Hundred reasons to visit Nepal

  • Hemanta Budhathoki
  • Last Updated on Jul 20, 2024

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With many reasons to visit Nepal, here we are providing top hundreds (top 100) of reasons to visit Nepal. The views are stunning, we have jungle, lakes, and mountains, the people are friendly, it's home to once-in-a-lifetime treks and it’s safe and affordable. Nepal is a landlocked country bordering with the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China in the north and surrounded by India in the east, south, and west. Nepal is known as not only the Land of Everest but also the land of Buddha. It’s a land of yaks and yetis & country of temples.

1. The highest mountain in the earth, Mount Everest
The world's top highest mountain Mount Everest is in Nepal. Adventure lovers from the world reach Nepal to trek around Mount Everest route, reach Everest Base camp, and climbing Everest. Everest was first summited by Nepali Sherpa Tenzing Norgay and New Zealand climbers Edmond Hillary with a British expedition in 1953 from the South Col route. Climbing Mt Everest is the aim of many people in their life. After their successful climbing, Nepal starts to get adventure tourism. Not only to reach the top of Mt Everest, but peoples are also keen to visit Nepal for Trekking up to Everest Base Camp.

2. Out of 10 highest peaks above 8000 meters, 8 lies in the Himalayas of Nepal.
First highest peak Mount Everest 8,848 miter, the third highest mountain in the world Mt Kanchanjunga 8,586 miters, Fourth highest mountain Mount Lhotse 8,516 miters, fifth highest peak Mount Makalu 8,481 meters, sixth highest mountain peak mount Cho Oyu 8,201 miters, Mount Dhaulagiri 8,167 miters seventh highest mountain, Eight highest mountain Mount Manaslu 8,163 miters, and tenth highest mountain peak of the world Mt Annapurna 8,091 meters lies in Nepal.  

3. Birthplace of Buddha Lumbini and Buddhist circuit trail
Nepal is the birthplace of Gautama Buddha. Buddha was born in 623 bc in the famous gardens of Lumbini, which soon became a place of Pilgrimage. Among the pilgrimage was the Indian emperor Ashoka, who created one of his honorable pillars there. The site is now developed one of the famous Buddhist pilgrimage sites in the world. Besides Lumbini the birthplace of Buddha, there are hundreds of other famous Buddhist sites, temples, caves, and monastery which is most important pilgrimage sites for Buddhist peoples. 
Mayadevi temple the place of Buddha birth in Lumbini Nepal
Mayadevi temple, the place of Buddha birth in Lumbini Nepal 

4. Place of Padmasambhava
Nepal is also a place of great Buddhist master Padmasambhava also called Guru Rinpoche. Guru Rinpoche or Guru Padmasambhava is worshipping as a great spiritual leader in Nepal as during his time had visited various places of Nepal and got enlightenment at one of the caves in Himalaya. The major destinations in Nepal fo Guru Rinpoche are Maratika cave, Timal, Namobuddha, Ashura Cave ( Pharping), Yempi Mahavihar Patan, Boudhanath Stupa and Swoyambhunath Stupa. There are many more sites out of Kathmandu which is related to Guru Rinpoche. Many visitors arrive in Nepal to reach those pilgrimage site which is related to Guru. Guru Rinpoche Tour of week plan can be worth to visit major places of Nepal.  

5. Birthplace of Sita: among many pilgrimage sites Janakpur is a famous site where Sita was born
Janakpur has been mentioned in the Ramayana as the birthplace of Sita, Ram’s consort. As Ram is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Sita is believed to be the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. It is said that Ram and Sita met in Janakpur and eventually also got married here. Janakpur is also one of the holy sites on the route of Parikrama (holy circle) which is carried out by devout Hindus as a form of worship along with Ayodhya, Kashi, and Brij in India. Another important religious site nearby is Dhanushadham, dating back to the Ramayan era. It is believed to be the place where the broken remains of Lord Shiva's bow fell after Ram broke it to win Sita's hand in marriage.

6. UNESCO heritage sites
Nepal is home to 10 UNESCO World Heritage sites, including seven in Kathmandu Valley, Lumbini (Birthplace of Buddha), Chitwan National Park, and Sagarmatha National Park. The reason to visit Nepal be a part of an amazing experience; visit architecturally and culturally rich heritage sites. Enjoy the scenic wilderness amidst the spectacular flora and fauna of Nepal's Himalaya and National parks for sightings of diverse wildlife. Whether you are a nature lover or a culture fan, there's something for everyone here.

7. Cities of Natural beauties
Nepal has few towns that are naturally beautiful.  Pokhara, situated on the shoreline of a peaceful Lake Phewa, the city is embedded with beautiful natural scenery, like the dramatic, snow-capped Annapurna Massif and the surrounding mountain range. Pokhara is known as a popular site for adventure sports like paragliding, Bungee, and other fun activities like paddle boating on the calm lake water. Kathmandu and its surroundings have lots of choices to explore natural beauties, Lumbini, Palpa and much more are a list of cities of Natural beauties in Nepal. 

8. Regular tea house trekking route
Beautiful Himalayan trekking route in Nepal is facilities with comfortable tea house accommodation and good foods. Trekkers who love Trekking in Nepal can only bring their daily personal use stuff and go for trekking. No need to bring sleeping material and foods. Every step there are facilities of stay, order foods and buying the goods. Some of the famous trekking routes in Nepal like the Everest Base camp Trekking route, Annapurna, Langtang, Upper Mustang, Manaslu, and many more are facilities with comfortable or even luxury accommodation and varieties of foods can choose from their Menu.  

9. Restricted area trekking route
Among many trekking routes of Nepal, some trekking routes are more preserve and allow a visit by fewer peoples. Those areas are protected, preserve nature, cultures, and real-life of the peoples which are worlds various rare but lures. That reason peoples come to visit Nepal’s restricted areas to explore remoteness. Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpa, Manaslu, Kanchanjunga, Nar Phu, Tsum valley are the example of restricted areas of Nepal. To obtain permits for these trekking routes, foreigners have to choose Nepalese trekking companies

10. Remote area camping trekking trail
Those who love to spend days in remote areas with customizing the itinerary as per their interest can visit remote areas of Nepal with camping arrangements. Which is the best way to explore pure nature, meet real people involve in their cultures and activities. In a manmade and artificial world, the reason to come to Nepal to explore pure nature.

