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  • very well looking after us in Mustang

    very well looking after us in Mustang

    Rating: October 23, 2018

    Hello Hemanta,
    We've just arrived in Syangboche, to a hot shower and a light and airy room, after a glorious morning and a dusty afternoon. Bal has been looking after us very well, and his happy ways mean he is good company. Sushant is remarkably strong for a slightly built man, wow. Lo Manthang was fascinating. Chong at Tashi Delek showed us a great PowerPoint presentation on it's history and culture, a horse ride to Jong caves was a different way to travel, and a day hike up to some old ruins with great views was a highlight. The jeep driver was skillful. We have done 4WD in Australia, and we know it can be tricky.

    - Jenny and Nail, Australia

  • Economically-troubled Nepal and politically-troubled Tibet

    Economically-troubled Nepal and politically-troubled Tibet

    Rating: October 03, 2018

    If you are looking to touch with most taking care agency to make your Kailash Tour from Nepal, Choose Nepal Highland Treks and Hemanta the person to takeing care all. Nepal Highland Treks offers reasonably-priced treks to Mt. Kailash through economically-troubled Nepal and politically-troubled Tibet putting not a bit of trouble on you. 
    You just give the manager a copy of your passport and a photo. With airport pickup - Kailash - airport drop all inclusive except for lunch and dinner, you forget how difficult and important a mountain Kailash is. The roads are often rough especially on Nepali side, but the views are gorgeous.

    - Ymiko, Japan

  • From Kathmandu to Kailash, Manasarovar and Guge Kingdom

    From Kathmandu to Kailash, Manasarovar and Guge Kingdom

    Rating: October 01, 2018

    Mount Kailash and Guge is a trip I dreamt of, for a whole life and Nepal Highland Treks made it come true. The tour started 18th aug and finished 5th sep. We had 6 full days (5 at the start and 1 at the end) in Kathmandu including a guided tour with english speaking guide and driver to the main local spots. Waiting to leave for Kailash we also visited Kathmandu valley and walked to other capital city's attractions. Driving from Kathmandu to Tibet during rain season at the end of august can be difficult because of landslides, floods and terrible road conditions. Get ready to make a "bumpy" ride in your car for hours and to cross active landslides by foot while another vehicle and driver awaits on the other side. Adventurous and a bit dangerous! You'll need to cross Nepal-China border by foot for 1,5 km with your bags (unless you pay a porter). After we passed the border we met with a tibetan guide and driver from a partnder tibetan travel agency: the amazing duo proved to be very professional, positive, lively, kind, caring and also guide Pema is good in english. Always save some money for a good tip! 
    Kailash Kora and Manasarovar were unique experiences and also Guge Kingdom is worth all the kms you'll have to drive: Tsaparang frescoes are amazing! When in remote places like lake and mountains all the accomodation will be poor or simple while for the rest of the tour we always had a good hotel or guesthouse: the guide gave committment to provide us the best even when huge groups of indians were taking every available bed. Trekking is quite hard but rewarding, maybe the worst part of a trip like this is to stay in car for hours. All the vehicles we used were very comfortable and also food is very good, fresh and tasty (nepalese in Kathmandu, chinese or tibetan dishes in Tibet). Food is an extra cost you'll have to pay except breakfast which is included every day. Expect to spend from 10-15 $ a day. I suggest you to use various layers of technical clothes and to make use of Diamox or other diuretics starting to take 2 pills/day 2 days before going to a higher altitude. You can empower it with Ginco Biloba pills. You'll need to drink a lot, to eat good food and don't strain your body. 
    Hemanta, agency boss, is always nice, kind and very present. I strongly recommend this agency for your travels

    - Fabio, Italy

  • 5 days Jeep tour to Upper Mustang

    5 days Jeep tour to Upper Mustang

    Rating: August 18, 2018

    During our visit in Nepal we decided to visit Upper Mustang by jeep (we had at disposal 5 days only for this) organised by Nepal Higlands Trek.
    It has been a great experience for the marvellous landscapes, the contact with people living in this region and their traditions. 
    Hemanta, the organiser, told as "you must be flexible" and this was true. We visited Mustang in the rain season, some times we had problems/delays due to strong rivers to cross or landslides but the organisation of NHT was perfect to handle any situation. In particular our guide, Mr Dil, was ready to solve all the problems and to make our stay there easy and confortable. Thanks Dil for your professionality and friendship!
    The jeep trip is not easy but it is worth your effort!
    Our suggestion: consider that your plan can be changed due to weather conditions (we delayed our return of one day). Sometimes you have to change jeep and to walk a bit (consider to bring with you proper clothes to walk under the rain), take with you a light waterproof baggage (...even if our guide was so kind to transfer our heavy luggage for us)
    We came back with marvellous sights in our eyes and a big teaching from nepali population about collaboration.
    A wonderful exerience.
    Thanks a lot to Nepal Higlands Trek for the perfect organisation and to our guide Dil! 
    Andrea & Gabriella (Italy)

    - Andrea & Gabriella, Italy

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