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Motorbike Tour in Nepal

Nepal is a country of geographical diversity, as every region has a unique diversity, landscape, and climate. Motorbike trekking can be done throughout the year depending on the regions. Motorbiking tour itinerary in Nepal is based to visit the Himalayan region or exploring closer high Himalayas from the viewpoint. Nepal Highland Treks offers memorable motorbike tours to all the riders in the heart of Hills and Himalayan.

Every country has four seasons throughout the year whereas Nepal has six seasons which is known as Ritu. Most tourists prefer the spring and autumn seasons to visit Nepal but some parts of Nepal can be visited throughout the year. Every season contains two months as per the Nepali calendar.

A. Basanta Ritu (Spring Season): This is the second-best season for the motorbike trekkers which lie in mid-March to mid-May (Chaitra and Baishak Nepali month). During this season new buds are grown in trees and a variety of flowers blooms such as Rhododendron (national flower of Nepal), Magnolia, and other wildflowers in a different part of the country. This season attracts a large number of tourists. It is considered a variable weather season because of warm weather, i.e. not too hot and cold. Clear sky and good weather in the mountain area make this season a more touristic season. It is a good month to plan for Motorbiking tour. Good time as motorbiking in the entire famous destination of Nepal as well as Tibet including Everest Base Camp Motorbiking through Nepal.  

B. Grishma Ritu (Summer Season): This the hottest season so, it’s not mostly preferred to a long-distance motorbike in the low land region of Nepal. Motorbiking to the mountain area is still a good season in these months. During this season the flower falls and fruit grows in trees. The summer season is the best season for farmers to grow crops. This lies between mid-May to mid-July or in Jestha and Aashad according to the Nepali calendar. This is also known as the Pre-Monsoon season.  

C. Barsha Ritu (Monsoon Season): Barsha means rain in English, So the rainy season is called Barsha Ritu. It lies in Mid-July to Mid-September or Shrawan and Bhadra in Nepali Calendar. During the monsoon season it rains heavily and thunderstorm occasionally. It causes landslide in some areas due to heavy rainfall and the roads get muddy which makes traveling messy. There are few motorbiking destinations still possible in this season. Upper Mustang motorbiking is the good season. The Upper Mustang area is a rein shadow area bordering to Tibetan plateau.  

D. Sharad Ritu (Autumn Season): Autumn season lies between mid-September to mid-November or during Ashwin-Kartik according to Nepali calendar. Autumn season is also known as Post-Monsoon season. This season is known as the best season for travelers as it attracts a large number of tourists. This season is also known as the season of festivals as the main festival of Nepali, Dashai, and Tihar lies during this season. This season offers enjoyable weather, as the surrounding gets clear by summer monsoons. During autumn the weather is not affected by the cold. So, a motorbiking tour can be planed in any region of Nepal.   

E. Hemanta Ritu (Pre-Winter): Pre-Winter lies during Mangsir and Poush according to the Nepali calendar and during mid-November to mid-January in English Calendar. During this season the temperatures begins to fall. Riding to the mountain can be much colder but still possible to ride a short trip. The best route in Nepal for motorbiking in these months is to Jomsom Muktinath motorbiking. This is a mustang area, which also called lower mustang. Riding to the low land of Nepal to visit historical places like Lumbini, natural place Chitwan, Gorkha, Bandipur, Pokhara which is the best route of motorbiking in good highway is a good season during pre-winter.    

F. Shishir Ritu (Winter Season): Shishir Ritu is also known as the coldest season of Nepal. It lies from mid-January to Mid-March which is Magh-Falgun according to the Nepali calendar. The temperature reaches an almost freezing point and the hilly region during this season experience rough weather and heavy snowfall. Winter days are cold and sunny. This is the best season to visit if anyone has to experience even in snowfall. Motorbiking adventure tour in Nepal at this time is not really recommended.

Nepal Highland Treks have different packages that will help you ride towards the mountain or explore Nepal's legendary cities. Nepal Highland Treks helps you to know the best time for motorbike trekking according to your destination. We are a fully equipped adventure company that can operate Motorbiking tours in entire destinations of Nepal as well as Tibet.

Famous Motorbiking destinations in Nepal and good season to plan

1. Jomsom Muktinath Motorbike Tour

As we know, it’s very difficult to predict the weather of mountainous regions, spring and autumn are the best seasons for a motorbike tour to Jomsom  Muktinath. Pre-winter months are still fun to ride in this area. Spring and autumn seasons fall in March, April, May, September, October, and November. During spring the roads are usually snow-free and mountain views are clear. And during autumn the climate and temperature are cool. During autumn the countryside gets lush green due to rains. We can see a clear sky enjoying not so cold temperature. We can also travel during summer because the temperature in summer is not so hot in hilly and mountain regions.
Jomsom Muktinath Motorbiking

2. Upper Mustang Motorbike Tour

The best time for a motorbike tour in Upper Mustang is spring and autumn. We have to cross mountain muddy roads to lead the road to Upper Mustang. So, rainy months can be tough in this section. Similarly, the winter season can be heavy snowfall in the Upper Mustang region that caused not able to ride over it. Although Upper Mustang is a rain shadow area, less rain even in the rainy season can motorbike.   
Motorbiking tour to Upper Mustang 

3. Nepal Tibet Bhutan Motorbike Tour
The best season will be spring and autumn for this tour. Since it is covering three Himalayan countries, we should take care of the weather to make a successful trip. The weather of Bhutan and Nepal is almost similar throughout the year. Tibet is plateau land and much cold in winter. To make the suitable weather, the months of March, April, May, June, September, October, and November are the best time to motorbike Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan in one single plan.       

4. Motorbike ride near Kathmandu
Kathmandu is a historic city. Around Kathmandu provides natural beauties and cultures of mixed Nepalese settlement. Out of the crowd but to nature, motorbiking around Kathmandu is the best plan for those who are in a short period but want to experience Nepal.  A motorbike tour near Kathmandu can be done all season. If you love snow then a motorbike tour during winter will be best because the near hill stations of Kathmandu valley haves snowfall in the winter season.

5. Motorbike Tour to Manang and hike to Tilicho Lake
The best months for motorbike and hike to Tilicho Lake are March, April, May, June, September, October, and November which normally falls in Spring, before summer, Autumn, and Pre- Winter. Tilicho Lake lies at 4919 meters altitude is one of the highest and freshwater lakes in Nepal surrounded by the high Himalayas. This adventure has riding and trekking. Motorbike road till Tilicho Lake is still not connected. Have a fun ride to Khangsar village near Manang and trekking to Tilicho Lake.

6. Everest View Motorbike Trek

Everest View Motorbike Trek can be done during spring, summer, autumn, and Pre-Winter. It is to ride the bottom region of Mount Everest. A short day's ride leads to the closer viewpoint of Mount Everest. It is also to explore the mountain area of Nepal which is panoramic. Explore village lifestyle and different cultural land.    

7. Himalayan Motorbike Tour
As everyone prefers, the best season is spring and autumn. But also can be traveled during Pre-Winter and winter seasons. As the temperature is sunny during the day and doesn’t have snowfall in these Regions. Himalayan Motorbiking tour in Nepal is to explore natural cities, Himalayas, and peoples  

Hemanta Budhathoki

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