11. Nepal to visit all season
Nepal is for all seasons. Peoples think that the Himalaya country Nepal is best to visit in autumn and spring. There are a lot other destinations and a lot of activities which are suitable for rainy or winter seasons too. Beyond the natural wonders, Himalayas, Nepal has boundless historic and cultural treasures. Shrines, temples, and monuments appear at nearly every turn in Nepal, and each has something new to experience. So Nepal is for all season, Nepal treks tours are for the entire year's time and it is the reason visiting Nepal.

12. The short trekking route to explore Nepal in short time
If peoples do not have long days plan to trek in remote areas of Nepal, there are much shorter day’s destinations to explore Nepal with its culture, scenery, mountain peaks, Nature, and more. Peoples who do not have long days access, short days hiking or trekking is best choice. There is more than 10 short trekking destination in Nepal. Ghorepani Poon hill, Langtang valley, Mardi Himal, Everest view trekking are the few examples of it.

13. Tradition and cultures
The strong reason to visit Nepal is to explore different traditions and cultures. About 36 casts and 32 different languages people live in Nepal and they have their own customs, tradition, and cultures. More than 80 percentage peoples believe in Hinduism, Buddhist are in second position. Other religions like Jain, Bon, Christina, Muslims, Kiraties, etc are in Nepal. They follow different aspects and some of their aspects carry the glitz and glamour of the ultra-modern world. 

14. A typical indigenous group in Nepal
The Rautes are one of the most typical indigenous groups of Nepal sustaining their unique cultural identities for generations. They are the only nomadic people in the country who never settle permanently in any particular place. The Rautes deny any idea on the permanent settlement, education or agriculture. The fact that the Rautes, the last fulltime nomads of Nepal, have survived into this century is truly remarkable in our current period of diminishing cultural diversity. It is estimated that the total population of Rautes in Nepal is about 180, or roughly 52 families. The mid-western region of Nepal remains their only sanctuary.

15. Himalayan tour by driving
When you are not able to walk or go for long trekking, you have a choice in Nepal. The driving tour also reach a stunning viewpoint and remote area of Nepal. Raod trip in Nepal is all about visiting scenic hill towns, national parks, and village tours with much deeper insight into the country. Driving tour flexibility of stopping anywhere you like and explore the less-visited part of Nepal. With the extension of the road, it has been possible to drive and explore many Himalayan destinations available only for hardcore trekkers in the past. Among much Himalayan driving tour Upper Mustang Driving tour is one of the best driving tours in Nepal. 

16. Luxury Himalayan tours for luxury seeing
Because of the High Mountains, Nepal knows as adventure activities. There is a luxury trip possible. Luxury Hotels and mountain activities are already established for those who are seeing for a luxury way to explore Nepal.

17. Worlds beautiful mountain flight
High Mountain can explore with Mountain flights. Top Mountain in the world can be explored by a one-hour mountain flight from Kathmandu. Daily morning flight to explore Mt Everest and other Everest Himalayan ranges is the top famous mountain flight. Anyone can see the nearest view from the window of the aircraft. The best times to catch a glimpse of the sparkling peaks are the months of winter from September to April. This is the time when the white snow sparkles brightly upon the mountains, with lakes and glaciers equally beaming with clear water flowing down from the Himalayas. Nothing compares to the sheer beauty or awe the Himalayas have to offer. Take the mother of all mountain flights, the Everest Experience where we put you, one on one with Mt. Everest, so close that you can almost touch it.
Mountain flight
Scenic views from aircraft windows, Mt Everest and the other Himalayas during a mountain flight

18. Beautiful mountain lakes
Nepal, with natural beauty owns some of the most beautiful LAKES where numerous people visit from around the world. Tilicho, Phoksundo, Gosaikunda, Tso Rolpa, Panch Pokhari are the highest altitude mountain lakes in Nepal. The scenic beauty covering by stunning Himalayans and a more beautiful view of them during the sunrise and sunset admires and attract everyone

19. Mountain experience by Helicopter
Not only trekking and long walking tour to explore the stunning mountains. Nepal gives the option to explore it by helicopter flights. It is an opportunity to bask in the splendors of nature and experience Nepal's dotted travel destinations from the comfort of a helicopter. You get to feast on the awesome vistas of snow-capped peaks, glaciated passes, quaint village settlements and panoramic landscapes. Among many sector mountain helicopter flights, Everest Helicopter flights are famous and most choosing from visitors. 

20. Stunning landscape
A trip to the landscapes of Nepal is no less than a spiritual experience. From snowy peaks to still waters, Nepal’s landscapes have it all. Being a popular destination, it serves the purpose of both tourism and spiritual curiosity; one that will open your mind and calm your soul. The natural serenity of Nepal, complemented with its local culture will make this getaway an unforgettable one.

21. Pashupatinath temple, the center of Hinduism
Sacred Hindu temple in Kathmandu Nepal is the reason to visit Nepal by Hindu pilgrimage. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Pashupatinath is one of the four most important religious sites in Asia for devotees of Shiva. Built-in the 5th century. The largest temple complex in Nepal, it stretches on both sides of the Bagmati River which is considered holy by Hindus.  The main pagoda style temple has a gilded roof, four sides covered in silver, and exquisite wood carvings. Temples dedicated to several other Hindu and Buddhist deities surround the temple of Pashupatinath. The big Maha Shivaratri festival in spring attracts hundreds of thousands of devotees from different countries.  

22. Famous and important Hindu pilgrimage places
Nepal is a house of God and Goddess. Many national and international Hindu pilgrimage tourists find their way to some of the major spiritual sites of Nepal. Pashupatinath temple of the pillar of Hindu. Similarly, Muktinath, Manakamana, Kalinchok, Dakchhinakali, Baraha Cheetra, Budhanilakantha, Haleshi Mahadev, and hundreds of others shrines and temples that are not only sacred but are also known for its absolute beauty.  

