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Nepal offers a wide range of adventurous activities. People enjoy a lot of adventures like trekking, hiking, mountain climbing, rafting, etc. Nepal is a mountainous country and is full of beautiful, religious, and historic places. There are many options on how to travel to these places. A bike trek tour is also an option you can travel and enjoy yourself throughout the route.  A bike trek is an adventure activity in which you travel to places by bike for long distances.

The unique trails in Nepal offer diverse adventurous bike trekking tours. You will get to explore the diverse terrain of remote areas where other means of transport are unable to reach. Bike Trek in Nepal offers an environmentally sound way of exploring this amazing country, its landscape, and living heritages. There are virtually millions of tracks out there where you can go biking. Nepal has 8 out of the 14- highest mountain peaks in the world. Mt. Everest, being the highest among them lies here. There are plenty of dirt roads and trails here that meet every biker’s wildest dream. You can also go biking to explore urban areas too. 

The things you can do on a bike trek is beyond your imagination. You will ride through dense green rice fields, villages, up and down the hills along riverbanks, temples, past the street roaming cattle, along suspension bridges, highways, etc. You will ride through the snow, monsoon, downpour, lightings, and even fierce headwinds depending on the place and season.  You can plan and extend your trips.

Why go Motorbike Trekking?

The astonishing natural beauty and diverse geography of Nepal make it a perfect destination for bike riders. There are many destinations for bike trekking tours in Nepal and many of them are out off the beaten roads away from hustle and bustle of the city. There are many reasons to go bike trekking:

  • It allows you to travel at your own convenience. You can travel as much you want and make stops wherever and whenever you want.
  • It allows you to visit a delightful route of wooded slopes, small villages, hidden temples and monasteries, and views that include high mountain peaks.
  • It allows you to reach places off the beaten road that cannot be reached by other transports.
  • You can either go solo or in groups, it all depends on your preferences.
  • It is a cost-effective trip that saves you money and yet gives you the best experience and memories. 

Nepal Motorbike Tour Package

Which is Good? Long or Short Bike Trek in Nepal?

Long-distance and short distance bike trek have their own perks. But the choice depends on the people. Some prefer short distance biking where others prefer long-distance bike trek. Short-distance trips are mainly in areas like Kathmandu Valley. You can visit historic and religious places around Kathmandu within 1 day or plan for 3 days trip. Motorbike near Kathmandu valley is the shortest biking trek in Nepal. Short distance doesn’t need proper and prior planning. The long-distance bike trekking is more challenging and takes longer durations as per your choice. Long-distance routes are more likely to be from remote areas to mountainous regions. For a long-distance bike trek, you need experience. For this trip, you need endurance, core strength and balance, bike handling skills, and self-reliance. You have to make proper planning and consider many factors before heading out on your trip. Everest Base Camp Lhasa Biking trips, Kailash Mansarovar, Annapurna Circuit, Upper MustangMotorbiking, etc are examples of some of the long-distance bike trek destinations.

Solo or Group Bike Trek

Bike trek can be done solo and also within a group. Solo biking is preferable for short-distance rides. If this is your first bike trek then you should go with group rides as you might face obstacles in the way you cannot manage alone. Once you experience what it is to go bike trekking then it is up to you which you might prefer. 

In a solo bike trek, you can ride on your own and travel independently of anybody else. You can plan your own plan, make decisions and take routes of your own choice. You can make stops wherever and whenever you want. For a solo bike trek, you can start with rides around Kathmandu Hills.

Group bike treks are more fun as you will have company along with you. You may feel more confident and fearless as you will have friends there with you. You will have a company to talk to and enjoy your ride. Also, group bike trekking is more cost-effective than a solo bike. For bike trekking in remote places like Annapurna Circut, UpperMustang, etc group biking is more preferable. 


Sometimes riders get injured when bike trekking especially in the more extreme paths like downhill biking, freeride, and dirt jumping. Injuries range from minor wounds, such as cuts and abrasions from falls on gravel or other surfaces to major injuries from impacts with trees, rocks, or terrain you ride on. Protective equipment can protect you from minor injuries and reduce the extent of seriousness from major impacts. In order to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, riders should take trails that fall in the range of their experience level and ensure they are fit enough to deal with the trails they have chosen. They should keep their biking in top mechanical condition. Maintenance of the bike should be carried out more frequently when riding the hills and non-paved paths. Jumps and impacts can crack the frames or damage components or tire rims while steep, fast descents can quickly wear out brake pads. 

Bike Trek in Nepal


There are many options for places to go bike trek. From plain terrains to high mountain trails, either cold, windy, or hot weather, you can choose the best-suited destination to go whenever you want. Bike trekking gives you a different experience from other activities. It is an easy, cost-effective, and enjoyable tour. There are easy to difficult trails so be sure to choose the most suitable for you. You will get to explore nature, breathtaking views, cultural heritages, villages, and urban areas as well. A bike trek tour can be arranged by agencies. You can book short to long-distance tours.

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