8 Tips to Make Success Kailash Kora

8 Tips to Make Success Kailash Kora
Moount Kailash Parikrama

Kailash Kora is 3 days walking around Mount Kailash which is believed as holy walking. Local pilgrimage and Pilgrimage from all over the world involve in this Kora every year. Total 52 kilometer kora consider as one of the tough walking in this tour. It begins from Darchen (the base of Mount Kailash) which is in the elevation of 4,575 miters. Reach at Derapuk (4,900 miter) as first day via valley of the God and Tarboche valley. The second day is from Derapuk (North Face of Kailash) to Juthulpuk (4,760m) via highest Dolma La pass (5,645m). The third day Kora is easy going for 11 kilometer till the car stop. As per our experience we can suggest 8 tips to make your Kailash Kora success. 

01. Start physical exercise at least from 6 months: Kailash kora is easy for those who are physically fit and have an experience of walking, hiking and trekking. Those who are not having hiking and trekking experience suggest making regular physical exercise at least from 6 month before your trip start. If it is possible, get experience of trekking above 3000 miter altitude and improve habit of hiking regularly. During Kailash Kora, walk starts from 4700 miter altitude, stay three days at above 4700 miters by crossing highest Dolama La pass of 5,645 miters. Your body has to adjust at this high properly to make successful Kailash Kora. 

02. Get enough acclimatization time before reaching at starting point of Kailash Kora: it is very important to get good acclimatization before reaching point of Kailash Kora. Being very much fit in the high altitude needs several days’ as acclimatization with activities. When you enter Tibet, the first day altitude is about 3700 miters. Be there for at least 2 nights, involve in small hiking or walking activities. Spend another few nights on the way. 

03. Get energies by eating and drinking properly: it is most important to eat and drink properly. The first 1 or 2 days after entering high altitude, you may feel not eating anything and not drinking too. It is normal symptoms when you reach at altitude. During this symptoms, suggest to drink enough water and eat soup items. It is much helpful to take garlic soup which help in high altitude. Force to eat other foods which digest easily. If you do not eat, do not drink properly your bad health begins from here. Do not just sleep, walk around and get rest.   

04. Travel with small group for comfort and take care: Travel with small group is much comfort instead of being in huge group. Staffs with your group can cover all the peoples and taking care them properly. A small help, taking care during Kailash Kora is bigger help to success. It is also important to interact with all the participants, which help to get support, encouragement that is only possible if you join the tour with small group. 

                              Mount Kailash north face from Derapuk 4,900m. We reach there at the first day of Kailash Kora. 

05. Do not travel during full moon day or any other special occasion: Kailash region is almost overcrowd in special occasion like full moon days of every month and Saga Dawa festival. During those period lacks of accommodation, lack of helpers, lack of yak and horses may disturb your Kailash Kora. Rules of local government may apply immediately in this moment not to allow peoples entering Kailash valley after Lake Manasarovar.   

06. Do not be more excitement: more excitement does not help your health. Be patient,

07. Travel during best time of the year: The best time to travel Kailash is from May to September. Other months are cold season. Early may still can be ice at walking path of Kailash Kora and from late September it could be the same. Being there from late may till early September is more suitable. 

The highest pass to cross during Kailash Parikrama. Dolma La pass (5,645m) and it has to pass in second day of Kailash Parikrama. 

08. Walk with personal helper: Mount Kailash Kora is 52 kilometer hard walking at the altitude of over 4500 miters.  It is suggest hiring a local helper for your hand bag during this time. So that you can carry sufficient drinking water, dry foods and other items that you really need during day time. You won’t be much tier if you walk without your hand bag.  

Patient of sugar and presser need to be very careful in high altitude. It is good suggestion not to participant those peoples in Kailash kora/ Kailash Parikrama. They can reach up to Lake Mansarovar and to Yamadwar by drive and back. High altitude may kill if you even make small negligence.