23. Famous and important Buddhist pilgrimage sites
Buddha was born in Nepal. The main temple of Buddha born and hundreds of other Buddhist pilgrimage sites are established in nearby Buddha birthplace Lumbini. There are other Buddhist important pilgrimage sites, caves, and Monasteries that really important for Buddhist pilgrimage. There are hundreds of Buddhist monuments in every corner of the streets of Kathmandu and in other cities in Nepal. The Licchavi period on 250AD saw Buddhism flourishing in Nepal. Excellent examples of Buddhist art of the period are the half-sunken Buddha in Pashupatinath, the sleeping Vishnu in Budhanilkantha, and the statue of Buddha. Besides various Buddhist sites inside Kathmandu valley, The high mountainous regions of Dolpa, Mustang, Tsum Valley and Everest also has a number of ancient shrines and monasteries dedicated to Lord Buddha and blessed by Guru Rinpoche or Padmasambhava.

24. Gateway of Bhutan
Nepal is one of the few country connecting International flight with Bhutan. Tourists who want to visit Bhutan have a suitable connection with Nepal. They stop to visit Nepal and continue their journey to Bhutan by flight Kathmandu to Paro airport. Another option is overland trip through Phuentsholing Bhutanese immigration nearby Nepal bordering with India. Tourist has to visit Bhutan through a legally established travel agent who is permitted to issue Bhutan travel permit for tourist. We are the one can issue your Bhutan travel permit and can manage your Bhutan Tour.    

25. Gateway of Tibet
Tibet has only two gateway to reach. Either enter from mainland China or from Nepal. There is an international flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa and also possible your Tibet tour with overland from Nepal. The border between Nepal and Tibet is just about 140 kilometers. There are several borders in between Nepal and Tibet from where foreigners are allowed to enter legally done their permission and visa by Tibet operating travel agents. Entering Tibet from Nepal is without headache about Tibet visa and permit since all the arrangement is done by Nepalese trekking companies in Nepal with our passport copy by email.    

26. Volunteering opportunities
Nepal is one of the countries that provides wide ranges of volunteer opportunities. Education, sanitation, health, women promotion, skill development, construction are the most needed and suitable volunteering in Nepal. Tourists who want to serve by volunteering have opportunities for short term or long term. Every tourist can get their subject of volunteering in Nepal either in city area, villages that nearby cities or at remote areas of Nepal. Volunteering in Nepali communities provides an unforgettable experience in your life closely stay with Nepalese warm hospitality.      

27. Natural and adventure Bungee jumping
Nepal is home to natural bungee stations. The thrill of a bungee jump can be experienced either at The Last Resort along the Araniko Highway or in the fascinating city of Pokhara. Newly opening longest bungee Jumping on the way from Pokhara to Beni at Kushma is the world's second tallest bungee jumping is via the 520-meter suspension bridge and it is 224 meters tall. Every jump site offers a spellbinding view of the Himalayas, the hills, and the rivers. So the reason to visit Nepal is to take advance of an adventurous bungee jumping tour.

28. White water Rafting
Nepal is well-known for its amazing mountains and treks, but those-in-the-know also rate it as one of the world’s best destinations for white water rafting. The rivers are long and clean, they’re surrounded by amazing mountain, hill and jungle landscapes, the guides are friendly and highly skilled and costs are low. There is an option to experience a day white water rafting or multi-days. The best time to choose white water rafting in Nepal is in autumn or in spring.

29. Hunting reserves in Nepal, heaven for Hunter
Established in 1987, the Dhorpatan Hunting reserve is only one hunting reserve in Nepal. it covers an area of 1325 square km (512 square miles) western part of Dhaulagiri Himal Range in altitude it ranges from 2850 to 5500 (9350-18040ft). Many peoples come from different countries around the world in this reserve to fulfill their hunting ego by paying royalties. The hunting license is provided to you by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife conservation to hunt only four animals in Nepal, including the blue sheep and Himalayan Thar.

30. Best Wildlife in Bardia National park
Bardia National Park is one of Nepal’s best-kept secrets. Located in the Terai region it is Nepal’s largest national park and wilderness area, protecting 968 km² of sal forest, grassland, savannah, and riverine forest. On the west side, it’s bordered by the Karnali River and it’s bisected by the Babai River in the Bardia District. It’s still not overrun by tourists and there are excellent opportunities to spot endangered species of wildlife. The king of Bardia is the Bengal tiger. The tiger population is slowly increasing and counts around 60 animals. But Bardia is also the habitat for the wild Asian elephant and the greater one-horned rhinoceros. The park is surrounded by pleasant villages and fields inhabited by an indigenous ethnic group named the ‘Tharu’ who have their own unique language, customs, and traditions. Homestay types of simple lodges are established in Bardia to provide accommodation, food, and jungle guides. Few deluxe accommodations are also building recently.
Bardia view tower inside National park
Wooden view tower inside Bardia National Park 

31. Ecstatic Jungle Safari in Chitwan National park
Chitwan National Park is a preserved area in the Terai Lowlands of south-central Nepal, known for its biodiversity. Its dense forests and grassy plains are home to rare mammals like one-horned rhinos and Bengal tigers. The park shelters numerous bird species, including the giant hornbill. Dugout canoes traverse the northern Rapti River, home to crocodiles. Near from Nepal’s main cities Kathmandu and Pokhara, outside of Chitwan National park have built simple till super deluxe accommodations. Tourist who goes there have the option to choose the services as per their budget. 

32. Place of living goddess Kumari
The living goddess Kumari is part of the culture in Nepal. Especially inside Kathmandu valley, the fascinating festival known as Indra Jatra when the Living Goddess Kumari is carried out of her residence and pulled through the narrow roads of old Kathmandu in a large chariot. It is quite a sight to behold, as masked dancers come out on the streets and the chariots of Lord Ganesh and Bhairav are also pulled along with that of the Kumari by exuberant devotees in a lively procession.

