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Kailash tour is a pilgrimage tour among religious peoples and it is the richest natural trip for others. Religious of Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, and Bon peoples are keep visiting Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar, the reason every year thousands of peoples do visit the area to feel blessed. In numbers, the main pilgrimage peoples are from India the Hindu peoples, besides that Russian, Ukraine, American, Malaysian, and others. There are now from Nepali devotees to visit Mount Kailash every year in a small number. Chinese tourist every year is rising in the Kailash region. Nepalese Trekking Companies like Nepal Highland Treks are operating a Kailash tour from Nepal. 

Kailash Tour from Nepal is a way of easy arrangement. Mount Kailash lies in the western part of Tibet. The border between Nepal and Tibet is less than 200 kilometer and it’s about 6/7 hours driving. Overland tour to Kailash, Helicopter tour, Trekking from Nepal via Simikot route to Mount Kailash, and route via Lhasa is the main tour package for Kailash from Nepal.    

The benefit of Kailash tour from Nepal
The main benefit of the Kailash tour starting from Nepal is you will get a chance to explore Nepal before the Kailash tour. There will be 3 full days in Kathmandu for your final visa preparation. That time can be used to explore UNESCO heritage and natural sites around Kathmandu. You also will have the option to take a more day trip in Nepal out of Kathmandu before the Kailash tour starts.

Another benefit is about Chinese visa and Tibetan permit. Travelling Kailash from Nepal does not need to obtain a Tibetan permit or Chinese visa previously by yourself. Nepal Highland Treks from Kathmandu will look after every arrangement of it. You do not need a Chinese visa traveling Tibet from Nepal. You only need Tibet travel permits and a Tibetan visa that is arranged by us. You just need to send you a passport copy by email and handover your original passport a few days before the tour starts.

Best 4 ways of Kailash tour from Nepal
Kailash tour from Nepal offers the best 4 ways. The most budget way is to choose an overland tour to Kailash from Nepal. There is another 3 option, fly to Lhasa from Kathmandu and drive to Kailash, Fly to Nepal Tibet border at Hilsa near Simikot and drive to Mt Kailash, Trek Simikot region and cross Nepal Tibet immigration in Hilsa and drive to Kailash region.

Mount Kailash overland tour from Nepal (Option 1)
The normal itinerary is 14 days and it starts and ends at Kathmandu Nepal. The entire tour is driving with Nepali and Tibetan vehicles. The big Indian groups are lead by Nepali crew members in Kitchen and leading to providing all the foods from our kitchen. Small-group tour only foreigners other than Indians are lead by Tibetan professional guides. There are Tibetan and Chinese style restaurants in the entire Kailash region and foods can be bought from there.
Kerung Nepal Tibet border
The bridge between Nepal and Tibet. Tibetan immigration building in Kerung    

Mount Kailash Helicopter tour (option 2)
Mount Kailash Heli tour
from Nepal is famous for Indian pilgrimages. Regular flight from Kathmandu to Nepaljung. Another regular flight from Nepaljung to Simikot and chartered small Heli flight to Nepal Tibet immigration. There is no flight allow in Tibetan territory only driving with their vehicle is only one option. 11 days tour for Indian passport holder and 13 days tour for foreigners other than Indian pilgrimage. 2 more days for foreigner is because of visa which takes 3 working days in Kathmandu with your original passport.  

9 days Kailash Heli tour starts from India (Lucknow) is also a suitable itinerary for Indian pilgrimage. Instead of arriving in Kathmandu, the Indian passport holder can start their tour from Lucknow and end there. This is the way to make your trip short. The plan will be the same, drive to Nepaljung and fly to Simikot. Heli flight to Nepal Tibet immigration (Taklakot) and drive to Kailash part.

