your email or mobile. You have to reach Kathmandu domestic airport by yourself. Our representative in Nepaljunbg will help you to transfer to the terminal to get another flight pass for Talcha airport. From Talcha airport our guide from Rara escorts you on a walking tour to Rara Lake. During the visit around Rara, the same guide will be helping you. When you return from Rara to Kathmandu, you will get a connecting flight Rara – Nepaljung – Kathmandu. Transfer from Kathmandu domestic airport to your place is arranged by yourself.

Booking and Payment

Send y our real name as per your ID card and send us an advance amount of Rs 12,000 per person. Tour cost can be paid by cash by reaching to our office, or bank transfer. We can provide you our back account incase in need. Full tour cost is prepaid (paid before the trip starting)   

Hotel in Rara Lake 

We provide Hotel to stay inside Rara Lake. Only one hotel inside Rara Lake is Hotel Danfe, which is a basic wooden building providing non-attached bathrooms with beds and enough warm blankets. There is some homestay accommodation which is not in front of the Lake. The point to note does not expect a good Hotel in Rara. If you want to stay at least one night in good hotel, you can overnight in Talcha airport.

Horse riding in Rara and its cost 

There are 4 spots can ride a local horse. Instead of walking or hiking, you can hire a local horse easily. The following different cost will be for horse riding in Rara
- Talcha airport to Rara Lake (Hotel): Rs 1500 
- Rara Lake to Murma top one way:   Rs 1500
- Rara Lake around                            Rs  3000 - 4000
- Rara to Talcha airport                      Rs  1500    

Terms and Condition

- Rara is in a remote area of Nepal. Due to remote area flight, Nepaljung to Talcha airport flight can be delay or cancel. If the flight is canceled in any sector, passengers themself have to pay overnight and foods cost. Your flight will be transfer to the next day. in- case of flight continue cancellation, passanger transfer for jeep driving back to Nepaljung or kathmandu, have to bear passenger self. fedundatation of your flight ticket cost will be refund as per airlines terms and condition. 
- Accommodation in Rara is very basic, due to people's flow you might not get attached bathroom. Also, the foods are very basic prepared by unprofessional cooks of Hotel. You have to be ready to adjust to this situation.  
- If you cancel your trip after we issue your tickets, the cancellation charge will be charged as per the condition. Flight ticket in the sector of Kathmandu Nepaljung is non-refundable  

Combine tour of Rara Lake and Bardia

You can combine tour to Rara Lake and Bardia National park in a single plan. Return to Nepaljung from Rara and drive to Bardia National park. It is 2 hours driving route from Nepaljung airport. Stay in Bardia as much as you want. Normally 2 nights 3 days tour is enough.  

If you are looking to explore Rara Lake from overland, you can plan to make it by driving tour. Rara Lake driving tour is 7 days itinerary from Kathmandu and return.   

What to bring to the Rara Lake tour?

Do not bring many goods and things during this tour. Here is the list to bring 
- 1 pair of warm Jacket 
- 1 Warm trouser 
- Inner Thermal (up and down) 
- Headcover warm cap
- 1 Light T-shirt 
- Water thurmas  to keep warm water for evening morning and night 
- Toilet roll, wet tissue, lip care, Sunglass 
- 2 pairs of shocks 
- 1 pair of normal walking shoes 
- Woolen gloves 
-  some dry foods (it can be chocolate, Biscuits, or nuts) it is useful at the time of hiking Murma top 

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