33. 886 species of Birds in Nepal
Nepal’s biodiversity strength is well reflected with the high number of bird species. So far, 886 species of birds have been recorded in Nepal, which are about 9% of the total bird species found worldwide. Among them, 42 species are globally threatened and 35 globally near threatened. Further, 167 species are nationally threatened. Spiny Babbler Acanthoptila nipalensisis the only endemic bird of Nepal. Nine species; Himalayan Monal, Cheer Pheasant, Satyr Tragopan, Bengal Florican, Lesser Florican, Great Hornbill, Sarus Crane, Black Stork, and White Stork are protected birds of Nepal. Eight species; Jungle Bush Quail, Rufous-necked Hornbill, Silver-breasted Broadbill, Green Cochoa, Black-breasted Parrotbill, Pink-headed Duck and White-bellied Heron are thought to be regionally extinct.

34. World Elephant Polo Champion in Nepal
Elephant Polo is a sport which has always punched above its weight and a sport that is fondly known as the biggest sport in the world. It started out as a whimsical conversation between two sports lovers and evolved into the adventurous sport of polo played on the back of elephants. The association of Elephant Polo has its headquarters at the Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge in the Royal Chitwan Park in Nepal, which is where the World Elephant Polo Tournament played every year on a grassy airfield in Megauly Nepal. It is curies to explore and take part in it in Nepal.  

35. High Mountain race program
Nepal organizes a high mountain race every year, which is part of life for many challenger athletics. The race is a challenging multi-stage trail passing through some of Nepal's most beautiful Himalayan landscapes. This program is growing the sport of trail running in Nepal, and support exceptional Nepali athletes. This is one of the famous programs in Nepal and many tourists from taking part in it every year. The great Himalayan running trail of 2,175 km of travel is one of the longest and tallest trails in the world also in Nepal.   

36. World highest cycling trail
Nepal has got high mountain cycling trails that offer the riders with ultimate adventure and satisfaction. Burn your adrenaline by riding on the dirt tracks in the foothills of the Himalayas. The beautiful rugged roads provide the ultimate adrenaline rush desired by every mountain biker. Riding down dirt roads overlooking the beautiful snow-capped mountains is a thrilling experience. 

37. Best Motorbiking trails
Nepal is much suitable for Motor Biking. Country of wide varieties in landscapes, different climates and the road in the mountain region is small, muddy and windy which are suitable and enjoyable for motorbike riding. Anyone can customize riding tours in Nepal as per their timeframe. City to city riding is to explore cultural heritage sites, natural landscapes, and peoples. The Himalayan region motorbiking reach altitude land bordering up to Tibet which gives you an experience of high mountain region with giant mountain views. Ride to Upper Mustang is one of those where you will reach up to 5000-meter altitude. The famous Motorbiking Nepal to Tibet is also another suitable riding adventure to starts from Nepal.
Upper Mustang Motorbiking
Motorbiking to Upper Mustang 

38. Best mountain peaks for beginners
Minimum 6 mountain peaks are suitable for beginners in Nepal to climb. Those peaks are about 6000 miters in the high Himalaya region.  No matter you do not have previous experience of climbing mountains, you will be given a chance to train with technical equipment during the trek. You’ll need to get a guide, secure permits and ensure you have the correct gear. The best way to manage all of this is to book with a reputable tour company that has expert experience and knowledge of trekking in the Himalayas. Meera Peak, Island Peak, Lobuche east are climbing peaks in Everest region. Yala Peak in Langtang region, Cholu West and Pisang peak in Annapurna region. You should only physically fit.

39. Expedition of Highest Mountain with experience Sherpa
Nepal is probably the only country in the world where you can climb the highest mountains in the world with experience Sherpa team. Expedition in Nepal submits to climb high Himalayas as Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Lhotse, Mt Makalu, Mt. Cho oyu, Mr. Manaslu, Mt. Dhamlagiri Mt Annapurna, Mt. Amadablam, Mt Pumori, Mt Nhutse, and many peaks others. In Nepal, there has been 423 Himalayan peaks are opened ranging from peaks above 6,000 meters to the Mount Everest 8848 meters for foreigners. Nepal's Himalayas have been an attraction to many climbing devotees, philosophers, adventures or researcher lovers.

40. Climbing mountain peaks without royalty
couples of mountain peaks can climb without any royalties in Nepal. Yala peak in Langtang, Mardi Himal in Mardi, Api, Saipal, Ganesh Himal, Gyalzen Peak, Kalapathar in Everest are the example of it. Peoples who are thrill of climbing mountain with low cost or climbing beginners can choose those mountain peaks. Those peaks are comparing not less eautiful than other Himalayan peaks.  

41. Different events interesting to explore
Rich heritage of Nepal is something which also gathers a lot of attention amongst travelers. And to discover this aspect of the country, there isn’t a better way than witnessing the festivals and events of Nepal. Taking you on a Nepal cultural tour, each festival or events boasts some religion’s influence specially Hindu and Buddhist festivals. By being a part of the amazing Nepali fiesta, you have a chance to get acquainted with the enriching culture and customs of the lovely people of the country.

42. Beautiful and longest waterfalls
Nepal is also a home to magnificent waterfalls which are landlocked amidst the deep gorges. While at this magnificent country, trek up to the mountain and explore these those exotic waterfalls in Nepal which are settled amidst the vicinity of lush-green mountains. Road side water fall on the way to Manang, Rupse water fall on the way to Muktinath, Bhotekoshi water fall in Bhotekoshi Ricer, Hyatung Water fall in Tehrathum are the example of it.   

43. Best spots for Photography
Nepal is best places for Photography encountering the diverse local cultures of the ethnic people of using the majestic Himalayas to frame the scene. Photographer’s destination right from Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world to the birthplace of Buddha at lowland. Photographs to capture the beauty of the places, people and moments of Nepal. Take back wonderful memories and pictures, one of them might just be your award winning click.

