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After the successful operation of the Mount Kailash tour till 2019, this route was closed after Covid cases. The Tibet government was not issuing any permits or visas to enter the Kailash region for international tourists for these three years from the season of 2020 to 2022. After the comfortable situation of Covid, the Kailash tour is possible from the month of May 2023.  The best seasonable month for the Kailash tour is from the month of May to September. Till now, the Kailash permit is issued only for foreigners and Nepali nationalities other than for Indian passport holders. There are some rules and regulations changed for 2023 in terms of Kailash's travel permit and visa.

- There should be a minimum 5 people a group for the Kailash permit and visa

- After the permit from Tibet, it is 4 working days in Kathmandu for Kailash's final visa with your original passport and other necessary documents (We send you a list of this at the time of tour confirmation)

- Biometric is compulsory through the visa center in Kathmandu. Passport holders should present at the visa center. We will fix the date and time for this purpose.  

Kailash tour 2023

In 2023, Kailash entering the route via the Kerung border is common. The main and different route to enter Mount Kailash Mansarovar region is from Nepal. There is two formally opened immigration between Tibet and Nepal. One is Kerung and another is Taklakot. Kailash tour in 2023, there will be tours operating from Nepal in different ways. One is an overland tour via the Kerung border, a Helicopter tour from Kathmandu, or from Nepaljung via Simikot towards the Taklakot border. Another option is Nepal to Lhasa by regular flight and driving to the Kailash region. Those are the tour options from Nepal. Another option is to enter Kailash is direct from Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. One can directly arrive in Lhasa city via China and drive to Kailash Mansarovar in 2023. To date, regular flight operator Air China or Sichuan Air is not in operation in the sector of Kathmandu Lhasa flights.

We are operating a small group tour to Kailash from the month of May. Several departure dates are available till October month. Plan to join our small group or make your own plan and date in a private group...    

Permit and visa for Kailash in 2023

To enter the Kailash region, there will be permits, visas, and road permits. This is prepared by the Tibet tourism office through a registered tour company. Permit and visa are different. Once we apply for a permit to enter the Mount Kailash region, it takes about 20 to 30 days’ time to get the proper paper for the Kailash permit. Once the permit is ready, we will proceed with the final visa with your original passport. In the case of an Indian passport holder, the visa is prepared in Delhi by the Chinese Embassy. Other than Indian nationals, we will apply for a visa at the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. 5 working day process is in Delhi and the three working days procedure of visa is in Kathmandu. Now with the new regulation in Nepal about the visa, it may take 4 days time with biometrics compulsory.  

The permit and visa process for Kailash 2023 who plans to arrive direct in Lhasa through mainland China is different. One has to issue a Chinese visa in their passport before applying for a Tibetan permit. With their passport copy and a copy of their Chinese visa inside the passport can process Kailash/ Tibet traveling permit through a registered company.  

Document need for Kailash visa procedure in 2023

The main document is your passport. International tourists, Indian and Nepali all have to apply for a Kailash permit with a valid passport copy. The passport should be at least six months valid. Date of passport valid counts at least six months from your last date of travel. The original passport in the case of Indian national should collect in Delhi within 10 days to make it secure and it is 5 days visa procedure with the permit and original passport. In the case of other than Indians, the original passport should be in Nepal to get final approval for the Kailash visa. Our itinerary for Kailash 2023, is including three visas working days in Kathmandu. Additional documents of a full vaccination certificate for Covid can be required in 2023. Kailash's visa procedure for direct arriving in Lhasa is different.

Itinerary of Kailash Tour 2023

There can be much customization in the Kailash tour plan if you are on a private trip. The minimum number of days of the Kailash tour itinerary is 9 days. The itinerary of the Kailash tour also depends on your entry point and exit. If you plan a Kailash tour from Nepal, there are 9 days Helicopter tour, 11 Days Helicopter tour, 13/14 days overland tour, and 15 days Lhasa Kailash tour. Your program also can include the Guge kingdom and the Everest base camp of Tibet site. A helicopter tour does not mean landing at Mount Kailash and Mansarovar Lake. The helicopter is only up to Nepali land. After crossing immigration and reaching Tibetan land, it is all the way driving to reach Kailash Mansarovar and back.   

Small group joining Kailash tour in 2023

Small group tour to Kailash for 2023 is for other than Indian passport holders. 14 days Kailash tour plan starts from Nepal. This is an entirely driving tour via the Kerung border. 14 days trip itinerary includes days of visa preparation in Kathmandu with your original passport. You also will have the opportunity to explore inside Kathmandu Valley the UNESCO heritage sites and others. The group size for this trip will be 6 to 10 people. Kailash tour starting from Nepal does not need a Chinese visa previously in your passport. A Nepal visa is required to arrive in Nepal; this is possible to issue on arrival.

Itinerary of Kailash small group joining the tour

Day 01: Arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport Kathmandu.

Day 02: Day in Kathmandu for Kailash visa preparation

Day 03: Day in Kathmandu waiting for Kailash visa

Day 04: Get Kailash's visa from the Chinese Embassy and drive toward Nepal Tibet border

Day 05: Cross Nepal Tibet immigration and drive to Kerung, the first Tibetan town

Day 06: Drive to Saga town

Day 07: Drive to Lake Mansarovar

Day 08: Exploration of Lake Mansarovar and drive to the base camp of Kailash (Darchen) for overnight

Day 09: Start Mount Kailash parikrama/ Kailash Kora, walking around Mount Kailash. Overnight in Dehrapuk

Day 10: second day of Kailash parikrama, overnight in Juthulpuk via Dolma-La pass

Day 11: End of Kailash parikrama, reach Darchen to catch your vehicle and drive back to Saga town for overnight

Day 12: Drive back to Kerung

Day 13: Cross Nepal Tibet immigration and drive back to Kathmandu for overnight

Day 14: Day of departure

Mount Kailash Tour 2023 for Indian passport holders

Getting permits, visa procedures and Kailash trip cost for Indian passport holders is a different procedure in 2023 which is similar to previous years. CIPSC (China Indian Pilgrimage Service Center) is one door handling Indian pilgrimage to Mount Kailash region. Indian group will get a permit only for a group minimum of 24 people. The minimum cost of the Kailash tour is based on a 24+ group size. The cost of a small group tour for the Indian pilgrimage is huge. They are not promoting small group sizes for Indians. The permit will process by a list of correct names as per passport, Date of birth, passport number, profession, and Nationality. It is a group permit and group visa. The Indian group is handled by Nepali crew members to provide food and other services. Since there is only a local Tibetan-style restaurant on the way to Mount Kailash Nepali staff are there to cook them their test and for other assistance. Driver and one Tibetan guide will be on the trip.   

Cost of Kailash tour in 2023

The cost of a small group joining the Kailash tour is USD 1890 per person. This is based on 3* category hotels in the main town and the best available guest houses and mud houses on the way to Kailash. This cost is for those other than Indian passport holders. For the Indian pilgrimage, the cost will be 150,000 INR per person. This is the minimum cost of an overland tour. If you choose to take any customized tour plan, the cost will be more and different.

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