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Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour gives you to experience the beauty of three nations in a single visit. With the Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour, you can visit three Himalayan countries of South Asia. Travelling to Nepal Bhutan Tibet gives you a great experience of the Himalayan Mountains. You can explore different people, cultures, languages and can learn a new lifestyle. Even get the chance to see the natural beauties of the area that is left as an inheritance for years. This tour provides a visit to the heritage sites, makes the experience of the Himalayan culture and also experience the hospitality of mountainous people. Nepal Tibet Bhutan, these three countries are rich in nature besides also rich in religion. This tour can be a tour of Nature and a Spiritual tour. All these three nations believed in Buddhism in a different way.  

Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour

Why Nepal Bhutan Tibet is known as the ‘forbidden kingdom’?

Nepal Bhutan and Tibet remain isolated from other countries which once made it call a ‘forbidden kingdom’. The foreign tourist was not allowed to visit Nepal Bhutan and Tibet. From the past few decades, those countries have opened the door for foreign tourists. Now every tourist can visit freely in those countries.

Best time for Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour

Nepal Bhutan Tibet has a different climate. Considering the climate of all three countries the best season to travel in autumn and spring season. Autumn season lies in September to November and Spring Season from April to May.

March is also a favourable time to visit Nepal Bhutan Tibet but Tibet closes off foreign tourists during this month. For the short trip not up to the high Himalayan tour, Nepal Tibet and Bhutan can visit throughout the year.

The moderate and sunny weather lies in the autumn or spring season, where you can enjoy your sightseeing on bright, warm, and dry days. In this season you can see the clear blue sky and get the opportunity to view plenty of fabulous mountains.

Highlights of Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour

  • Explore World Heritage Sites
  • Best sunrise tour
  • Exotic Himalaya views
  • Tiger nest, Bhutan, the place of Padmasambhava
  • Potala Palace, Tibet
  • Scenic flight to Lhasa and Paro from Kathmandu Nepal
  • Monasteries, stupas, and temples
  • Cultural, traditional people

Highlights of Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour


Nepal Tour Package

Nepal is an Iceland of culture and old heritage. The birthplace of Gautama Buddha and the highest mountain Mt. Everest also lies here. Full of hills and mountains, this can make the trip more adventurous. You can feel the combination of hills, mountains, and Terai in Nepal.

The beautiful lakes, and wildlife preservation, heritage sites, and mountains always make you feel special. Nepal is suitable for all aged peoples with any physical fitness. Peoples who are looking for more adventurous tours can offer high Himalayan trekking tours. Peoples who want to explore the high Himalayas but not able to trek, that can be also managed with flight and driving tour. Nepal is also the best destination for cultural and spiritual tours.    

Bhutan Tour Package

Bhutan catches the heart and mind of the people with its spectacular landscape, spirituality, and ancient vibrancy. The dramatic location is known as ‘tiger nest’ lies here. It provides the world’s best cultural and natural treks and tours. Widely believed in Buddhism, peoples here are practising Buddhism and have built huge monasteries and Buddha places.

Tibet Tour Package

It is also widely known for its Buddhist monasteries, clear lakes, high snow-capped mountains and also the unique Tibetan culture. Tibet lies 3 miles above the sea level which makes it famous by the name “roof of the world”. The unique tour plan can be cultural, nature and pilgrimage.

Highlights of Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour

Things to be taken in Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour

As the season will be dry, warm and rainy you can carry the necessary clothes according to it like long pants, raincoat, Brush, Sun protective glasses etc. Also, carry woollen sweaters for higher altitude. Sleeping bags if not comfortable to sleep in hotels. You can carry items as per the requirements which suit the climate and condition. What to carry also depends on what types of tours you are in.

Cost Details for Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour

The cost is based on the time of travel and the Group of people. Also include the type of hotel you would like to stay and the room type you want.

It also depends on either to exclude or include following things like

  • Visa and permits
  • Entrance fee
  • Guide, Driver
  • Airport drop and pick service
  • Meal and accommodation
  • Transportation within the three countries

Cost of Bhutan tour is fixed by government as USD 250 per night person for all the foreigners other than Indians and Bangaladesh as well as Chinese. Cost to use 4 stars of 5-star hotels will be more. Off-season rate applies for the month of December till February as USD 200 per person per night. Tourist has to travel Bhutan through a registered travel agent accompany with their guides and driver.

Tibet also has rules of catching a registered travel agent to travel there. No tourist can visit there on their own. Cost of the tour depends on types of itinerary, and services. Cost of Tibet tour also can compare as Bhutan.    

Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour FAQs

1. Is it affordable by ordinary people?

Yes, even ordinary people also can also afford. But you need to be physically, mentally and economically prepared.

2. What are the required permits for Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour?

  • Nepali visit visa (Not for Nepali people and Indian) visa on arrival
  • Bhutan visit visa provides by Bhutan tourism council through a registered travel agent which is paper approval can send by email 
  • Tibetan tourist visa and Tibet Travel permit which can only be obtained from local travel agencies before entering Tibet, with your passport details. Entering Tibet from Nepal have the different procedure and entering Tibet from China got different.

3. Can we get a sim in other countries?

Yes, you can buy a local sim for your phone. All you need is to fill the form and provide a copy of your passport and passport size photo. With this sim, you can get internet access and even can get connected to your family.

4. Can we take photographs of the places we visit?

Yes, you can take photographs of the places but a certain place may need permits which you may consult with your tour guide. And feel free to take permission before taking pictures. Places like inside the big temple in Nepal is forbidden to take any pictures. Same as in Tibet and Bhutan, inside the big monasteries. The sides of customs and army checking points in Tibet is not allowed to take any pictures. 

5. Can we get/ arrange different guide after reaching there?

It is compulsory to take a particular guide after the registration in Tibet and Bhutan. There are long procedures to change your guide even you want. But in Nepal, you can take an individual guide and can change if you want.

6. How to communicate with a guide and are they experienced?

You can communicate with a guide in English. And yes, each guide is well experienced, trained and know the area very well. If you are other than English is spoken, different language speaking guide also can be provided as per demand.

7. What is the Best time for Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour

September and October which is autumn and April to May which is sprig season is the best month to visit Nepal Tibet and Bhutan. There are a few tour plans which can be visited all around the year. Only high Himalayan tours have to plan for spring and autumn seasons.

How many days are requiring visiting Nepal Tibet and Bhutan?

The minimum days for all three countries tour is 11 days. 11 Days Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour is just a test of three countries. If you want to explore more, have to plan accordingly. We Nepal highland treks can customize your travel plan as per your time frame and provide you best itinerary as per your interest.  

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