44. Place of Best film shooting and documentary
There are winning films did captures in Nepal. Thus Nepal is the best country to shoot international films. Famous places of Nepal Mountains and Culture spot form low elevation to high altitude are the perfect spots to filming and documentary. The worlds famous film Caravan, Himalayas, Hare Ram Hare Krishna, Little Buddha, Seven years in Tibet etc were captured in Nepal.   

45. Home stay experience
Some of the typical and cultural village in the Himalayan region is promoted as typical homestay facilities in Nepal. Homestay manage by local community are all typical homestay experience. Nepal Homestay is best option Interaction with the local population to learn about their lifestyle and enjoy age old traditions best fits the equation when travelers can live together with the local people with their warm hospitality.  

46. Arts and architectures Nepal is blessed with an amazing collection of ancient temples and palaces, and countless intricate woodcarvings and stone sculptures are dotted around its backstreets. Walking through the historic towns of the Kathmandu Valley, you will discover magnificent medieval architecture at every turn. Nepal’s artistic masterpieces are not hidden away in museums but are part of a living culture, to be touched, worshipped, and feared. The cause of tourism in Nepal is strong roles of arts and architectures.

47. Natural Rock climbing
There are many natural rock climbing sites in Nepal offer an exciting and adventurous opportunity to admirers of the sport with climbs suitable for both novices and experts. Kathmandu has a roster of stone walls which creates a chance for you to practice and hone your skills before taking on the real thing. Nagarjun, Balaju, Shivapuri and Budhanilakantha are the best places around Kathmandu where you can climb the rock faces.

48. Virgin mountains
Many of mountain peaks in Nepal at remote part are less visited and still virgin without name and without climbing by any human. Of around 1,500 mountain peaks in the country, only 326 are currently open for climbers, rest of others are still virgin. Government of Nepal is giving priority without royalty for some of the virgin mountain peaks to promote Nepal and climbing destination which is also benefit for tourist.

49. Virgin trekking trails
Beside famous and regular trekking trails, there are many virgin trekking trail in Nepal can explore which are not less beautiful than others. Virgin Trails opens whole new unexplored part of Nepal away from the popular crowded trekking routes. Exploring the virgin trails is the best opportunity to find the solitude places hidden in the Himalayas for the trekkers.

50. Friendly and helpful peoples
Nepali people are some of the friendliest people in the world which is one of the reasons visitors keep coming back. Put your hands together and say Namaste and smile as they return your gesture with genuine smiles of acceptance. 'You are welcome, you are our guests' say the friendly smiles. Tourists visit Nepal repeatedly and that says it all about the attachment they feel.  

51. Home to legend Gurkhas
Gurkhas are traditionally recruited from the hill people of Nepal, who trace their roots right back to an 8th century Hindu warrior, Guru Gorakhnath. The Gurkhas are soldiers from Nepal who are recruited into the British Army, and have been for the last 200 years. Gurkhas are known to be as fearless in combat as they are good natured in daily life. To this day, they remain renowned for their loyalty, professionalism and bravery.

52. Handicraft
Nepal is the source of some rare Handicraft which is centuries old craft. Handicrafts in Nepal is believed to have started since the Licchavi period (300-879 AD) though the official account of first handicraft is not available. But the classical period of Nepal (13th to 18th century) ruled by Malla dynasty helped, extensively in the enrichment of quality, authenticity, and originality of the Nepalese handicrafts. The authentic and local handicraft gives pleasure, nowhere to be found.      

53. Wild Honey: Nepal provides honey from the wild bees. Wild Honey are extracted from the honey combs of wild bees who make their hives on mountains, tall trees and other places which are far away from crowds and other harmful components like pollution, wild animals of forests. 

54. Quality Pashmina: Nepal is famous for hand-woven Pashmina Products in the entire world as the most precious possession. Worldwide recognized and registered now in 47 countries known as Chyangra Pashmina a new Pashmina Trademark label for Pashminas of Nepal. The only quality guaranteed by the Government of Nepal. Chyangra Pashmina label after yarn tested. So, this mark is your 100% reassurance of the quality you have bought and if doubt, customers are encourage to do lab test anywhere any-time.  Pashmina made from outer skin of Himalayan goats. Himalayan goats are found in the high plateau regions of Nepal, Tibet, Kashmir and the central plains of Inner Mongolia.

55. MICE venue: Nepal offers excellent infrastructure, comprehensive high-tech facilities, and trained manpower to hold a successful event. The top hotels and resorts in Nepal offer conference halls and excellent meeting facilities at par with international standards. Being a Business traveler, you have different needs and Nepal can cater those needs as per your requirement.  We offer you complete package for your Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions. We arrange the board rooms, conference halls, transportation, documentation, and any other special company needs (including posters, flyers, and audio visual equipment).

56. Delicious Nepali foods: There are plenty of delicious traditional Nepali dishes which makes tourist to come again in Nepal. Nepali food possesses the most delicious and unique style of taste. The varieties of ingredients Nepali food has are not common and used in all types of food. Nepali food is not only rich in its taste but reflects the wide variety of culture and traditions.  

57. Hub of Paragliding: Paragliding in Nepal is enjoying the thrills of paragliding over spectacular landscapes taking is unbelievable views of the Himalayan Mountains, pristine lakes and verdant valleys like nowhere else on earth. With experienced pilots to guide you through the skies, it's an experience of a life time. You may fly again someday, but you'll never enjoy the same spectacular views. Choose from tandem flights to fully certified paragliding courses, solo flights or even go paragliding accompanied by hawks.

58. Place of Yoga and Meditation
Nepal is organic land to make Yoga, Meditation and retreat. It has many beautiful scenic places where tourists can practice yoga and meditation themselves. Many institutes are now offering Yoga and meditation classes in clean, peaceful and homely environment. Professional retreat center are providing retreat which help peoples to avoid their relief in life.    

59. Visa on arrival
Nepal is the country provides visa on arrival for tourist. Some of the country Like Indian and China do not need any visa. You just bring your passport to come Nepal and your visa will be issued on your arrival in any immigration of Nepal. Without any difficulties of documentation tourist can issue their Nepal visa and can also extend Nepali visa from department of immigration up to 90 days stay in one year.

