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What is Motor Biking Tour?

Motor Biking Tour is tourism that includes a motorbike as the primary vehicle throughout your journey. It’s totally different from other forms of tourism as one can feel completely free while traveling. You can enjoy every inch of the territory where you are. The roar of the wind, the views of the world passing by, and the road ahead you give an immense amount of freedom while riding a motorbike.Motor Biking Tour can vary in both distance and traveling style depends on the person. Some love to travel alone, while others prefer to join a motorbike touring group. Similarly, there are people who love to take small trips and travel gradually, enjoying every possible sight on their way while other riders take a motorbiking tour to the next level by traveling thousands of miles.

Motorbiking Tour In Nepal

5 Reasons to go Motorbiking Tour

Motor Biking Tour is easiest and cost-effective touring compare to other forms of touring like car and plane touring. You are in-dependable on others for your journey as you can simply pick your motorbike and go on tour.

If you believe that journey is more important than the destination, here is 5 reasons to go motorbiking tour at least once in life:

  • Motorbiking tour allows you to travel at your own pace. If you feel like crossing 40 km per day or more than 100, it’s entirely up to you.
  • Going motorbiking tour allows you to travel wherever and when-ever you want.
  • Motorbiking tour allows you to visit amazing places and sceneries which are overseen while traveling by car or plane.
  • You always have a choice whether you want a solo ride or group ride depends on your requirements.
  • Going on road trips with your motorbike saves your money as a motorbiking tour is the most cost-effective form of transport while traveling.

How to Select a Motorbike for Touring?

Selecting a motorbike for touring is the most important thing to do first if you are planning to go motorbiking tour. If you have your own bike you can take it too on the journey but of course, some bikes are better than others for touring. The best idea behind selecting a motorbike for touring is to get a motorbike that you feel comfortable with. Before selecting a motorbike for touring that will take you on your journey, consider a couple of questions:

  • How much can I afford to spend on my motorcycle touring bike rental/purchase?
  • Will I be riding solo or two-up?
  • What type of roads am I likely to be touring on?
  • Do I plan on camping or staying in hotels/motels?
  • What length of trips am I likely to take, both in terms of the number of miles and days?
  • What is the maximum seat height of a bike that I can ride safely?
  • What is the weight of a bike?
  • What is the altitude I reach with motorbike

Considering the above question on your mind before you go out for touring will help to make your journey beautiful. And, by answering the above questions, you will have a strong basis for evaluating a motorbike according to your needs.

Reason to Motorbike Tour

  • Reliability: Your bike is the only medium thatis along with you till your journey from starting to ending so always focus on reliability first. Always have a qualified mechanic check a bike before you take iton your journey. Inspect even a minor on your bike.
  • Riding Range Before Refueling: It depends on what type of touring you will be doing and where you’ll be doing it. Riding on city or highways and off-road can vary your mileage differently so you have to keep in your mind how efficient is your bike. An auxiliary fuel tank is most needed if you are traveling into the Himalayas or somewhere, where the gas station will not easily available. For knowledge, a bike with a range of at least 150-200 miles should be selected.
  • Carrying Capacity: Carrying capacity of a motorbike depends from one bike to another. Smaller bikes have more carrying capacity than bigger ones. Especially, touring bikes have more capacity for luggage than normal bikes and sportbikes.
  • Comfort: Riding comfort often determines a rider’s level of enjoyment on a trip. If your bike doesn’t provide better comfort you will ruin your journey. Riding comfort depends upon the following attributes:

Seating Position: The ideal seating position for the rider is to be leaned slightly forward with his or her feet positioned under their thighs and feet touching ground properly. If you can’t reach your feet properly to the ground then you become uncomfortable while riding in traffic and off-road. So, always select a bike with your comfortable seat height adjustment.

Wind Protection: When you are on a long-distance journey, a windshield is most needed as wind buffeting is more tiring during a long day of riding. If your bike has, it’s good otherwise you can have it aftermarket.

Suspension: Almost every bike comes with an adjustable front and rear suspension that allow riders to dial in the proper setting for the load they will be carrying. Butmany bikes have suspensions that aren’t adjustable. Selecting a bike with good suspension makes your ride more comfortable as you don’t feel bumpsoff-road.

Motorbike tour Package in Nepal

Bag Packing for Motorbiking Tour

Bag Packing can sometimes be challenging with self as you have to decide what to bring and what to leave? All your essential must be in your bag which you need throughout your journey. If you are planning for a week-out, I recommend is a pair of clothes to wear while riding under all the riding gear and 3 pairs of clothes for a non-riding time. The best and effective idea behind bag packing is to divide your stuff into two sets. You can put water, snacks, registration, insurance paper, phone, and money in a small backpack or tank bag which you’ll need while riding so they should be quickly accessible. And, the second set can be saddlebags, there you can store your clothes, camping gear, or whatever else you need once throughout your journey.

What to Wear on Motorbike Touring?

Your riding gear is a primary but the most important factor to be considered while going on a motorbiking tour. Get a helmet if possible good quality ones, a protective jacket, pants, gloves and a good pair of boots. Make sure they are certified. This gear will help you when you crash, the impact on your body will be minimum as the gear goes through rigorous tests before they are certified.

Route Planning For Motorbike Tour

You should never go out on a journey without a proper plan. You have to study about the places and the situation you have to face during your journey. So, when you are heading out to unfamiliar places, finding places to sleep, to eat, to refuel your tank is the most important factor you have to keep in your mind. You need to be prepared for every turn over you will face on your journey so first, properly study geography as well as the culture of that place before you head out.

Mustang Motorbike Tour Package

Solo or Group Rides?

When it comes to motorbiking tour, the question is whether you should go touring alone, or in a group. If it’s your first ride then you have to go for group rides because you will face many obstacles throughout the journey which you alone couldn’t manage. Once you are an experienced rider, it’s totally upon you which one you will prefer.

 Solo Ride: Solo rides means riding on your own. You don’t depend on anybody. You can make your own decision, plans, can change your routes easily, stop wherever and whenever you feel like it.

Group Ride: Group rides can be fun. You have your company along with you. So, you feel fearless throughout the journey as you know your friends are there for you. You have ones with whom can talk and enjoy every moment. A group ride is more cost-effective than a solo ride. Riding in some remote places compulsory required more than one rider. An example of it is the Upper Mustang Motorbike tour in Nepal.  

Short-Distance or Long-Distance Motorbiking Tour

Both short-distance and long-distance motorbiking tour have their own meta. But it also depends on the people. Some people prefer long-distance motorbiking tour whether others prefer short-distance. Before you plan for a long-distance motorbike tour, the best advice is to try several short-distance motorbike trips. It helps to prepare you for a long ride as a long-distance motorbiking tour needs some experience and technique. The short trip doesn’t need a proper plan if you feel like having a trip near the house you can do it easily. But before the long trip, you have to make a proper plan and have to consider many factors before heading out on a tour.

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Motor Biking Touring Tips

Some motorbiking touring tips that will help you through your journey:

  • Check your motorbike every-time before you head out on the road.
  • Have a full-face helmet with a tinted visor.
  • Face moisturizer and lip balm is a must.
  • Never forget to take extra shoes, you won’t regret it.
  • Map is necessary to navigate you so take it.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated and have proper meal and rest.
  • First aid kit is most essential.
  • Have an air compressor and an extra spare key.

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