Sent us an email with your requirement about the Kailash tour. Nepal Highland Treks is a tour operator of Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar

Kathmandu to Kailash tour via Lhasa (option 3)
This is the best tour plan to visit central Tibet and pilgrimage place the western Tibet where Mount Kailash is. Fly to Lhasa is connecting with Kathmandu. 1-hour flight to Gonggar airport is the best scenic Himalayan flight. One can see Himalayan ranges of Tibet and Nepal including the highest mountain peak Mount Everest. Visit some of the famous Tibet town and its monuments. Drive to Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar. Drive back to Lhasa or drive back to Nepal after 3 days walking around Kailash which is also called Kailash Kora or Kailash Parikrama.

Picture in front of Lhasa. It is opportunity to visit Potala palace in Lhasa during your Lhasa Kailash tour 

Kailash via Limi valley Simikot (option 4)
This is the trekking plan to famous trekking destination of Nepal, Limi valley is the remote and one of the beautiful trekking in Nepal. Trek to Limi valley and reach at Nepal Tibet border Hilsa. Drive to Mount Kailash and several ways back to Kathmandu Nepal. This is only suitable for those peoples who are fit for trekking and adventure. Limi valley trekstarts from Simikot. The region is one of the restricted trekking areas of Nepal and fewer tourist visits.      

The best season of Kailash tour from Nepal
Mount Kailash region is in Trans Himalaya. The region is less rainy and colder in winter. Less vegetation vast plateau land is more beautiful after the rain. Different flowers and busty plans grow up after less rain, which is the source of oxygen in high altitude land of less oxygen.  So rainy season is more suitable for Kailash tour from Nepal. A month from May till the month of September is more suitable month. April and October month are the time of fewer peoples there and still a suitable time to visit, and suitable for a small group tour. April and October are colder than May till Sept months. you can expect minimum temperature 4 degrees for 2/3 nights near Mount Kailash and a maximum of 14 degrees. If the weather turns bad any time can be the minus temperature in Kailash. During Kailash tour good season, trekking Nepal is off-season and benefit to  

Kailash tour cost from Nepal
Kailash tour cost depends on the optional itinerary as mentioned above program. Indian passport holders and other than Indians have different tour costs. The reason of this is Tibet visa cost and flight ticket cost. The minimum cost for the Kailash tour is USD 1600 and the maximum is USD 3500 per person, this is based on group joining. For Indian passport holders, the minimum Kailash tour package cost is INR 140,000, and maximum is INR 250,000 per person base on group joining. The standard group size in the Indian group is 20+ peoples and for foreigners 6pax+. The cost is based on the Kailash tour in 2020.    

Small group Kailash tour from Nepal
Nepal highland treks operating small group tour to Mount Kailash. A month from April and till October, we offer about two departure dates every month. We focus small group tour for foreigners. For Indian passport holders, there is standard group size. A Small-group tour of Indian passport holder cost comes unbillable.   

Document need for Kailash tour from Nepal
A minimum 6-month valid passport is the main document. Tibet travel permit takes a minimum 25 days to be ready. For foreigners other than Indian passport holder just need to send passport copy by email and land at Kathmandu at least 4 days before a trip start. We need an original passport, visa picture, and fill an Embassy form. You do not need to present in the Embassy for this visa. You can take your tour around Kathmandu. For Indian passport holders, we need your passport copy by email and courier your original passport 10 days before the travel date to our Delhi office. For Indian and Bhutanese passport holder, your Kailash visa is from Chinese embassy Delhi. The rest of the nationalities get a Tibetan visa in Kathmandu if the tour starts from Nepal. This visa cannot apply to other countries.   

There can be changes in visa and permits rules. There are few nationalities cannot issue Tibet travel permit due to Tibet government rules. Above mentioned cost is based on Kailash Tour 2020, tour cost change every year from Tibet. There is a control system in Tibet about the tour, permit and visas, and no other way to follow their rules.   

Interesting sites to add in your Kailash tour itinerary
Everest base camp is in between driving point from Lhasa to Kailash. You can take another one extra day in your itinerary to reach Everest Base Camp if you are doing Lhasa and Kailash tour. This is the base camp of the Northside of Mount Everest. Another interesting province is far western beautiful ruin valley the Guge Kingdom which needs more 3 days to reach, visit, and return to Kailash.

Hemanta Budhathoki

Hemanta Budhathoki

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