60. Skydiving from world highest mountain peak
Skydiving in Nepal is the ultimate adventure. Everest skydive, the only skydiving operator in Nepal, launched its’ first skydive in 2008 and has led over 300 people on jumps since then. The sky dive takes place over spectacular Khumbu region, next to none other than Mount Everest. As divers free fall they can see dozens of mountains alongside Everest, as well as the beautiful Sherpa villages dotting the landscape below.

61. Nepal Tantric treatment
Nepal is place of Tantra and Aurveda. Tantra and Ayurveda are the age-old healing sciences of India, Tibet and Nepal. Ayurveda promotes healing through natural medicines, changes in diet and special treatments like massage, purification, etc... Tantra approaches healing from a more spiritual point of view, using rituals to change the energy surrounding the patient and affect the karmic origin of disease. Vedic astrology is also used to diagnose the hidden karmic powers at work. Many tourist visit Nepal is the purpose of Tantric Ayurveda treatment.

62. Only country in the world, known as Thanka painting
Thanka or Thangka is The Sacred Art of Nepal. A thangka, also known as a paubhas (meaning “message from the temple”), is an intricate and very detailed painting depicting different gods and deities. There are countless gods and deities in Tibetan-Buddhism, and therefore, the thangka paintings can illustrate a myriad of different stories. Each one holds its own message and offers its own spiritual benefits for the household in which the painting resides.  

63. Different languages guide are available in Nepal. English language as international language is widely spoken in Nepal. Beside there are easily available of other language spoken guides which can be provided tourist who does not know English and their own native language.  

66. Best Pashmina
Nepali Pashmina is a form of handicraft which can be regarded as high quality handmade woolen product with multipurpose usage. The warmth, softness, durability, lightness, finess are the beautiful byproducts. Pashmina is considered to be the softest, highly delicate and fluffy fibre. Being the most finest natural insulating fibre it is also recognized as the Diamond fibre. Pashmina is the fibre made up with the extract from the Himalayan goat also recognize as Chyangra which live in the Himalayan belt at the altitude above 14,000 feet above sea level. Due to the high quality and veracity of Nepali Pashminas, the demand of Pashminas have exceeded in International market exceeding 40 different countries like Canada ,USA, Italy, , UK, France, Japan, Germany ,India.

67. Highest mountain Trekking passes
Some of the most famous high mountain passes trekking trail in Nepal and because of it adventure lovers from different countries arrive Nepal to trek and pass those high mountain trekking route. Mountain passes in Nepal is over 5000 meters. Thorong La pass (5,416m) in Annapurna region, Kang La pass (5,320) in Nar phu, the three highest trekking passes in Everest region Renjo La (5,345m), Cho La (5,420m) and Kongmala (5,545m). Similarly Ganja La Pass (5,122m) in Langtang, Larke Pass (5,125m) in Manaslu region, Amphu Labcha pass (5,845m) in Everest region, Tashi Lapcha pass (5,750m) in Rolwaling Himalayan region are the most famous in Nepal. Entire mountain passes are highest trekking pass in Nepal provide scenic views of Himalayas, valley and more  

68. Place of most precious herbs
Nepal is well known for organic and Natural Herbs and Herbal Products. The rich blessings of nature to Nepal is ranked as 9th among the Asian countries for its floral wealth with an estimated 9,000 species of flowering plants. So far, 6,653 species of flowering plants have been reported. Among these, about 50% fall under the rubrics "useful"  and "ethnobotanical", and about 25%–50% are ethnomedicinals. Catalogues have recorded 1,792 to 2,331 useful medicinal and aromatic plants in Nepal. The herbs found at an altitude of 3,000 meters and above are considered rich in natural chemicals.

69. Good place for student in learning tour
Group of student for their learning tour, Nepal is the suitable place to know the way of living Nepali peoples, their daily life, Arts, architectures, history and interesting stories of pilgrimage places. Customize tour plan including adventures, history, landscapes, geography, mountains, culture and religions both in the mountain area and cities and nearby. Student group can involve in touring Kathmandu valley cultural Historical sites, Pokhara the natural city on the way experience with water rafting, small hiking around mountain area, visit Chitwan National park to experience Jungle safari in Nepal and also visit Birth place of Lord Buddha Lumbini.       

70. Religious Education in Nepal
Nepal is place of Buddhism and strong Hindu believed religion. Foreigners from many country influence with religion of Nepal and having education of those cultures, religion and History. Nepal is a multiethnic, multilingual, multi-religious, and diverse culture. It is a country of highly diverse traditions with a rich culture. Different kinds of festivals are celebrated throughout the year based on the customs and beliefs residing in different parts of the country which are curious to know more for foreigners other than Nepalese.

71. Deepest Gorge in the world
Kali Gandaki gorge is the world's deepest gorge in Annapurna region of Nepal. The gorge separates the major peaks of Dhaulagiri (8,167 m or 26,795 ft) on the west and Annapurna (8,091 m or 26,545 ft) on the east. If one measures the depth of a canyon by the difference between the river height and the heights of the highest peaks on either side, the gorge is the world's deepest. The Kali Gandaki river source coincides with the Tibetan border and Ganges-Brahmaputra watershed divide. The river then flows south through the ancient kingdom of Mustang. It flows through a sheer-sided, deep canyon immediately south of the Mustang capital of Lo Manthang, then widens as it approaches Kagbeni where high Himalayan ranges begin to close in. The river continues southward past Jomsom, Marpha, and Tukuche to the deepest part of the gorge about 7 km south of Tukuche in the area of Lete. The gorge then broadens past Dana and Tatopani toward Beni.

72. Casinos: Nepal has list of casino in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Bhairahawa. Casino in Nepal will offer various gaming options such as Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and slot machines. The casino operates twenty-four hours a day. Nepal has become hub of Casino lover from the world. A lot of people travel to Nepal for its natural beauty and spiritual pursuits. But an equal number also arrive in the Himalayan country for a shot at quick money at one of the casinos in the capital.   

