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  • Last Updated on Jul 21, 2024

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Trekking in Nepal is suitable for throughout the year. There are more than 100 trekking destinations. Those are long trekking, short trekking; remote area trekking and high altitude trekking can be categorized as per season. Nepal is broadly temperate with four main seasons. Among 4 seasons 2 main seasons are good for highland trekking which are maybe long days trekking. The other 2 seasons are still possible to Trek in Nepal it can be short or low land region trekking. Whenever you choose to trek in Nepal, it is panoramic and a lifetime experience. Let’s divide what is the best time to visit our famous trekking destinations as per 4 seasons in Nepal.  

01. December, January and February months are winter season in Nepal. This is considering a low season for trekking in Nepal. It gets minus temperature in high mountain regions during nights. Regular snowfalls may block high mountain passes. Although, there are several trekking destinations those are still possible to trek in winter season. Morning and nights are cold in this season. Days are sunny, clear views of mountains and hills. It is easy to get rooms in guesthouses on the way trekking and trekking paths are less crowded. Following trekking destinations are suitable in the winter season.  

During winter season some highland trekking without any high passes in between are famous doing it. Those are the following.

Annapurna Base Camp (4,200 miters) in December month, During the winter season of Nepal

  • 02.March, April, and May months are spring season in Nepal. It is considering as peak season of Trekking in Nepal. Short or long, lowland or highland, or off the beaten path trekking all the trekking destinations are suitable in this period. Most of the famous trekking areas are crowded with trekkers. If you want to choose a less crowded trekking destination during this season, following trekking regions are a suitable one.
  • Mardi Himal Trekking
  • Upper Mustang Trekking
  • Upper Dolpo Trekking
  • Tsum Valley Trekking  
  • Manaslu Trekking
  • Helambu Trekking
    03. June, July, and August months are raining season in Nepal. It gets rain continuously, weather is fuggy cloudy. Mountain views are not clearly seen. The trekking path is more slippery, leeches attract much. Although it is scenic green everywhere. There are several trekking areas that are much suitable in the raining season. Rainshadow area of Nepal which is located at Trans Himalayan regions Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpo are the best trekking destination in Nepal during monsoon season.  

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Upper Dolpo Trekking during July August month, Moonson season in Nepal. 

  • 04. September, October, and November months are again peak season for Trekking in Nepal. Weather is hot, clear visibility of Himalayas. Trekkers are crowded in main trekking trails. Some of the biggest festivals in Nepal celebrate in this period. Some of the famous and beautiful trekking areas are less crowded even in this peak season time. Get more details in this link about the less crowded trekking area in Nepal

Nepal Highland Treks strongly suggest trek with a guide in Nepal Himalayas. Trekking in the Himalayas is always risking to travel as single. Taking at least a guide with you is sharing all the information about local peoples, their cultures, and getting special taking care. A professional guide of regular working in one company, insured, with good equipments is much important. Our company is with a team of regular working trekking guides who are more responsible to make your every trip success and lifetime memorial. 

Hemanta Budhathoki

Hemanta Budhathoki

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