73. Luxurious accommodation
Nepal can offer luxury accommodation who are luxurious peoples. Luxury Himalayan tour plan for luxury peoples with luxury stay. Main touristic cities Kathmandu Pokhara and Chitwan have several luxury accommodations. Everest Himalayan region is one of the trekking route also can explore luxury way by helicopter and stay some of the luxury accommodations in highland with giant views of high mountains.    

74. Species of Flowers and plants
Of the total number of species found globally, Nepal possesses 2.80 percent plants. Research in 2006 showed that Nepal has 6,391 flowering plant species, representing 1,590 genera and 231 families. Nepal’s share of flowering plant species is 2.76 percent of the global total compared to earlier records of 2.36 percent. Nepal’s share of pteriodophytes is 5.15 percent compared to earlier records of 4.45 percent. There are 2,532 species of vascular plants represented by 1,034 genera and 199 families in the protected sites. Some 130 endemic species are found in the protected sites of Nepal.  

75. Natural hot spring
Nepal is also known to have many hot springs hidden in its beauty. Taking a dip into hot spring will cure your skin diseases and reduces stress because of the minerals it contains. Though not widely known, these hot springs scattered in this Himalayan Kingdom are a sight worth watching. According to rough estimates of the mineralogists, Nepal probably has at least 50 hot springs scattered in various areas, one can find some beautiful hot springs near Pokhara Nepal on the way trekking or driving in the Himalayan region, some lying between the land in Himalayan mountain regions and some in Annapurna Nepal. It is just nature’s way to attract people to see this beautiful place.

76. Oldest and important Monasteries
There are many monasteries (vihars and mahavihars), and stupas throughout Nepal that are important places of pilgrimage for Buddhist devotees. Monasteries are at top of the hills and scenic land. The scenery on the way, and of course form the top, is spectacular. The most popular monasteries in Nepal are Tengboche monastery in Everest region, Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery in Namobuddha, Several important monasteries in Bouddha near the giant stupa. Monasteries around Swoyambhunath stupa, monasteries in Lumbini near the birth place of Buddha. Kopan Monastery in scenic hill near Kathmandu, Mu Gumba, Rachen Gumba in far Himalayan region of Tsum. And many more….

77. Historical Museums
Museums of Nepal to have an encounter with the tempting history and culture of this culturally reach and historical country Nepal. With so much fascinating and beautiful culture on display outside, visitors overlook Nepal’s museums. With the rich history and a vibrant culture, if you want to have the full Nepal experience, then you should certainly check out some of the country’s numerous museums.

78. Travelling solo is safe
Nepal is considered as a safe country to travel alone. With the culture of guest is the God, tourist get all respect from Nepali peoples and fine to travel all over Nepal as solo. Himalayan country Nepal got lots of optional trip plan even for solo male or female, although travel with your guide is recommended for high Himalaya trekking. All the travel activities in Nepal what people do in a group, can be done by the solo travelers equally. Mountaineering, trekking, tours, rafting, jungle safari, bungy, paragliding, mountain flights and other travel activities can be enjoyed by the solo travelers either male or female. In some activities, solo traveling can cost a bit higher than in the group, but others are same. There are some restricted trekking areas in Nepal have to have at least 2 travelers.    

79. Beautiful temples
Nepal is country of Temple specially Kathmandu valley.   Many of the country’s top temples and cultural sites are located in or around Kathmandu, making them very accessible. The capital city of Nepal including ancient city Bhaktapur, Kathmandu and Patan is home to the most Temple Per square Kms. The ancient Architecture of the temple dates back to 7th-14th Century. It is said, you can see as many temples as houses and as many Gods as people in Nepal. Pashupatinath, Muktinath, Manakamana, Swoyambhunath, Bouddhanath and Janaki Temples and so many other holy shrines are pilgrimage destination to the Hindu and Buddhist all across the world.

80. Cable car riding in beautiful hills
Cable cars in Nepal which offer varieties of natural and wonderful experiences during your holiday trip in Nepal. Cable cars are the small rectangular shaped aerial and cable based cars, works on the principle of gondola lift transportation system. In Nepal, the cable car is not a new concept. The Manakamana cable car is the first cable car system introduced in 1998. Currently two other cable cars are serving in the most popular hill stations Kalinchok and Chandragiri. Few other cable car way is currently in the process of construction.  

81. Help Nepali peoples by your visit as tourist
Nepal is under development country and country of low per capita income. Major peoples are in Nepal are involving in traditional agriculture which is to survive their whole year. They do not have extra other income sources. They have no other occupation to help them improve the living standard of their family independently. However, with tourism, this thing changed drastically in various regions of Nepal. Economy is another aspect of Nepal’s desirability towards developing the tourism sector. With nearly 7.5 percent of Nepal’s GDP relying on tourism. Especially who visit mountain area by trekking, a guide and a porter get their job which is helpful for their family member including their child’s living in their home town with traditional farming work.     

82. Affordable: The reason to visit Nepal is by country’s richest nature, Cultural peoples and more. With these reason every trip plan in Nepal is affordable for every income peoples. Trip in Nepal can be choose by any budget. The budget trip not only saves your money, in fact it gives you an opportunity to get close to real life experience of people of that country.    

83. Diversity and acceptance of religion
Religion in Nepal encompasses a wide diversity of groups and beliefs; however, Nepal's major religion is Hinduism which accounts for 81.3% of the overall population as of 2011. According to a survey, Nepal is the most religious Hindu nation throughout the world, with most of the important Hindu pilgrimage centers concentrated in this country. It is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-religious nation through democracy. Since both Hinduism, as well as Buddhism, are Dharmic religions in Nepal, they usually accept each other's practices and many people practice a combination of both. There is no any violence regarding religion in Nepal. Different region believed, they are staying cooperatively in single villages.

84. Peace and serenity: Nepal is a land that is rich in spirituality, a place that is filled with spectacular nature, somewhere that you can do some real soul-searching, a nation brimming with friendly and welcoming people, and a destination where you can enjoy a rare sense of stillness and tranquility. Country of Gautama Buddha Nepalese peoples always believe in peace and serenity.     

85. Opportunities of joining in group tour
Nepal Trekking and travel companies offer different trip package in group joining. This is the great opportunities for individual to safe their trip expenses apart from being single travelers. Joining a group is also another opportunity to introduce different peoples from different country.   

86. Day Hiking possibilities near cities
Some of the beautiful hiking destinations are very near the cities Like Kathmandu and Pokhara. The way to know the Nepal and its beauty, you do not need to trek only for long days in Himalayan region. Peoples who only have only limited days to visit 1, 2 or 3 days trip plan will give you proper experience of real Nepal.  

87. Travel Nepal for disable peoples: Disable peoples from many countries made different records in Nepal. Climbing mountain, trekking in the highland, expedition Mt Everest and many more.   

88. LGBT suitable tour: Lesbian, Gays Bisexual Transgender peoples can travel Nepal as normal. With the equally repentance, Nepali travel agencies are offering many tour package for those peoples from the world. Customizing trip plan in Nepal as per the wish or join small group trips.  

89. Traditional Nepali music and its influence
Nepal houses more than fifty ethnic groups and with ethnicity comes great diversity. It reflects in the varied genres of Nepalese music. Some genres include folk, Classical music, Ratna music, pop, rock and Nep-hop (Nepali Hip-Hop). The ethnic music of Nepal is Newar music, Gurung music, Kirat music, Tamang music, Magar music, Tharu music, Sherpa music and many more. Tourist part of Nepal visit can enjoy some of traditional Nepali music in several restaurant and Hotels. Many festival that comes with their traditional music in the streets which is more influence of every peoples including tourist.

90. Rare Ghatu dance
Ghatu is a performing art (now almost extinct)of Magar of eastern Nepal. It is performed from the full moon day of June. Two virgins perform the dance in trance. The songs are revered as chants. Singers are supposed not to miss a single word. The beat of the madal or drum is very slow. The dancers, the singers and the players keep fast on the days Ghatu is to be performed. To the accompaniment of the drum and as dictated by the song, the virgins enact the story by dancing. The story of Ghatu relates to the life of a famous King of bygone times. Settings of Ghatu are like acts in a play. The whole story is wound up within 30 days, full moon to full moon. No recording and no pictures are permitted while it is being performed.

91. Best cost in treatment
Because of low cost, several tourist they choose to make their treatment in Nepal. Example in dental services, Nepal provide quality and cheap treatment. Tourist who visiting Nepal for travelling purpose they also get chance treatment facilities.  

92. Easy to extend your stay: Department of Immigration Nepal easily extent your tourist visa up to 150 days stay in Nepal within a year. It is easy and do not need to submit any documents other than your original passport.  

93. Traditional marriage program with Nepali cultures
Nepal is also the place where foreign couple want to take Nepalese traditional marriage ceremony. Nepali Style Wedding ceremonies in Nepal are supposed to take place only at a special time of the year. Astrologers decide on auspicious dates within this period on the basis of the position of the stars. The big and interesting religious ceremonies are held during the wedding day. Many visitors are attracted by the wedding rituals in Nepal. They themselves perform their marriage ceremony in Nepal just like the Nepali system. Local travel agent can assist you in whole of your marriage program in Nepal same as Nepali traditional way.  

94. Bodhichitta and Rudrakchhya
Rudrakchhya are typically used for prayer beads but can also be worn and valued similarly to gemstones. The Sanskrit word Rudraksha translates to tear from Shiva's eye which is more valuable for Hindu pilgrimage. Rudrakchhya grow in Nepal is best and real quality. Bodhichitta seeds are considered sacred by Buddhists, bodhi meaning “awakened” and chitta, “heart-mind” in Sanskrit; bodhichitta therefore literally means “awakened heart-mind. Beads is credited to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who is reported to have said four years ago that the Nepalese seeds were of best quality. 

95. Land of Sherpa: Sherpas are a Nepalese ethnic group numbering around 150,000. They are renowned for their climbing skills and superior strength and endurance at high altitudes. Sherpas are also serving as guides at the extreme altitudes of the peaks and passes in the region, particularly for expeditions to climb Mount Everest.

96. Mini Tibet in Nepal
With the divers land, Nepal also have scenic plateau land bordering with Tibet. Upper Mustang is untouched culture and landscapes same like Tibet. That is the reason it is called little Tibet in Nepal. Local peoples and their language is Tibetan, their culture and life style is Tibetan, and they celebrate festivals similarly with Tibet. Not only have that, structured of land it less vegetation and it is similar to Tibetan land. Upper Mustang is on an ancient trade route between Nepal and using Kora La pass. This route remained in use until 1950, before China’s annexation of Tibet. 
Upper Mustang
Upper Mustang as Mini Tibet in Nepal

97. Canyoning in Nepal
Cannoning is an unusual adventure sport newly known in Nepal. One of Nepal’s hidden gems is the refreshing waterfalls, formed among the deep gorges, which are perfect hidden havens for hardcore thrill-seekers. Canyoning in these deep gorges has become an alternative for thrill-seekers who've done it all. Discover new routes, which provide the perfect mind-body experiences, you can abseil down the cool water flowing down from the mountains into freshwater pools which are like natural swimming pools. 

98. Best sunrise and sunset
Some of the hills nearly from the main cities of Nepal and some of the Himalayan hills are considered as the best sunrise and sunset viewpoint in Nepal. Sunrise and sunset view on high mountain slope looks really beautiful. Nagarkot nearby Kathmandu, Sarankot nearby Pokhara are the best assessable from main cities of Nepal. Kalapathar, Gokyo Ri are the best places in Everest region, Poonhill in Annapurna and several others.   

99. English as an international language is widely spoken: As Nepal is one of the tourism countries, and English is compulsory subject and medium in school college education, most of the peoples know English well. Mostly young peoples are well known in English. So it is easy for every foreigner to take help from local peoples.

100. Easy arrangement of emergency evacuation and international hospital for treatment
Every remote area of Nepal is easily assessable in case of an emergency evacuation. Helicopter chartered flight usually use to rescue needy peoples. There are international standard hospitals to provide international standards of treatment that need medical facilities.  

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